A Rare Infusion of Spiritual Creativity — Leo New Moon Astrology July 31, 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
July 31 to Aug 30

• Leo New Moon is Wednesday, July 31, 8:12 PM PDT
• New Moon Theme: July 31 to Aug 30: Spiritual Creativity
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — A Rare Infusion of Spiritual Creativity

Our Leo New Moon brings an infusion of a unique form of creativity that’s interwoven with qualities that are best described as spiritual in nature. These ‘spiritual qualities’ describe the attitude one must have in order to take advantage of the creativity available during this coming lunar cycle.

To say this another way, each of us has the opportunity to infuse a new surge of creativity into our current circumstances, especially with whatever is in alignment with a positive outlook for our future. Our Leo New Moon is providing this influx of creativity, but in order to take full advantage of this surge we must recognize the qualities within ourselves that will bring this creativity to the surface.

Creativity as the Counter to Pluto/Saturn’s Shadow

A little context from the overall astrology chart will help put the significance of new creativity into a clearer perspective.

The most prominent feature of the New Moon chart is the stellium (grouping) in Leo, emphasizing the individuality of Leo. This quality of individuality is brought to a higher level of awareness through the strength of integrity that the Pluto/Saturn opposition brings to the chart.

Astrology ChartBoth Jupiter and Neptune are trine the New Moon, bringing the possibility for a positive future and positive outlook. Venus conjunct the New Moon adds to the value (Venus) of seeing the big picture when looking at the future. Uranus in relationship to the overall pattern adds to the creative intensity and the changes that accompany a positive future.

Finally, the stellium is comprised of all of the inner planets, which is further emphasizing the personal nature of Leo. The stellium being new-phase to the North Node also emphasizes this personal opportunity for a new process.

This infusion of creativity can have a major impact on the current Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This historic configuration represents a turning point between the power of institutions vs. the power of the people. The last time this configuration occurred was 500 years ago.  In our time, the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is creating circumstances that are directly impacting our everyday lives in various ways, and causing each of us to question the role of outside authority in our personal lives and our culture.

Along with Pluto/Saturn impacting our personal circumstances there’s also a shadow aspect of this historic conjunction that’s currently playing out on the world stage through patterns of global control. These patterns will continue to be a factor because the exact conjunction itself doesn’t occur until Jan 12, 2020. (This also happens just two days after our next lunar eclipse.) I will be talking about this 500-year conjunction over the next several months, as its impact will be felt for years to come. As we proceed through the coming lunar cycles, in each one I’ll focus on what’s important to integrate.

With this current New Moon, spiritual creativity is a practical way for each of us to counter circumstances that are impacting us. What is required is that we are able to access these powerful qualities from within.

Just What IS Spiritual Creativity?

For the purpose of this article, and the current New Moon, I’m defining ‘spiritual creativity’ as a creative quality that integrates larger patterns of awareness and higher perspectives. The capacity to see things from a greater perspective allows for creativity to flow from a higher realm into every area of life. This unique quality of creativity changes both personal circumstances and future outcomes.

Recognizing evolutionary patterns of large-scale change is key to helping to see and visualize the larger picture. In this way, spiritual creativity enables us to access new solutions to current difficulties we face. We can also access new directions of momentum and new trends, showing us where things are headed.

This New Moon signifies a positive shift. The current shadow aspect of Pluto/Saturn is only a phase within our planetary evolution. Furthermore, this shadow is absolutely  necessary for the awakening process that’s continuing as we enter the astrological Aquarian Age. What I believe is occurring is that the Pluto/Saturn shadow operating at a collective level is triggering something positive at the individual level. A type of awakening, so to speak.

Individually, each of us is being forced to look at the status quo in a new way. As we do, we realize that the highest form of authority not only comes from within, but is in fact a spiritual quality. This realization opens the creative door, so to speak, for other qualities to surface, such as the strength of inner integrity (a spiritual quality of Pluto) and success in the world that’s defined internally and not by the status quo (a spiritual quality of Saturn).

In our current New Moon chart we can see this personal ‘quickening’ occurring through the help of the planet Uranus which is pointing to the future and a new collective situation.

This rare infusion of spiritual qualities sets the stage to creatively change our circumstances in order to align with a larger reality, and step into harmony with larger cycles that rarely come around during one’s lifetime.

New Moon Theme

Our New Moon theme is “spiritual creativity.” Over my years of researching the Lunar cycle themes, the theme of creativity has popped up from time to time. It’s rare, however, to have an infusion of creative energies that also imply qualities that are highly spiritual in nature. Although I have talked about these spiritual qualities in terms of planetary evolution and the bigger picture, this is ultimately a personal process, so I would also like to point out some additional personal qualities involving the creative act itself.

This New Moon theme of creativity speaks directly to a hidden spiritual quality that can only be accessed through the use of one’s own vital energies. I’m referring here to those high-level (spiritual) life-force energies that are poured into a creative act that utilizes one’s personal soul energies. We can recognize this elusive process when we experience the flow of spirit moving through us.

Ultimately, the concept of ‘soul energy’ is only an abstraction until one experiences it directly as a spiritual quality. The Sabian symbol for our New Moon beautifully expresses this connection between soul energies, spirituality, and personal creativity.

The Sabian archetype for 9° LEO
ARCHETYPE: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act, especially if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms.
COMMENTARY: Psychic projection works in two directions.  The ever-evolving universe projects its order on our psyche, and we in turn project our meaning on the universe.

What we see within this archetype is a larger personal connection to the creative universe itself. Spiritual creativity is a two way process. As we receive creative energy from the universe, that energy must be infused with our vital forces in order that we are able to project it back into the world with meaning and purpose.

This process is what I mean by the spiritual aspect of creativity. Spiritual qualities are often elusive and abstract, so let’s now look at this from a more practical point of view in the context of our lunar cycle.

Practical Applications During the Coming Lunar Cycle

We have talked about the more abstract ideas of soul energies and the creative use of our vital energies. Now let’s go over some practical things we can all use in our search for success. After all, harnessing personal success is one of the most powerful uses of the Lunar cycle.

Exploring spiritual creativity from the practical side, we need to look no further than the Leo archetype itself. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which energizes and supports our power of individual self-expression. Leo is extremely individualized and uses the vitality of the Sun to energize personal creativity and expression. During this zodiac month, while the Sun is in Leo (July 22 to Aug 23), expressing one’s own true self becomes a source of strength and sustainment.

We can also look at the natural polarities that exist within Leo from a practical standpoint. The extremes of Leo are by nature neither good or bad. The creative expression of Leo will manifest as either a constructive or a destructive creative force.  Both polarities are necessary for the totality of life. With a continued focus on the larger picture of life (a spiritual perspective), corruption and destructive creative forces are completely safeguarded and neutralized.

This Lunar cycle is focused on accessing qualities that will create ease and embrace the positive impact of this 500-year-cycle of Pluto/Saturn in our lives. Leadership is a quality of the Leo archetype. In Leo, leadership naturally corresponds with self-expression. Leo leadership naturally inspires confidence, as others feel the creative flow of one’s personal spirit expressed and channeled into activity. We typically call this Leo quality “charisma.’ Leadership in Leo, however, isn’t ultimately about leading a group. The Leo archetype finds fulfillment in self-leadership, or leading oneself with creative inspiration.


Our Leo Moon begins this lunar cycle with an access to rare qualities that will directly work to improve your circumstances. With this New Moon, spiritual creativity is a practical way for each of us to counter circumstances that are impacting us. There is an infusion of creativity but only if we are able to access these powerful qualities from within ourselves.

Leo energizes and sustains through vitality and creativity. To the extent that you can use these Leo energies to access the bigger picture of life, the greater the ease of your personal circumstances. This is a positive time for self-expression and the possibility for each of us to embrace the spiritual qualities of strength of inner integrity and the awakening to planetary changes.

Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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