A Release of Unfettered Creative Power — Virgo Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 27 to Mar 13

Virgo Full Moon is Saturday, Feb 27, 12:17 AM PST Current Full Moon Theme (Feb 27 to Mar 13):  Preparing for the Unexpected The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — A Release of Unfettered Creative Power

Our Virgo Full Moon energies contain a tremendous amount of creative power that is well suited for both personal and professional success. The typical qualities of success associated with Virgo include high levels of practical mastery, especially through the skillful use of energies focused toward improving your current situation.  Our current Virgo Moon takes these qualities of focused improvement to the next level. This Full Moon enables you to embody a new level of success, especially through a new connection to creativity that is linked to the freedom of expression.  This Full Moon’s expression of Virgo utilizes mastery and skill to tap into a quality of emotional creativity that gives you the potential to work outside of traditional restrictions. This allows you to move beyond your current circumstances to connect with a new type of success that is anchored in the freedom to fully express yourself.

The Virgo/Pisces Full Moon Polarity

When discussing polarity in astrology it’s helpful to think of opposite ends of a single spectrum. The Virgo/Pisces polarity activates two points that appear on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel. Astrological polarities of the zodiac are opposite signs that are part of a larger more complex archetype. This is part of the zodiac not often talked about. Rather than being in opposition, these two signs in fact work together in a complementary way manner. The key point to take away here is that the two poles of any opposition ultimately work together, each complementing the other.  For example, Virgo’s narrow scope of experiences can be well suited for detailed work whereas Pisces, with its big-picture approach, is more suited to a larger release of energies and intensity. Together the two signs enable a well-round ability to master the specifics, while understanding the larger context. Applying this understanding gives us insight on how to work with our Virgo Full Moon energies. Our current Full Moon gives each of us the freedom to express our own value while at the same time refusing to let others in our society interpret what that value is, or how we express ourselves. Regardless of how you decide to express yourself, you will have the energy required. This makes any attempt in your personal endeavors highly energized and focused for success.

Thinking Outside the Box

Our current Lunar cycle provides us a increased ability to deal with the unexpected. This is a highly creative function and represents a new evolutionary trait and quality of consciousness. (Feel free to review the New Moon article, “Preparing for Unexpected Experiences.”) As part of this theme of developing new qualities of consciousness, our Full Moon energies are emphasizing that we need the freedom to think outside of the box in order to access high levels of energy for our current circumstances. This ability to connect with new creative solutions is a great formula for successfully dealing with any unexpected experience in your life. The Sabian archetype for our 9° Virgo Moon provides us with some additional insights into the quality of our Full Moon energies.
AN EXPRESSIONIST PAINTER AT WORK THEME: UNFETTERED ORIGINALITY ARCHETYPE: The urge to express one’s truly individualized sense of value regardless of tradition or social designation. COMMENTARY: This expressive urge incorporates the refusal to let society interpret either the value, or the type of one’s individual expression. This quality of refusal results in a pure form of freedom to emotionally express whatever is necessary, in order to access one’s own creative release. This ability to connect with internal originality resolves the conflicts that can arise between the internal origins of creativity and the outer expression of one’s original work.
This powerful archetype indicates that we have a new connection to the ongoing theme of freedom that is prominent in our Lunar astrology. We’re reminded that creative expression is an internal process that originates within each of us. With our Full Moon, the freedom of expression is central to our creativity and successful living. Each of us can draw upon the inspiration of the “expressionist painter at work,” as we tap into our own creative center of expression. We each have the freedom to experience ourselves from within, as an origin of creativity, as well as the freedom to express that originality and individuality to the world.

Astrology Pattern

Our astrological pattern is organized as a bowl with a singleton opposed. With this pattern all of the energies on one half of the chart (the bowl) become focused and funneled through a single planetary body (the Moon) on the other half. Astrology ChartWith the Moon as the singleton in the chart, the Full Moon polarity becomes even more potent than usual. Our Virgo Moon is providing an individualized sense of value. To complement and support this energy, our Pisces Sun is providing the quality of energy needed to release a high degree of intensity to enable you to address the larger social pressures in your life. The bowl energies are concentrating the flow into practical actions you can take. The Moon’s energies are here to be expressed, regardless of your tradition or social designation or any other reservations or restrictions that may attempt to hold you back. The Significance of Saturn and Uranus. The relationship between Saturn and Uranus describes the archetypical conflict we experience as we transition into the Aquarian Age. These two planets working together represent the demanding shift between the way reality was in the past (Saturn), and the new momentum and trajectory forward, where events and the expansion of consciousness are headed. Saturn is at 9° Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are both at 9th degrees. Without going into all the technical details about why this aspect is so special and significant, let’s simply make a note that this 9° aspect with Saturn/Sun/Moon is activating an ‘archetypalization’ (highly structured foundational archetype) of a ‘release of power to become more’. This is the basic meaning of the exact aspects between Saturn/Moon at 150°, and Saturn/Sun at 30°. The Sabian archetype for Saturn beautifully describes this relationship of a release of structured power. The archetype describes the new perspective of a process of new embodiment, the living reality into which we are expanding.
♄ — 9° AQUARIUS — A FLAG IS SEEN TURNING INTO AN EAGLE THEME: ACTING OUT WHAT IS SEEN ARCHETYPE: The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of those values in an authentic way. COMMENTARY: Perceiving reality as the embodiment of a living reality allows one’s consciousness to fly and expand into the higher realms of pure spirit. This is a dynamic process of a living substance, symbolized as wings, that embodies a type of power that inspires action. What was once impersonal becomes personalized by the dynamic focus and use of power from beyond the physical realm. The observer becomes the observed, and the seer becomes the doer. A cultural vision imagining a new world and new standards will lie dormant until it is acted upon with personalized power.
The key point is that embodiment requires a type of power that inspires action from a realm beyond. What this “realm beyond” is referring to in our current chart is the direct influence that is Uranus is having on our collective consciousness. Uranus is at 8° Taurus, making a trine/sextile aspect to the Full Moon. This aspect indicates the opportunity of a new trajectory for humanity. The potential that Uranus represents is of a higher frequency that is beyond the physical realm. Uranus has a quickening effect on consciousness itself as it pushes individuals toward greater awareness. Both Uranus and Aquarius incorporate the desire for greater freedoms and independence from those who desire control over others (The shadow of Pluto in Capricorn). As we look at the trine/sextile of Uranus to the Full Moon it indicates that there is a new opportunity to clearly see and anticipate what is transpiring in the world around us. Ultimately this represents a new evolutionary stage, and is indicative of the blossoming of the Age of Aquarius. For those individuals who are becoming more aware of our Uranian energies, these energies are tangible and continually develop. You can sense, feel, and see the tell-tale signs of the need for freedom all around us. Collectively, we are seeing the contrast between control and freedom through our daily increase in awareness of what’s occurring in our world. The Full Moon singleton is focusing all the energies from the other half of the chart into a greater situational awareness, while Saturn and Uranus are working together to reveal the contrast and the dissonance between centralized control and greater freedom and independence. It is through this increase in awareness and a desire for freedom that Uranus is most active in your consciousness. Our Full Moon is working with Uranus now to solidify your creative outlook and your desire for individual expression that refuses to follow the constraints of the status quo. Feel inspired by the freedom of the expressionist painter at work.


There is a tremendous amount of creative power that is being released with our Virgo Full Moon. Through the influence of Uranus, humanity’s awareness is increasing, as we continue our journey together into the Aquarian Age. On the personal level, our Full Moon energies require the complete freedom to express yourself, regardless of the pressures within society to limit, censor, and restrict. This is a time for expansion, freedom, and creative release, a time for you to build new momentum toward personal success and contribution to greater success for our world. Happy Full Moon, Steven Shroyer

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