A Shift in Transparency: Full Moon Astrology Mar 1st 2018

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A Shift in Transparency: Full Moon Astrology Mar 1st 2018


March 1, 2018

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A Shift in Transparency: Full Moon Astrology Mar 1st 2018

Article Window:  Mar 1 –  Mar 17
• The Full Moon is Thursday, Mar 1, 4:51 PM PST
• Sun is 12° Pisces, Moon is 12° Virgo
• Next New Moon: Mar 17
• Current New Moon Theme (Feb 15 – Mar 17): Guiding Intelligence

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: A Shift in Transparency

Our Full Moon astrology brings a message of hope and connection to the guiding intelligence that was introduced during our Aquarius New Moon and Solar eclipse event on Feb 16th. The Full Moon chart expresses an acceleration of growth that is actually occurring as you read this article. This acceleration represents a new development that’s currently taking place. You can think of it as a higher stage of development that each of us can experience moving forward.

The Unveiling of Reality

What we are experiencing with this Full Moon is an unveiling of our reality so that we are able to experience —  in everyday practical terms — what lies beyond the outer exterior of what we see with our physical eyes.

This unveiling is the result of being guided toward an expanded mental process that transcends the boundaries of physical nature. What this means is that our Full Moon energies are allowing a thinning of the veil that separates the phenomenon of the physical world from the underlying frequencies through which Nature moves.

In other words, with the new energies that are being released with the Full Moon, you can expect to see and experience the processes of life more transparently.

Traditional thinking has often touted the perspective that if you can’t see it, quantify it, or scientifically prove it, then it doesn’t exist. The unveiling of our reality has everything to do with moving past this line of thinking by realizing that there IS an underlying reality, or intelligence, that is in full operation and supporting what we see in the outer forms of the physical world.

Over the coming two weeks, during the remainder of the current Lunar cycle, focus on observing this thinning veil from your own unique perspective. Notice new awareness of the nature of reality, beyond your physical world.  Pay attention to synchronicity, including subtle changes in your thinking process and perceptions.

Observe how everything is rapidly changing and accelerating. Notice how some of the official narratives within the culture at large no longer make sense and can easily be seen for what they truly are. And lastly, notice how strongly and forcibly others around you may be trying desperately to hang on to a reality that they don’t want to change.

Accelerated Stages of Development

The astrological signatures over the last six months or more have clearly been extraordinarily different and represent a marked acceleration of consciousness. I’m extremely encouraged and somewhat awestruck by the energies we have experienced through these last several cycles, especially since the pair of eclipses in August of 2017.

Now, our current Full Moon is offering the next step by increasing our perceptions of transparency in our reality, and revealing what’s been previously hidden or obscured. What’s happening is extremely positive and full of hope. The transparency is shifting us into a new awareness and a changing, more positive world.

Astrology Pattern

We have a stellium of planets in Pisces that is acting as an antenna, enabling larger realities to come into our awareness. This is reinforced by the Sun’s conjunction with Neptune (dissolving boundaries) and Mercury (guiding intelligence). This Piscean grouping of energies is opposed by the Full Moon in Virgo which is bringing these larger realities into focus in a practical way, so that we can experience them in our daily lives.

In short, the Virgo Full Moon is offering all of us the skillful use of observation and the character qualities needed to make a meaningful shift in what we now know to be true. This is happening in order that we can expand into a larger awareness of what is possible in our world.

The Sabian archetype for the Moon at 12° Virgo is, “AFTER THE WEDDING, THE GROOM SNATCHES THE VEIL AWAY FROM HIS BRIDE.”  Here the archetype itself suggests that the veil is now being lifted in order that we may see the beauty and reality that lie beneath the outer limited view.


We are experiencing a powerful Full Moon. The energies that are being released have the potential to enable a breakthrough to the other side of the veil and beyond the outer exterior of what we know as our physical reality. This unveiling is related to the New Moon energies that were released two weeks ago with the Solar eclipse, and is helping all of us experience a greater level of guiding intelligence as we live in a more transparent world.

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