A Significant Expansion: Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Jan 31, 2018

Article Window:  Jan 31 to Feb 27
• Full Moon was Wednesday, Jan 31, 5:27 AM PST
• Lunar Eclipse Event & Portal
• Sun is 12° Aquarius, Moon is 12° Leo
• Next New Moon: Total Solar Eclipse, Feb 15
• Current New Moon Theme (Jan 16 to Feb 15): Transformation of Power

Each Lunar Eclipse opens a brief cosmic and energetic doorway resulting in a new awareness, ability, or insight to be used for inspired action. This beneficial pattern is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.  The Eclipse portal remains open and active until the Moon returns to this zodiac location during its next lunar cycle. This allows for a deeper level of integration to occur and is intrinsic to the astrological meaning of the Lunar eclipse. In the coming three and a half weeks, while the portal is open, look for new ways to express yourself while taking inspired action, especially through whatever you have embraced or experienced during our current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion.

Eclipse Astrology Article: A Significant Expansion

Each Lunar eclipse, generally speaking, has a much greater significance on our consciousness than is commonly appreciated. From my astrological perspective, the current eclipse is especially significant. Taking personal advantage of this unique and powerful celestial event is a huge opportunity, especially if we give it primary focus during the coming cycle.

The significance of this particular eclipse stands out in my mind because of its connection with the dramatic impact of our last Lunar eclipse in August of 2017. This was an Aquarius Moon and carried the energetic signature of the new age of Aquarius that we are entering. (See article)

Our current Lunar eclipse in Leo has an energy signature that will be most perceptible to those who are able to see beyond the outer distractions and drama of whatever is activated. For those who are willing to work within their own consciousness and go beneath patterns of drama, there is huge expansion possible with this eclipse.

Acting Beyond Our Instincts

The Lunar eclipse and the following three and a half week portal holds a significant opportunity for expansion in consciousness, but only if you reinforce your willingness to act beyond your old instinctual habits and thinking.

The shift in consciousness that this eclipse is triggering is so dramatic that the unconscious response by many people will be to respond to circumstances in a reactionary way, or to default to the idea of non-interference that says “it’s all good, let’s celebrate, let’s relax and know that everything will be okay, especially if we don’t take any action or get involved.”

When the power of an eclipse is this strong, the energies can be overwhelming. The easiest course of action is often to choose to ignore them, or to blame an outside influence, or to look for anything that will distract your focus. These approaches are not recommended.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed, an alternative course of action can be found within the signature of the eclipse chart, especially through the relationship between Mars and Jupiter with the Full Moon.  This relationship indicates that there is extra energy and support for showing up, and expanding and managing this extraordinary energy in order to facilitate a shift in consciousness.

Above all, this shift in consciousness involves the ability to recognize experiences of conflict as a personal opportunity to understand and perceive what has been previously suppressed beneath your conscious awareness.

A Deeper Look at the Eclipse Energies

We have discussed how this eclipse has the potential to have a significant impact on our consciousness. You’ve also heard how easy it will be to absolutely disregard these energies, especially because to completely immerse yourself in them could be overwhelming. A deeper look the eclipse energies will provide insight on how you can take advantage of this powerful eclipse without becoming overwhelmed to the point of reacting or ignoring these opportunities.

We could call this the “Inhibitions Eclipse,” because the dramatic pattern of this eclipse expansion has a potential side-effect of releasing whatever has been previously repressed or inhibited. This release will come in many forms. It could be in the form of aggression resulting in conflict. It could be the release of repressed psychic abilities. It could be as simple as the release of your instinctual desire to play, that perhaps has been repressed since childhood.

Another way to look at this healthy release of inhibitions is to recognize the negative habits that appear through instinctual reactions to your circumstances. These reactions are a way of identifying exactly what has been repressed in the past. The key point is that the greatest opportunity of this release, whatever the impulse or experience, lies in awareness. There is support through Mars and Jupiter that gives you the ability to act in new ways (Mars) and then to manage the resulting expansion (Jupiter) so you can integrate whatever has been repressed, whether good or bad, in a more conscious way.

The bigger picture of this eclipse centers on each of us realizing where and how we have previously inhibited and repressed our higher nature and our access to higher consciousness. This eclipse offers the potential to break away from those instinctual responses that are representations of those repressed energies. For those who are ready to show up, this Lunar eclipse will provide the creative influence needed to bring to the surface what needs to be addressed, both individually and in the world at large.

Astrology Pattern

Jan Lunar Eclipse 2018Within our Solar System, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn hold the 4th, 5th and 6th positions from the Sun. When these three planets appear together in a chart, as they do in the eclipse chart, they are working together in a unique and powerful way. In the case of the current chart, they represent and illuminate the ways in which society limits or represses the natural and healthy expression of our spiritual nature. At the same time they are also expressing what it takes to break through or transcend these limitations.

A Lunar eclipse always indicates a harmonious activation of the axis of energies between the Sun and Moon. In the current chart, this axis has the Moon in Leo conjunct North Node, opposed by Sun in Aquarius conjunct Venus. The overall signature of this Sun/Moon axis is the experience of freedom through the full expression of personal values and habits, especially those that have been previously repressed. The Moon (with North Node) in dramatic Leo wants to express and demonstrate its true nature without restriction. The Sun and Venus in Aquarius are together illuminating what has been repressed, and at the same time, creating the desire to break away from that repression (Venus).

Mars and Jupiter are forcing (Mars) these repressed and instinctual values (Venus) to reveal themselves in a manner that must be managed (Jupiter). We have a choice now, whether to manage our responses in a positive way through an expansion of consciousness, or negatively through reaction or distraction as a result of being overwhelmed. One form of distraction will be through superficial entertainment (Neptune square Mars and inconjunct Moon). For those who pay attention to their own triggers, Neptune supports the larger opportunity as it dissolves old patterns and reveals the higher state of awareness.


Our powerful Lunar eclipse energies are providing an opportunity for an expansion of consciousness through a new ability to manage and release whatever has been repressed. Specifically, within the pattern of the current eclipse, we are likely to recognize these expansions in the form of repressed habits, attitudes, and instincts.

When these repressed patterns surface they are likely to cause conflict, however you can use that experience in a positive way to break through the underlying instinct and pattern that’s been exposed. Remember to look beneath the surface. The drama is simply covering and obscuring an opportunity for expansion of consciousness.

The active eclipse portal will be open for approximately three and a half weeks, bringing these conflicting and inhibiting energies to the surface. If we pay attention to what comes up for us in the coming days, we’ll receive new awareness of our own patterns so that we all can quickly makes adjustments for our continued success as consciousness continues to expand into the Aquarian Age.

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