A Time for Calmness— Scorpio Full Moon Report Apr 26, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

Apr 26 to May 11

• Scorpio Full Moon is Monday, Apr 26, 8:32 PM PDT
• Current Full Moon Theme (Mar 28 to Apr 11):  
Illumination through Calmness
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. 

Astrology Article — A Time for Calmness

Our Scorpio Full Moon is the halfway point of our Aries Lunar cycle. When the Full Moon is in Scorpio emotions can run high within the collective. Calmness is the antidote. The more individuated one has become, the less they will experience the emotional roller coaster that the Scorpio Moon has been known to trigger.
The energy of this Full Moon should get your full attention, especially due to the possibility of worldwide emotional volatility. That being said, this article will help you realize that this same Scorpio energy can also help you access a new personal level of calm and illumination.

Calmness as a Key to Illumination

A new level of illumination is on the horizon. Our current Full Moon is preparing us for another level of the evolutionary shift represented by the Aquarius Age. You can experience the next step of this natural transition into the new Age if you can take the time to find that quiet place of calmness deep inside yourself. This Scorpio level of calmness comes from the depth of your own emotional centeredness. The deeper you go, the calmer you can become.

Scorpio is known for its depth. As a water sign, it primarily functions at the emotional level. Our Full Moon has a high level of Illumination that can be accessed by to those who can find the depth to their own emotional center. If a person is able to traverse their own emotional depth they can find new levels of calmness.
In the same way the moonlight can be seen reflecting off of a calm lake, when you are able to connect with your inner calm, this Full Moon’s natural illuminating quality will act like a reflection of a deeply felt peace that you hold inside. With this level and depth of calmness and inner peace, the Full Moon is able to provide new insights, especially at a time in which the current turbulence of life obscures these deeper reflections and inspiration.
This quality of reflection and inspiration is precisely what the Sabian archetype suggests for the degree of our Full Moon at 8° Scorpio.

ARCHETYPE — An attentive openness to higher forms of inspiration.
COMMENTARY — Beyond all efforts lies the need for peace and a supreme quality of calmness which is ready to accept all forms of illumination and inspiration from above and beyond the five senses of the material world.

As the Sabian archetype suggests, the supreme quality of calmness sets the stage for all forms of illumination and inspiration.

Astrology Patterns

Astrology ChartThis Full Moon chart holds a tremendous amount of dynamic energy, representing a continuation of our Aries New Moon theme of “dynamic activity.” Our Full Moon dynamism comes in the form of three patterns.
Grand Trine with Jupiter, Moon, and Mars
A grand trine holds a stable and harmonized energy. The current grand trine provides the support you need to manage your activity, especially as it’s related to your emotional equanimity. Regardless of what happens in the details of your life, calmness is the key to finding your equanimity and inner balance. To support calm, your activities need to be organized, planned, and emotionally stable.
Triple Sextile with Venus/Mercury (conjunct), Pluto, Neptune, and Mars
A triple sextile is an organizational frequency. The quality of organization is defined by the planets involved. This triple sextile with Pluto and Neptune indicates that there’s an unconscious (potentially transcendent) dynamic at play that is also highly organized.
The more consciously this energy operates within the individual, the easier it will be for each person to act according to their own values. The shadow is a highly organized propaganda push in which the personal and/or collective consciousness isn’t able to recognize deception from the truth.
Mars is responsible for the dynamic activity, and provides an avenue for personal expansion. This is true as long as what’s expanding doesn’t push unwanted control or fear. If a person is trying to expand by controlling others or pushing any type of control, then the trine won’t support their efforts. The dynamic activity that the trine supports is for healthy, harmonious expansion.
T-Square with Saturn and the Full Moon
A T-square resolves situations of opposition or conflict so that a crisis can be avoided. The current T-square uses the potential of Saturn to plan for and anticipate actions you can take in advance of challenging circumstances, in order to minimize the potential for hardship and difficulty.

Moving Forward

Looking to the future, the astrology suggests that you’ll need to have a plan for action as the world continues to change, both in expected and unexpected ways. This is a time to stay calm, look internally for illumination and inspiration, and realize that we are all working together to move forward in uncertain times toward a better future.


During the remainder of our current Lunar cycle, the Scorpio Full Moon will bring the realization of the importance of calmness. When you are able to access the depths of your emotional center, you’ll find a new level of calm awareness. As we move forward, stay calm and remember that illumination and inspiration are never far from your calm and still internal center of being.
Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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