Twelve-Twelve Esoteric Perspective

12:12 on 12/12/12

Written by Steven Shroyer

The astrology of 12-12-12 features the planet Jupiter in a prominent way. 

Depending on your point of view, either all energies are flowing through Jupiter, or Jupiter is distributing all energies to the other planets. Either way, on 12-12 Jupiter is retrograde at 10 Gemini, which is very important and significant. This is the degree of the Zodiac which is often referred to as “mind verses matter,” so the location is bringing a unique capacity to Jupiter’s expansive nature. (The effects of retrograde are complex and integrated into the totality of this article.)

Jupiter Expands Consciousness on 12 12 12

With the expansive nature of Jupiter so prominent, what’s keeping our circumstances from flying out of control? Gravitation is the universal binding power of the material realm. From the time we are born, we all have to learn to struggle and come to terms with the force of gravity. I remember learning how to ride a bicycle. At first, keeping my balance and keeping the direction of my bicycle on course felt so over-whelming — it was almost impossible. My sustained effort, through repeated failure, paid off and it became easier and easier. Before long, all I had to do was think “ride” and gravity became my best friend as I leaned through the curves and coasted down the hills.

Our struggle with gravity isn’t only physical. Your struggle against gravity also teaches you how to pierce beyond the physical realm in order to reach higher realms of existence and access other realms of consciousness. These realms are beyond the physical. They are transcendent in nature.

The deeper meaning of gravity is embodied in the lesson of how your mind has the ability to rise above the density of lower vibrations. As consciousness expands beyond the 3-D realms, it requires mental effort to transcend the apparent limits of physicality. With the New Moon occurring on the day following 12-12-12, the capacity for expanding your consciousness is becoming more evident.

Twelve Twelve Chart
Twelve Twelve Chart

Uranus is supporting you with a personal vision of what is possible, but indicates that half-measures, or anything less than a full commitment, will result in failure. Gravity is unforgiving. As you climb upward against gravity, success or failure are the clear-cut alternatives. The requirement of total commitment is clear. Expansion will occur for those who have learned the deeper lessons of physicality (gravitational force).

The 12-12-12 astrology chart is suggesting a possible spilt in how humanity will respond to the energies leading up the very important Winter Solstice. Those who embrace the lessons of gravity and expanded embodiment will rise to a higher realm of being. This requires intention and focused mental awareness. Others, who haven’t learned that it is possible to pierce beyond the limitation of matter and the physical plane, will continue to vibrate with the densities of isolation in the material world.

The shift of Solstice 2012 is beginning to come into form. There is a real opportunity now for you to experience a more transcendent and metaphysical world. This twelve-twelve theme of expansion is also an underlying theme of the New Moon on Dec13.

Steven Shroyer is an Esoteric philosopher and a prominent Seattle area astrologer. You can receive a personal astrological reading by contacting him. [email_link email=”” variation=”teal”][/email_link]

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