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Acceleration of Solstice Power

New Moon Dec 13, 2012 – 0:24am PST

New Moon lunar phaseMoon in Sagittarius
Sun in Sagittarius
Lunar Phase is New Moon
(Sun conjunct the Moon, an important monthly activation)

This is one of the most exciting New Moons of the entire year. To put the importance of this week’s events in perspective, let’s review some of the more significant factors involved.

Two weeks ago during the Lunar Eclipse, a cosmic portal opened which is allowing deep new emotional connections to the Earth’s life-force. Along with it is the potential for you to experience an emotionally significant feeling of rebirth. This rebirth has the potential of producing a great deal of freedom in how you choose to identify with your past. It also provides you a skill-set for emotionally dealing with the large shift which will occur on the Winter Solstice, just a week away.

The New Moon occurs one day after the famed 12-12-12, and one week before the powerful Winter Solstice on the 21st of December.

A Short, Clear Perspective

New Moon Chart Dec 13, 2012
New Moon Chart

To summarize, let’s just say that this week’s New Moon is part of an important sequence of transformational events which started at last month’s New Moon, and will continue through next month’s New Moon, as we anchor and integrate the cosmic shifts of the 2012 Solstice. As this week’s New Moon supports the larger wave of transformation, its main function is to accelerate the process so that our consciousness can more easily make the transition next week. It will also help us to identify with the expansion process so that we can feel connected at the deepest level.

Overall, it’s supporting our ability to integrate and assimilate the infusion of light that will arrive with the Solstice.

On the most basic level, your New Moon intentions this week can focus on accepting and allowing the integration and expansion process to continue. Avoid fear reactions around your own experiences of acceleration. Everything has been perfectly timed to prepare you for this moment. The more you can fully embrace your circumstances as they unfold this week, the more fully you can participate in the final preparations for the infusion of light.

The rest of this article offers more detail about the ways in which the New Moon is integrated into the larger sequence of events.

Two Important Activations

Each month there are two activations which naturally occur to support your spiritual growth and transformation. These activations occur: when the Moon is conjunct with the Sun, and when the Moon is conjunct with Uranus.

The activation we’re most aware of occurs every New Moon when the Moon passes over the Sun (a conjunction). This activation carries a new sense of Cosmic purpose. This is one of the reasons the New Moon offers such a powerful manifesting time each month, and why many of us have learned how to practice setting New Moon intentions in alignment with the Lunar Matrix. (For more information about setting New Moon intentions, visit the Lunar Matrix.)

The lesser known activation occurs when the Moon passes over the planet Uranus. Uranus activates the rhythms coming from the Galactic Center. It enables us to see and experience beyond the physical plane of reality.

This year’s Winter Solstice receives support from both of these activations. The New Moon occurs just one week before the Solstice, and the powerful Uranus activation happens the day of Solstice.

During the Winter Solstice a positive cosmic shift will occur on Earth. This is shift has been predicted by mystic seers, and is being felt world wide in various way. A misunderstanding of the energies has allowed for a certain level of panic and apprehension, but rest assured, this is a positive shift in consciousness.

A Higher Stage of Human Development

This New Moon will initiate a period of accelerated growth, accompanied by the deeply-felt anticipation of a higher stage of human development which is about to take place. The accelerated growth is supporting our ability to hold higher and higher frequencies of light. This is similar to the way a crystal holds light, with clarity and coherence. This is the capacity into which we are expanding.

In the coming week, between the New Moon and the Winter Solstice, the path of the Moon crosses Pluto, Mars, and Neptune. The significance of this is two-fold. First, the spiritual work you have done up until now will be summoned to support you moving forward, through the use of your inner strength. Secondly, your inner integrity (how you react to unforeseen circumstances), will support your actions this week, helping you move forward intentionally, and thereby anchoring your progress and acceleration.

The New Moon will also trigger a new ability in which you can begin identifying with a higher level of functioning. As you as your raise your vibration into the higher light spectrums you expand to this higher level of living and operating. You also consciously experience being connected to something larger. The capacity now exists to function, live, and react from this higher level of consciousness.

This ability will need to be nurtured. What this means on the most practical level is that some people will nurture their new ability and other won’t. Those who nurture it will gravitate toward each other and embrace a new power of group authority and the capacity to build new worlds. The ability for some to embrace this shift and others not, is bound to create a split in the world between those who live in the past and those who begin working, living, and operating in a new era of light and empowerment.

A New Era is Born of Capricorn Light

Capricorn Light changes frequency on Dec 21, 2012This new power is symbolized by the zodiac sign of Capricorn, born at the Solstice. With this year’s activation, the zodiac sign of Capricorn will, from this point forward, carry a new quality of energy. This transition will be fully activated on the Winter Solstice as the Sun moves into Capricorn. During the Uranus-Moon activation (mentioned earlier) the Sun simultaneously moves to 1 degree Capricorn and the activation of the “new Capricorn” is complete. The world split may now be defined as those living under the “Old Capricorn,” ruled by Saturn, and those living under the “New Capricorn,” ruled by Uranus.

Capricorn is pure power that is anchored by the crystalline forms which have the ability to hold light. Crystals have been a teacher for us in hold to hold light. The higher stage of development spoken of earlier also involves your ability hold this Capricornian Light within your own crystalline body.

There will be more about the New Capricorn Light in Winter Solstice 2012 article to be published in a few days. Please share this article with your friends and pass on the Cosmic gifts of the Winter Solstice.

A Final Note

There is a lot going on in the world of expanding consciousness. These activations are taking place to help you. Remember that not everyone will take advantage of the opportunities this month. Trusting who you are beyond all the hype will be a good strategy and coping mechanism in the coming days. There is a new dimension of “being-ness” coming to form, and the Universe has slowly and methodically been preparing to help us make an important shift in consciousness.

Set your New Moon intentions to welcome and nurture this powerful shift. This is an exciting time for all of us. Feel it, feel yourself changing in new ways, and support the changes. The universe is a wonderful experience. Let your consciousness expand to hold more Light.

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