Acceleration through Emotional Stability—Leo Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Feb 8 to Feb 23

Leo Full Moon is Saturday, Feb 8, 11:33 PM PST
Current Full Moon Theme (Feb 8 to Feb 23): A VISION FOR THE FUTURE
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Acceleration through Emotional Stability

Our Leo Full Moon has a very expressive quality. The expressive nature of this Full Moon comes from the concentrated emotional energies of Leo. When released these Leo energies are consciously expressed through creative activity.

Along with these expressive energies there is also a practical aspect that needs to be recognized in our Leo Full Moon. By practical, I mean that there will be opportunities to make concrete decisions and take concrete steps that build momentum forward in your life.

The shadow this Full Moon is a quality of intense emotional instability. Because of the rapid acceleration that is naturally occurring, we need to use a practical approach to all forms of upsetting or unexpected circumstances that appear. On the positive side, the practical nature of this Moon will support a new sense of emotional stability, including your ability to stay emotionally balanced whenever any form of crisis strikes, whether large or small.

As individuals we all need a boost from time to time. What you can count on for the remainder of this Lunar cycle is to harness additional support by tapping into previously developed character traits. You can think of this as bringing a more mature approach to life during troubling circumstances.

Emotionally upsetting experiences can remind us of the opportunity to tap into a more objective attitude. With this Full Moon, an objective perspective is part of the practicality and emotional stability that enables you to express yourself in a balanced and mature way.

This objectivity can also help us recognize the bigger picture of momentum in our life, including the positive progress we have made in our past. Because of the rate of acceleration it can be difficult to recognize the qualities of character that we have built, and bring them forward from the past.

Your positive qualities of character and inner strength are available now in practical ways to support your long-term stability with forward momentum.

This is a good time to take a moment or two to reflect on the bigger picture of your life. Especially focus on past progress related to the integrity of your character, including ways that you positively dealt with unexpected events and upsetting experiences.

The Full Moon is giving each of us an outlet to express new levels of emotional stability, even during situations or experiences that would have triggered an emotional crisis in our past.

Harnessing emotional stability right now can stabilize momentum and inspire new beginnings, new commitments, and a new vision of what lies ahead. This new quality of emotional stability may be all that it takes to jump-start a new trajectory in your life.

Between the Full Moon and our Pisces New Moon in two weeks, rely on expressing those actions that are in alignment with where you are going, instead of responding from the inertia of old patterns that don’t support the larger view of who you are or where you are currently headed in life.

This practical approach is a mature way to confront circumstances that in the past would have easily turned into stress, frustration or an emotional crisis.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThis astrological pattern is what I call a bucket handle or singleton. It derives its name from the single celestial body, in this case the Moon, on the opposite side of all the other planets which are grouped together forming a bowl.

The bowl (bucket) of this pattern signifies a quality of focused momentum, in this case through action. The handle of the pattern becomes the focal point of release and expression of momentum.

The significance of this special pattern lies in the Full Moon as the singleton, standing out as a beacon of hope and positive action. In this pattern, all of the other planets are grouped opposite to the Moon and are able to pour their combined energies into the Moon as a focal point of pure potential.

In addition to the Moon’s positive focal point, it’s also important to notice the very practical element derived from our three planets in Capricorn. Jupiter is balsamic to Pluto and Saturn, bringing a practical way to deal with the positive potential that’s hidden within the Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

This practical element in Capricorn is working well with Mercury. With Mercury positioned at 9° Pisces, we are able to draw from the Sabian the acceleration of energies, expressed through the archetype of a Jockey.

ARCHETYPE: Intense mobilization of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit.
COMMENTARY: A feverish release of energy, controlled by skill and long practice, to spur one toward the speedy attainment of one’s goals.

In this particular configuration of our Full Moon chart, Mercury is quickening our consciousness to see the bigger picture and at the same time react in a more mature and skillful manner. Our actions can come from new levels of emotional stability, rather than premature or reactionary levels of excitement or unstable effort.


Our Full Moon is stabilizing and expressing a new level of emotional stability in order to facilitate a mature reaction to the acceleration of momentum in our lives. Emotionally upsetting experiences become an opportunity to practice new and practical ways to react when life disappoints us or makes us feel we are on an emotional roller coaster.

Our current Lunar cycle holds a vision that sees a positive future, especially when we are able to expand and see the bigger picture, including the accomplishments that have brought us here. This is the time to rely on the practicality of our previously developed character traits and strengths.

Happy Full Moon,

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