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January 9, 2019

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Outside of time

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Elizabeth Schermer

Alchemy School Teachings 2019

The Alchemy School

Enrollment is Open for 2019


Visit the Official Mystery School Website

2019 marks the beginning of a new cycle of time.  The Water Dragon of 2012  has washed away the past. We have left the known world behind and stand on the threshold of a new future.  The territory is uncharted, the path unknown.  We will be called in the coming year to access our own wisdom and inner strength.

The mystical energies of the 2013 Water Snake were  deep and powerful. You will be challenged in the coming year to access your own depths of inner wisdom and courage,  your inner compass, as we move forward together .

The programs at the Alchemy School are designed to support your highest path in the days to come. 2019 is the year of the pig. Join us.


Announcing 2019 Enrollment

The Alchemy School  is currently accepting enrollment for their premier, the 9-Month Alchemy Mastery Program.  Enrollment in the Alchemy Mastery Program is limited, to insure optimal  benefit for each participant. Early enrollment is encouraged to guarantee your space.

A 9-Month Program Full of Surprises

A modern-day mystery school is the easiest way to learn the most important metaphysical principles you need in the modern world. Each Student graduates with a practical, working knowledge of what the ancient wisdom keepers kept hidden from all but a select few individuals. The mysteries of life, energy, and manifesting what you want in life are the heart of this power program.

Revealed Secrets of the Mystery School

The school incorporates the natural rhythm and cycle of the zodiac to enhance learning and to use the natural energies of the month to support your learning. Here is a partial list of some of things you’ll learn.

9-Month Outline of Topics

Each monthly theme is explored through wisdom teachings, sacred tools, group activities, ceremony, and focused discussion on advanced topics. The themes are also timed in accordance with the annual cosmic cycle, in order that you can fully receive the benefits of each month’s opportunities.

March: The Dance of Fate and Freedom

  • Understanding Cosmic Cycles of time. Embracing Fate and Destiny. Integrating your natural gifts with the year’s opportunities. The modern Oracle as a Wisdom Tool.

April: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

  • Clearing and healing practices for body and home. Connecting with your Home as a living being. Tools for creating sacred spaces.

May: Uniting Heaven and Earth

  • The human energy system, chakras, meridians, and energy fields. Bringing the Divine into form. Understanding the creative potential of your subtle body.

June: Connecting to your Life’s Purpose

  • Initiating a summer of personal expansion and joy.

July: Relationships

  • Experiencing Divine Community, from Self to Universe. Understanding energy fields, tools for relationships,

August: Nurturing the Fire Within

  • Igniting divine vision and accessing creative inspiration. Realizing your own highest potential and wisdom path.

September: Bringing Your Gifts to the World

  • Anchoring your purpose and power.  Bringing your gifts to the world. Activating your energetic matrix of support.

October: Embracing the Sacred Realms

  • Connecting with the Realms of Light. Establishing relationship with the Ancestors, Past lives, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.

November: Living the Dream

  • Bringing the Hidden Wisdom forward, Transforming the world, Remembering the Garden. Living the Dream in the Now.

Life Changing Readings

Are you ready to embrace the new Aquarian Age? Find your new Aquarian Age purpose and start creating a new era.

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