An Awakening — Sagittarius New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2019

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An Awakening — Sagittarius New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2019


November 26, 2019

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An Awakening — Sagittarius New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2019

New Moon Astrology Report
Nov 26 to Dec 25

Sagittarius New Moon is Tuesday, Nov 26, 7:06 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Nov 26 – Dec 25: An Awakening
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article — The Awakening of New Wisdom

Our Sagittarius New Moon is ushering in a period of awakening where what was previously not operating at a complete level of consciousness can now fully awaken. Each New Moon of our life time can become a profound experience if we let it. The more conscious we become, the more we can cultivate an awareness of wisdom so that we can take advantage of these extraordinary celestial events when opportunity presents itself.

Understanding Awakening In Astrological Terms

From an astrological perspective, an ‘awakening’  means to experience something new that has a significant impact on your understanding, or on how you see yourself in relationship to your outer world. In this article we’ll be speaking of a personal quality of awakening to new levels of understanding and wisdom that were previously operating without our full conscious awareness.

As we dive into the archetype of Sagittarius, this concept will continue to take form.

The Archetype of Sagittarius

Sagittarius has a quality of expansion associated with it. What’s important when looking at this complicated archetype is to understand what it is that’s actually expanding. The Sagittarius type of expansion that’s occurring is within consciousness itself, for Sagittarius represents the ability to understand through higher level processes of abstraction.

The ability to abstract is a higher function of consciousness that operates through symbolism. Symbolism has its roots in the concept of reflection. By reflection I mean a process in which information or data is reflected into a broader context of meaning or understanding. The process of symbolism is rooted in the specific and then abstracted to reflect a more generalized meaning that still holds a basic reflection or truth.

Wisdom in the Sagittarius archetype is rooted in both abstraction and symbolism, because it reflects within our consciousness an expanded understanding of life. This enables us to see beyond mere facts and basic information. With each new experience we hold the possibility of having a wise perspective as our guide.

This idea and concept of seeing beyond the simple or mundane meaning of things is one of the deeper secrets to understanding the power of the archetype of Sagittarius. When we are able to use our consciousness and think in terms of abstraction or symbolism, we then have the ability to acquire wisdom and new perspectives of truth.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius

Our New Moon process is opening a doorway to a higher level of activity within our consciousness. This is what we are calling an awakening. Each of us has an opportunity now to perceive reality with a new clarity and a new awareness of things that may have gone unnoticed in the past.

This is what we meant when we mentioned earlier that this New Moon has the potential to trigger a new process of awakening. This occurs first at the personal level. There’s also always the potential for this awakening to occur at the collective level within the larger context of society. We can only hope and stay optimistic for this possibility of positive collective change.

The Process of Anchoring Wisdom

Our New Moon is releasing a new process of clarity that can only be seen when the mind is calm with an inner poise that’s able to reflect the deeper truths of our daily experiences. This deeper truth is seen within the subtle spiritual realms as wisdom and holds a larger image or reflection of the very meaning of the wholeness of life.

When the ego-consciousness becomes too active with self importance, the more subtle spiritual realms and larger pictures of life continue to operate below the surface of our awareness.

To take advantage of this process of awakening, claim your own authority to see beyond what’s been established as real and true. Using the inner strength of your own integrity, begin to react to life’s events with an inner calmness and you will begin to see beyond what’s been institutionalized and taken for granted.

With this New Moon the time is now ripe for an awakening as humanity begins to see the truth behind the attempts to control how you think, and what you see in the world. Anchor yourself in wisdom and understanding and you’ll have the opportunity to see the world anew.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThere are two significant patterns in our New Moon chart, described below. On the surface these may look like they are competing patterns, but because they are both contained within a bowl pattern they are ultimately working toward a common good.

The first pattern involves our historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction and a double sextile with Neptune and Mercury. Collectively, this is a pattern of control and obfuscation. At the level of individuality, however, the pattern is a powerful indicator for the self-discipline and strength of will required to break free from current systems and narratives based on authoritarian control.

The second pattern involves a Mars/Uranus opposition. This opposition forms the rim of the bowl pattern that contains the rest of the aspects of the chart. At the individual level, these two planets bring an awareness for the need to pursue greater freedoms and experience less controls over our lives. At the collective level this opposition is creating and expanding the awareness of chaos through disruption, protest and forces of change.

Regarding the processes of change it’s important to say that this second pattern has the benefit of the Jupiter/Venus conjunction working together to promote the organic growth of more positive cultural values.

Additionally, our New Moon in Sagittarius is making a unique inconjunct aspect to Uranus. An inconjunct always represents some form of adjustment, reorientation, or improvement.  In this particular New Moon the process that’s being introduced through the inconjunct is through Uranus, which is acting as an awakening catalyst for the quickening of consciousness to begin operating at a higher level.

The Sabian archetype for the New Moon also supports this unique opportunity for an awakening of wisdom.

ARCHETYPE — A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of previously unconscious factors and their operations.
COMMENTARY — A calm and poised awareness within the subtle realms of experience will support the ability to gain wisdom. This quality of wisdom brings an awareness through an elusive type of inner peace, even in the face of conflict or through times of tragedy. Ego-consciousness, when it’s too active within the subtle realms of awareness, will interfere with the clarity that comes from calmness. An over active mind will drown out these subtle realms and wisdom will be eluded by the ego’s awareness or missed by the intellect.

This process described within the Sabian archetype brings the wisdom of clear perception to our conscious awareness. This is especially true for those where perception and intuition have been operating beneath the level of awareness and not yet completely functioning at a fully conscious level.


Each New Moon is unique and initiates a new process in the development of consciousness. This growth process often surges in spurts, especially when individuals experience an accelerated process, or quickening. It is precisely this quickening process of awakening that defines our New Moon. Each of us has an opportunity to expand our consciousness to a greater wisdom and awareness.

I’m sending intentions for blessings and greater wisdom and awareness to all my friends.

Happy New Moon,

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