An Eclipse Portal of Shadows and Light — Taurus Lunar Eclipse Nov 8, 2022

Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Report Nov 8, 2022

Nov 8 to Nov 23

• 17° Taurus Full Moon is Tuesday, Nov 8, 3:02 AM PST
• Full Moon Theme: Nov 8 – Nov 23: Accelerated Change
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.
• The Lunar eclipse acts like a portal within the zodiac, opening up a doorway of consciousness to additional cosmic energies. These energies are available until the Moon crosses this degree again during the coming Lunar cycle.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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An Eclipse Portal of Shadows and Light

Our Taurus lunar eclipse holds an extremely significant sense of cosmic timing. A full eclipse cycle usually involves the combined effects of solar and lunar events which occur two weeks apart. This cycle always creates an opportunity for a leap of consciousness. This particular lunar eclipse is beyond even the usual leap, and potentially much bigger than our logical minds can appreciate.

This eclipse will occur on what some are calling a world changing election in the U.S. When we look at the big picture, the correlation of these two events isn’t simply a coincidence. It is another indication of larger patterns of convergence. Indeed, our Aquarian Age energies have been building to this very moment since we first entered the Aquarian Age back in 2012.

There are larger rhythms of wholeness and expansion that are continuously overlapping within our ongoing lunar cycles. The synchronicity of the mid-term elections occurring on the eclipse is an important reminder to recognize the practical ways in which some of these very large cycles are coming into play during every major astrological event.

This eclipse is one of these major events. When these larger rhythms coincide in concrete ways with the combination of overlapping cycles, it produces the greatest potential for growth and change.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand what is being revealed and where to place your point of focus during this extraordinary time. This is a time to stay firmly in the present, with awareness and no fear, as we realize the way that our world is transforming through a another major shift.

The Uranus Conjunction

A lunar eclipse is created when the Earth’s shadow crosses the Moon, momentarily obstructing the Sun’s reflection. This unplugging creates a portal effect within the zodiac at the point of the eclipse. It also activates a portal within our consciousness. On the personal level, this portal can either be tremendously beneficial or temporarily disorienting, depending on an individual’s perspective and their ability to work with the opportunity.

The portal acts as an infusion point, much as we would think of an activation of a unexpected event that triggers our consciousness outside of normal time and space. The primary reason this eclipse is such a big deal is due to its extremely rare exact conjunction with Uranus. What the conjunction means is that Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is activating the eclipse’s frequency to a much higher level.

With this eclipse Uranus is dramatically increasing the frequency of consciousness to which everyone in the world now has access. This infusion of Uranian energy will directly affect the overall planetary consciousness and require all of us to make adjustments. These adjustments are an important part of the realignment we are all going through. This shift in awareness is what we are calling the “Aquarian Age consciousness.” 

In plain language, Uranus and the Taurus eclipse are opening a portal to let more high-frequency light into our earthly realm (Taurus). This major astrological event is forcing a major adjustment and realignment within our consciousness and, by extension, the consciousness of the planet.

The Lunar Eclipse

The specific energies of an eclipse portal always indicate what the light of consciousness wants to expose and heal. The Sabian archetype for the eclipse describes the specific energies that the eclipse portal is presenting.  
Every eclipse involves the contrast between the shadow and the light and the ongoing spiritual challenges that exist in our world. This ongoing battle is described very literally within the Sabian archetype for our eclipse at 17° Taurus.

ARCHETYPE: A renewed effort in the battle between light and darkness.
COMMENTARY: In times of spiritual conflict the fire of inspiration, creativity, and awareness can expose the natural weakness of a strictly earth-bound perspective. The fiery torches represent the light and an illuminated way of living in peace.  Swords represent the hardened elements of the mind which have become crystallized within the material world of technology, power, and fear of lack. With proper alignment, the fire (light of the torch) of inspiration penetrates and illuminates the limited perspective (sword) of the mind.

This archetype highlights the current spiritual battle each of us faces daily as we endeavor to bring to light the shadows and weaknesses of our own limited perspectives. This is both an individual battle and a world conflict involving all of humanity.
With both the eclipse and Uranus sharing this powerful archetype, we can expect the unexpected in the days to come. With the convergence of larger overlapping cycles and the potential for world-wide conflict and disruptions, we are holding space for the necessary adjustments and realignments that are possible at this time.

The Solar Principle

Each Full Moon holds a polarity of wholeness that is illuminated by the Sun. The solar principle of the Sun at 17° Scorpio indicates that the spiritual conflict that’s playing out before our very eyes involves the birth of the higher-self within each of us. 
The Sabian archetype for the Sun at 17° Scorpio describes a new transpersonal way to live. This is a time we can transcend our limiting perspectives, including old concepts of identity, in order to increase our life force and our capabilities.

ARCHETYPE: A complete transpersonal reliance on the eternal source of Light within one’s own being.
COMMENTARY: Giving birth to one’s own higher-Self is a transpersonal process and the birthright of every individual. When Prime Creation is able to fully function without restriction, the limitations of identity fall away. A transpersonal identity is born through the divine principle of ascension, which is the experience of our Light Being functioning through a physical form.

What’s most interesting about this archetype is the inner freedom that it suggests. The archetype describes how this quality of Aquarian Age freedom comes from a transpersonal way of experiencing one’s identity. It suggests that each of us can move completely past the restrictions and limiting shadow that social labeling of our identity can create. Instead, we can individualize and expand into our true essence, independent of doubt or the need for external respect or control.
We need no longer be defined within the limitations of a 3D constructed world. As light-beings, we aren’t beholden to other people’s definitions of who, what, or even where we are. External identities dissolve in the presence of our true Self within the present moment, rather than a construct of personas and labels created by external confirmation and validation.

The Shadow Element in a Positive Light

Both the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse involve a shadow. They reveal what has previously been hidden. The shadow element is usually much more prominent with a solar eclipse. Our current lunar eclipse is unique in that the element of shadow is being emphasized, both through the Sabian archetype for the portal, as well as the aspect that the eclipse is making to Saturn in Aquarius.

Astrology ChartWhenever shadow elements are exposed it’s because we have a new ability to see them. Saturn in Aquarius will highlight your ability to see the structures that are in the greatest need of exposure to light, therefore revealing those forms and belief systems that are outdated or misaligned with who you are and where you’re going. 

As the shadow elements are revealed, they enable you to participate more intentionally in the processes of change. In other words, the shadow enables you to realize what needs to be dismantled or released so you can participate more intentionally in the processes of positive change.

World Events: Saturn and the Aquarian Age

In addition to the Uranus conjunction, our eclipse portal is also being activated by a Saturn T-square. Saturn is the ruler of 3D systems, including our world’s political and financial structures. This T-square (an opposition and two squares) involving Saturn in Aquarius indicates a point of stress that needs to be resolved in order to move forward.
In the current chart, the Saturn T-square at 19° Aquarius points to something that needs to be brought under control due to carelessness.

ARCHETYPE: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness or an unnecessary conflict within the natural organic order.
COMMENTARY: Seemingly insignificant acts can result in spectacular and unexpected reactions or outcomes. Our reactions to the unexpected test our ingenuity, spiritual stability, and internal strength. The effort required to meet unforeseen challenges head-on is anchored within oneself and one’s direct access to Prime Creation.

This archetype points to the potential for unexpected events within each person’s circumstances and the world at large. We may see triggers that require spectacular adjustments, including the realms of world politics and the world’s financial structures. Another possibility of Saturn at 19° Aquarius could be that of a large triggering event, in which the very structure of society and the world is shaken loose for the better.

Higher Frequencies in the Material World

Before the discovery of the transcendent planets, Saturn was considered the ruler of Aquarius. In this way we can think of Saturn and Uranus working together, as Uranus is increasing the frequency within all Saturnian structures. Think of this frequency increase as the shaking loose of anything that isn’t compatible with the higher-frequency consciousness of the Aquarian Age.
The job of Uranus is to creatively change the internal structure to be able to hold a higher frequency. If the Saturn structure isn’t able to hold or adapt to the new frequency, then it crumbles. In our current world situation this could be applied to many, many different types of Saturnian structures, including our current systems of government, as well as the world financial system and other social constructs and beliefs.
We live in an exciting era of world history. The Aquarian Age is moving ahead at full speed, regardless of who’s ready and who’s not. This is precisely why we are currently experiencing the spiritual conflict described in our 17° Taurus archetype. As we move forward, the past is over. We have the power and ability to create the world anew, in any way we are inspired. Our new Aquarian Age is full of endless and exciting possibilities.


Our current lunar eclipse is full of remarkable opportunity. It holds a tremendous amount of power with the potential to energize and activate the shifts necessary for the Aquarian Age to produce the prosperity and ease that is coming to our world.
The Sabian archetype reminds us that the fire and light of inspiration, creativity, and awareness can expose the natural weakness of a strictly earth-bound perspective. There is the real possibility that this eclipse event will enable us to take a major step forward in the Aquarian Age, in which the light and shadows will both be exposed for what they are.
Each of us has the skill and courage we need to make whatever adjustments this requires. As you make these shifts, remember that the past is over and you can follow your heart’s desire and its highest joy wherever it takes you.
As we give birth to a stronger connection to our higher-self and light-being, it’s normal to feel excited about all the changes that are taking place in the world. To live without fear is to recognize that, as beings of light, we are immortal and capable of greatness beyond what we have ever imagined.
Happy Lunar Eclipse,
Steven Shroyer

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