An Historic Realization of Success — Cancer Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report Jan 10th 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Jan 10 to Jan 24

Cancer Full Moon Eclipse is Friday, Dec 10, 11:21 AM PST
• Current Full Moon Theme (Jan 10 to Jan 24): A SEED OF EXCELLENCE
The Full Moon Eclipse illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The eclipse acts like a portal that opens up consciousness to additional cosmic energies that last until the eclipse degree is crossed again during the Moon’s next cycle.

Astrology Article — An Historic Realization of Success

Our Cancer Full Moon is eclipsed by our Capricorn Sun which happens to be part of an historic cosmic astrology pattern involving the 500 year conjunction of Pluto/Saturn at 23° Capricorn. This particular Lunar eclipse is a major development in the world of astrology.

This eclipse combined with the history Pluto/Saturn conjunction is a marker of a new trajectory in world history, through the empowerment of the individual and their relationship to systems of power and control in the world.

In this article I will discuss the significance of the eclipse and conjunction in relationship to this historic period of world history. I’ll also discuss the personal opportunity each of us has to initiate a new “set point” so that we can each reevaluate where we are heading, and whether we are accessing the quality of success we truly want in our life.

500 Years In the Making

Astrology Chart
2020 Conjunction

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn signifies the end of a previous 500 year cycle and initiates the overall signature of the next 750 years, until the next Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.

It was 502 years ago, on January 3, 1518, that Pluto and Saturn last made a conjunction at 5° Capricorn. This also happens to be the exact degree of our recent New Moon in Capricorn which occurred on Christmas day. Let me say this again so that it fully sinks in: Our Christmas New Moon was at the exact same degree as the last historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction that occurred 502 years ago.

Today we stand between two great cycles of time. The next cycle that begins on January 12th holds a great hope for the future. When individuals are empowered worldwide the culture of the entire world has the opportunity to change for the better. This next cycle will last for 750 years until Pluto and Saturn are again conjunct in Capricorn on Dec 14, 2754.  This can be a very positive 750 year cycle, especially because it’s occurring at the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age.

A Revolutionary View of Success

One prominent example of a social movement for individual freedom from our previous cycle in 1518 was initiated by Martin Luther. The social movement became known as the Reformation and ultimately broke away from the global control of the Vatican. The break-away movement expanded to Protestantism and eventually made its way to the North American continent from England. The freedom movement continued in the colonies through opposition to imperialism and gave birth to new ideas of governance which became known as the United States of America.

It’s important to remember that what we call “America” is actually an idea and a vision of what’s possible when people work together with the principle of excellence. This vision of excellence is a very Capricornian value. We are now at another threshold for new breakaway movements that are founded in these guiding principles of freedom, excellence and true success.

It’s somewhat common for spiritual teachers talk about success as a worldly concept that should be shunned. Astrology, in terms of pure principle, doesn’t share this point of view. Astrology views success as a positive process that builds over time. The astrological concepts of what excellence and  success mean come to us directly from how nature functions.

How Nature is Successful

Success within nature builds over time, so when we think of success in terms of nature we need to think of natural cycles of time. Biological life, including human life, starts with a seed. Over time the essence within that seed directs its growth and development.

When growth fully matures it reaches its highest potential within that cycle and prepares the seed for the next cycle. In nature we call this process successful growth. The main point to consider here is that “success” is related to processes of maturity and highest potential.

In astrological terms, understanding success in terms of “highest potential” is the most accurate way we can use the word “success.” The actualization of your highest potential is a concept that our current culture doesn’t properly understand and this ultimately results in creating distortions and misconceptions about what success and being successful means.

Cultural Success vs. Individual Success

Over time our popular culture has distorted the concept of success, especially through the media and our educational system, equating it to wealth and ownership. This concept of success also includes the prestige of having powerful social or professional status. To make matters worse, these distortions of success become the criteria for assigning the worth and value of each individual within the culture.

This Lunar eclipse and historic conjunction is providing us the opportunity to reevaluate some of these distorted ideas of what success really means. This expanded way to think of success can enable us each to bypass the stereotypes and  common distortions in our culture.

This expansion to new understandings of success requires each of us to ask some tough questions. We must ask ourselves “How well do I understand what success really means to me?” “Does the value of success lie in an individual’s success, or does it lie in the success of its overall culture contribution?” And finally, “Does the value of success only need to posses emotional satisfaction, or should it be measured and contested by others?”

In terms of developing new definitions of success, the astrological lesson we can learn from nature is that when success is based on building toward potential, it supports growth at every level of one’s being. Another way to explore the Capricorn qualities of success and potential is through the concept of excellence.

The Principle of Excellence Builds Success Over Time

Astrolory Chart
1518 Conjunction

High standards of excellence can be experienced both individually and collectively. Our current Lunar cycle is focused on a new quality of excellence coming into our awareness. (A Christmas Seed of Excellence.) The practice of excellence over time is a builder of true success. When the practice of excellence is embraced as a process rather than something external to achieve, then over time the results lead to experiences of success.

Life is a process and it is ever changing, from one cycle to another, whether great or small. What makes this current great cycle so special is its symmetry and geometry. 500 years ago a great and mighty cycle in Capricorn was launched. As I mentioned, that cycle started in 1518 and occurred at 5ׇ° Capricorn, which happens to be the very same degree of our last New Moon on Dec 25th.

To put this synchronicity into perspective, the theme of “excellence” from our last New Moon at 5ׇ° Capricorn was also the theme of our last 500 year Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The new theme of building success over time through the use of excellence (23° Capricorn) is now the beginning of a new Saturn/Pluto cycle that will last 750 years.

The significance of the conclusion of the last cycle and beginning of the next is further emphasized by our Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and stellium in Capricorn. The Lunar eclipse at 21° Cancer takes on additional significance with the Sun conjunct Mercury at 21° Capricorn, only 2° from the Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

The exact conjunction occurs on Jan 12th, but the two planets are already both in 23° Capricorn at the eclipse. For this reason, in astrological terms the eclipse forms the historic marker because it holds and amplifies the overall quality of this next great 750 year cycle.

The Consciousness of a Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Earth comes directly between the Sun and Full Moon. During a Lunar eclipse the light of the Full Moon temporarily disappears from the night sky. This is what physically happens during an eclipse. What we are interested in astrologically is how this affects our consciousness in a positive way.

The Moon regulates cycles of growth on Earth by reflecting the Sun’s light, providing tools that allow us to adapt, grow and change. The full Lunar cycle offers a balancing perspective that incorporates both subjective (New Moon) and objective (Full Moon) awareness. Objectivity is necessary to participate with others where identifying common interests is beneficial to all. Objectivity occurs when one external reality can be measured, or objectified, thus eliminating an emotional and strictly personalized perspective.

With a Lunar eclipse there’s a disruption in the usual objective awareness of the Full Moon. When objectivity disappears during a lunar eclipse, all that remains is a strong subjective awareness. This momentary subjectivity reminds each of us that life itself is a very personal experience.

This momentary imprint of subjective awareness on our objectivity makes a huge mark. This ability to be both subjective and objective is ultimately what makes us adaptable to life’s up and downs and the constant changes that life brings.

As consciousness learns to move more freely between the subjective and objective realms of awareness we develop flexibility within our consciousness. This flexibility between subjective and objective awareness within our consciousness that’s provided by the Lunar eclipse adds an important ingredient to our current Pluto/Saturn conjunction and is an important tool for our success moving forward.

The Significance of Our Current Full Moon in Cancer

To summarize what we’ve already discussed, our current Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Cancer is centered around what true success means to each of us personally. Remember, the Full Moon in Cancer is opposite of the stellium in Capricorn. Full Moon oppositions illuminate contrast in order to realize how to incorporate the energy of the current Lunar cycle.

With Saturn/Pluto conjunct the Sun and Mercury, and all grouped together in Capricorn, the Full Moon contrast we need to focus on at this time includes the positive qualities of Capricorn. These qualities include trust between the individual and the collective, cooperation between individuals to achieve something greater, and high standards of excellence that become guiding principles for the individual and the culture.

The Full Moon in Cancer brings an objective realization of the power of the individual. Cooperation between empowered individuals will enable us to hold accountable those who abuse power and have damaged the trust needed for cooperation between the individual and the collective.

Astrology Chart
2754 Conjunction

This eclipse and historic conjunction reminds us that as empowered individuals we can transcend systems of global control represented by socialism, tech giants, and powerful governments who want to control how and what we think. These oppressive systems of control are only the shadow of what is possible when individuals work together to create a world where individuality is truly honored and respected.

Within the archetype of Capricorn there are two extremes that are possible as we move into this next great 750 year cycle. Capricorn can be an extremely spiritual archetype when individuality is fully supported by the collective. At the other extreme, when the collective becomes too powerful, as we see in today’s world, the individual’s rights are censored, restricted, or completely taken away. Globalization and top-down governance takes control over the people, as it has in our current situation. Corruption and abuse of power become the norm and society itself begins to crumble.

This Lunar eclipse combined with the historic conjunction marks the point where the individual begins to come into power. Together we can change the trajectory of global control. In short, this particular eclipse is full of an individualized type pf power capable of changing the world, one person at a time.


What the majority of people are experiencing at this turning point in history is the weight of control by those who have taken control over us over a very long period of time. The last 100 years alone have been quite brutal on individual freedoms.

The good news is that we all have entered a new great cycle in which we can do things differently. In this new cycle the strength and purpose of the individual is about to resurface in new and more spiritual ways.

This next great cycle will bring a balancing of accounts, so to speak. The collective control that has made life so challenging as of late is about to loosen its grip. The more hope and the more resolve each of us has, and the more we are able to incorporate excellence into everything we do, the quicker new levels of empowered individuality will bring the world back into balance.

Happy Historic Full Moon,


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