An Increasing Sensitivity to Intuition: New Moon Astrology March 2017

Article Window: Mar 27 to Apr 26
• The New Moon is Mar 27, 2016  7:57 PM PDT
• Sun is 8° Aries, Moon is 8° Aries
• Next Full Moon is April 12, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Mar 27 to Apr 26): Intuitive Sensitivity

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

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Astrology Article: An Increasing Sensitivity to Intuition

Our New Moon Astrology for this month indicates the potential for a major transformational shift in consciousness. On the personal level the shift is facilitating an increased psychic sensitivity and connection to your  innate intuitive processes. In short, what you can expect during this coming Lunar month is a jump in your intuitive abilities.

At this point in history it is crucial that we each connect with and expand our intuitive potential. There are many different forms of psychic abilities, however basic intuition is the starting point for all other extra-sensory perceptions. All more highly refined psychic perceptions, such as clairaudience and clairvoyance, stem from your basic innate intuitive processes.

The Significance of Personal Intuition

The term “intuition” refers to the innate form of psychic ability that everyone possesses. Intuition is your connection to your inner knowingness, what you know to be true at a deeper level. It’s knowing what you know, without necessarily knowing how you know it. Often referred to as knowing something ‘in your gut,’ intuition is what creates discernment for all other psychic perceptions.

This quality of basic intuition is highlighted for everyone with this month’s New Moon. The subtle energies of Uranus are operating as a catalyst for this process. Uranus has been playing a key role in our Lunar charts over the past several months, and steadily increasing the vibration of consciousness on Earth. This month, with Uranus directly conjunct Mercury, the combination creates a quickening of all mental processes that are connected to intuition and sensitive to the psychic realm.

Mercury’s influence is supporting a more logical, rational, and direct connection to your intuition that allows you to more easily connect with your intuitive perceptions in your daily life.  This can be an elusive process, especially if you’re not aware of how to connect with the potentials. I will attempt here to take some of the mystery out the shift in energies that you can expect in the coming weeks.

Aries and Personal Intuition

Aries is a powerful zodiac sign with a broad spectrum of energies that include assertiveness, inspiration, new momentum, courage, and a pioneering spirit. Another key quality of Aries is intuition. Specifically this is your intuition as it relates to expanding into new experiences.

In addition to the Sun and Moon, the power of this New Moon draws additional energy from the stellium located in Aries. Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are amplifying the expanding nature of our New Moon potential. This planetary grouping represents an infusion of a tremendous amount of the astrological element of Fire, which is closely associated with qualities of intuition, transformation, and a desire to expand into greater personal potential.

Mercury and Uranus Working Closely Together

Aries New Moon Astrology Chart for March 2017Among the energy signatures of the different planets, Uranus represents an increased frequency of consciousness. On the personal level, Uranus is our vehicle for connecting with our own higher consciousness. These frequencies are so subtle that it is easy for them to go unnoticed.  On the personal level they tend to operate at a subconscious level until there is an increased sensitivity within the individual.

In the New Moon chart, the Mercury-Uranus conjunction supports this increased sensitivity by allowing for your intelligence to access and integrate with your intuition.  In other words, Mercury is giving your mental process the support its need to logically and intelligently recognize the subtle frequencies of your intuition and directly work with them.

Now that you understand the process, how do you recognize it in your life?

At the most basic level, you can recognize this process of increased intuition through  your desires for freedom and individuality. Uranus will help you to break free from constricting old patterns of thinking, especially thought processes that are rooted in traditional styles of ethics, morality, and the permanence of anything that fights against dynamic change.

Uranus is all about change and transformation, so it opposes any aspects of tradition that are resistant to necessary or healthy change. This opposition gives rise to the intuitive impulse to break away from traditional paradigms that are no longer in alignment with the current planetary shifts into higher frequencies.

Working with the Aries New Moon

There is a tremendous amount of potential and momentum that is flowing into the overall New Moon pattern. As I mentioned earlier, this New Moon is initiating a larger cycle and shift of consciousness. By connecting with the energies of Aries you can tap into this potential.

The abundance of Aries energies is helping you to expand by giving you the courage to let go of any mental constructs or beliefs that directly impede your intuitive processes. Aries is encouraging your Uranian desire for greater psychic freedom and expanded awareness of the subtle spiritual realms. This is a time to feel inspired about your potential to connect more fully to your intuitive guidance and your connection to the source of creativity and transforming energies at the root of Creation.

The challenge this month lies in the subtlety of the energies.  For most people, Uranus operates in a largely unconscious manner. For those reading this article, an understanding of how to recognize the influence of Uranus in your life will be the key to intentionally connecting and boosting your intuitive processes and abilities.

You can recognize the influence of Uranus through your desire to break free from anything that holds you back from expressing your freedom and individuality. During this Lunar cycle, pay close attention to your desire to expand. This includes your desire for internal intuitive expansion and a greater freedom of consciousness, understanding, and awareness.

This intuitive freedom releases you from traditional concepts of reality, including limiting ideas of psychic abilities, religious biases, and victim thinking. It moves you toward inspiration, independent thought, and subtle awareness of larger realities.

Let’s Review and Summarize

This Lunar cycle is centered on the development of consciousness. On the personal level, this happens through an increase in your intuitive abilities. The degree of increase you experience will be dependent on your connection to the subtle energies of your intuitive guidance system.

Uranus is creating the desire to break free from anything holding you back from personal expansion, so during this Lunar cycle pay close attention to your desire to embrace greater freedom in every area of your life. The fire of Aries, in combination with Mercury and Uranus, is helping your intuition to expand while also operating in a sound and rational way. This month promises to be exciting and full of Aries optimism and potential.

Happy New Moon

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