An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017

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An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017


February 23, 2017

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An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017

An Intense Mobilization of Energy: New Moon Astrology Feb 2017

Article Window: Feb 26 to Mar 27
• The New Moon is Feb 26, 2017  6:53 AM PDT
• Sun is 9° Pisces, Moon is 9° Pisces
• Next Full Moon is Mar 12, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Feb 26 to Mar 27): Energized Consciousness 

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Photo of Pisces New Moon through the Trees

Astrology Article: An Intense Mobilization of Energy

This month’s New Moon Astrology is focused through the broad lens of Pisces. The expansive scope of Pisces’ power is focused on accessing inner strength while also working with the broader range and depth of Pisces energy. Your ability to connect with inner strength in order to mobilize these positive energies within Pisces plays an important role in in accessing the power of our New Moon.

My intention with this New Moon discussion is to offer you a clear understanding of how to best maximize your particular circumstances. To explore this further, I invite you to delve a little deeper with me into the vastness of the Pisces archetype and what it means in your life.

Pisces and its Broader Scope of Strength and Compassion

As the third water sign (the first being Cancer and the second Scorpio), Pisces carries the most mature energy of all three water signs. Through this maturity in the emotional realm of feelings, Pisces is able to hold and wield a tremendous amount of energy. It also carries a depth of inner strength capable of handling the larger scope of feelings associated with mature compassion and expanded connections and realities.

Through the feeling realm, Pisces rules the personal desire to perpetuate positive contributions. Pisces is not only personal, it also applies to all of humanity.  On a global scale, Pisces rules social institutions, including their desire to perpetuate their influence into the future.

This quality is amplified because we are experiencing a Pisces stellium which groups together Neptune, Mercury, and the New Moon. This planetary group (stellium) works together to build a greater connection within humanity both now and as the foundation for a new and better tomorrow.

The shadow side of Pisces commonly surfaces as fear. This is fear that arises when one’s natural inner strength is not accessed or experienced.  Instead of accessing inner strength there is a void or missed connection, and this void leads to the experience that we commonly label “fear.” It can be an empowering exercise to think of fear as the absence of connection to your natural inner strength.

Through inner connection, this New Moon is supporting a mobilization of energy that will provide the needed momentum for a new direction both personally and collectively. This experience of inner connection can empower humanity to tap into the natural flow and feeling of external connection to others and the world, rather than feelings of being separate.

This concept and experience of the inner connectedness of all humanity is what gives rise to the qualities of compassion and humanitarianism which are at the core of all spiritual teachings. These qualities are associated with both Pisces and its ruler, Neptune.

This Pisces energy signature is also within everyone’s individual astrology chart. The understanding of your unique relationship to Pisces gives personal insight explaining how one’s experience of fear is intertwined with one’s capacity for inner strength.

As such, an understanding of your personal relationship to Pisces is extremely valuable in mastering your hidden power and hidden strength. Using your own chart, your astrologer can explain your personal relationship to Pisces and the ways you can access Neptune’s energy signature in your life.

An Intense Stream of Energy Exposes the Shadow of Pisces

Astrology Chart for the New Moon on Feb 26, 2017The New Moon stellium in Pisces is introducing an energy stream capable of activating extremes of feeling, ranging from powerful compassion to intense fear.

As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune plays a central role within the stellium. It’s operating at more than one level. It’s helping to dissolve perspectives based on misinformation, such as the subversive agenda of corporate media. It is also activating the opportunity to become consciously aware of spiritual principles that can transform society and mobilize new streams of connection. By accessing both of these qualities, you are invited to feel more connected to the world and others by sharing truth-seeking information that directly supports reliance on inner strength and compassionate thinking.

Neptune’s ability to vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency will also allow you see through the Pisces shadow of fear and its contagious ability to connect people at the level of shadow, through their fears.

Neptune’s position in front of both Mercury and the New Moon creates a frequency of balsamic energy that mimics many aspects of Pisces. This balsamic signature produces a capacity for letting go and sets the foundation for new beginnings  including additional strength and the courage to see through the delusionary nature of the world. This balsamic energy is the same harmonic that Pisces carries in the annual cycle, as the final zodiac sign before the new cycle begins with Aries. As such, it is further amplifying all of the larger potentials that Pisces holds.

Mercury’s position in the stellium supports logical conclusions to all the new Pisces’s energy, including the ability to rethink decisions in order to be in alignment with compassion instead of fear.

While this Moon offers the opportunity to consciously connect to others through courage and inner strength, the alternative response is the unconscious desire to be part of something larger.  In practical terms, this can show up as the attitude of “going along with the flow,” including the acceptance of whatever those in the culture or in authority dictate.

Pisces always leads to the desire to connect, and when it’s unconscious the tendency is to connect through the most commonly accepted and status quo ways. This can include the desire to perpetuate existing social structures and institutions, even if they’re no longer functional. These unconscious tendencies to connect with others through status quo especially become a problem when what is popular is also ill-conceived or even dangerous. This unconscious acceptance represents the shadow of Pisces.

The question of importance that’s activated with this New Moon is whether you are connecting out of compassion and inner strength, or fear?

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse Moving into a New Moon

The New Moon is mobilizing new levels of inner strength  that will enable us to see larger possibilities for our world beyond the climate of fear that connects unsuspecting people through fear and separation, rather than through the power of compassion and love.

In practical terms, this New Moon is building on the Lunar eclipse “Temple Pattern” of two weeks ago. The eclipse opened a cosmic doorway that is providing us the opportunity to participate more intentionally in creating our world. We have the capacity now to begin seeing, understanding, and perceiving the fabric of reality as fluid, pliable and energetic, rather than fixed. This includes the ability to see beyond what is being dismantled so that together we can envision new possibilities.

We are entering a new era in which participation in life and culture isn’t based on fear and control, but instead on a greater insight born of an internalized authority that’s free from external constraints, especially those constraints that tell you what to think and how to live.

The foundation of courage was firmly established two weeks ago at the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. The Pisces New Moon is now setting the foundation for new momentum in a new direction that’s aligned with more individual freedom. This freedom is only available, however, when we are able to access our inner strength and compassion. These qualities of inner strength and compassion will lead us to take action together in the direction of truth and authentic leadership.

A Practical New Moon Summary

The Pisces Moon is bringing an opportunity now to become consciously aware of your own power and inner strength. With the influence of the stellium pattern, Neptune has the ability to awaken and to mobilize this new stream of Pisces energy.

The activation of inner strength includes the ability to transcend your inner fears. One of the consequences of this mobilization of inner power is the awakening to all forms of shadow elements within the world, including misinformation, delusion, external control, and repressed freedom. Through inner strength you will be able to see beyond and rise above the influence of these external controls.

Through the energies of this New Moon, as you rely on inner strength, you are invited to feel more connected to the positive elements of compassion and connection to humanity working together as a whole. It’s our connection to inner strength that allows us to feel the connection to others. True compassion takes a tremendous amount of inner strength, and it is this inner strength that gives rise to your connection to humanity. Your inner strength is the source of your compassion.

A planetary reaction of compassion is needed in order to repolarize humanity away from fear, and toward common goals that invite a greater connectedness and freewill.

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