An Unexpected Challenge to Individuality — Leo Full Moon Report Feb 5, 2023

An Unexpected Challenge to Individuality — Leo Full Moon Report Feb 5, 2023

Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 5, 2023

Feb 5 to Feb 19

• 17° Leo Full Moon is Sunday, Feb 5th at 10:27 AM PST
• Full Moon Theme: Feb 5 – Feb 19: FEELING YOUR CONNECTION
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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An Unexpected Challenge to Individuality

Our Leo Full Moon is generating a dedicated connection to what sustains us beyond our physical form. When the Full Moon is in Leo, we receive a direct reflection of the solar principle that we can feel and utilize for health, well-being, and a stronger sense of our own individuality.

The Leo energy that is available to us now is increasing our connection to the sustaining power of self. This sustaining power is being further activated by our Aquarian Sun, which offers additional protections to our individuality which may be challenged by external situations.

The Leo Archetype of Individuality

Leo is ruled by the Sun. This is why the Leo archetype always burns bright with the light of individualized awareness. The fire element within our Leo Moon can attract a lot of external attention from everyone around.

Leo’s energy is naturally charismatic. Leo must learn to successfully navigate external attention in order to avoid the shadow of attracting unexpected drama. Drama is one of the most common shadow qualities of Leo. The Leo skill of managing personal radiance is necessary in order for Leo to fully express itself without external interference or misunderstanding.

The key behind Leo’s success lies within its natural orientation to inner creativity and to what sustains us beyond our physical realm. What truly sustains our soul and spirit is not physical, but transcendent. Symbolized by the light of the Sun, what sustains us flows directly from Source energy and is individually received.

To access the full complement of Leo’s creativity and self expression, it is crucial to go within. Leo helps us contact our inner Source so we can experience the radiance of our own solar consciousness. Leo’s ability to help you connect directly to your soul is what energizes Leo’s creativity, self-expression and connection to Prime Creation.

This extra understanding of Leo’s inner light is especially true at the Leo Moon when the Sun is in Aquarius.

The Higher Frequencies of the Aquarius Sun

With the Sun in Aquarius we are receiving an increase of the higher frequencies of the new Aquarian Age. When the solar principle (Sun) is activated by Aquarius, big things begin to happen, causing a cascading effect on everything around us.

Aquarius rules various forms of technology, communication (through technology), the promotion of group ideals, and the vision of new social horizons. When Aquarian principles are working within the higher frequencies of Uranus, all these principles are infused with authenticity and individuality.

In our world today, the current Aquarian activation is causing an increased polarizing effect. This is evidenced by the sharp contrast between those who are able to feel the inspiration of these higher frequencies, and those who are in an unhealthy protection mode that’s characterized by feelings of fear (the Aquarian shadow) and negative programming through technology.

On the positive side, these higher Aquarian energies are inspiring a greater sense of individuality worldwide. When individuality is rejected, however, collectivism and group-think become dominant. This shadow response to our Aquarian energies results in the continuation of the globalist agenda in which individuality is suppressed in favor of collective programming.

The final outcome of the outdated globalist agenda is a top-down approach to controlling the world’s societies, in which a small group of elites decide what’s best for the individual. This globalist approach cannot be successful in the new Aquarian Age, and will soon fade away.

True individuality in the Aquarian Age is based on the personal dedication each person holds to their highest self. This personal dedication allows for group endeavors among inspired individuals, through a healthy sense of togetherness and feelings of connection.

This connected feeling occurs without the need for the group to control or program themselves or others. This model for healthy groups represents the new era of respect, cooperation, freedom and personal authority so that new structures in society can organically flourish and grow.

The Leo Full Moon - Sovereignty and Group Support

The underlying theme of both Aquarius and Leo is that of true individuality. Our Full Moon is emphasizing healthy individuality through the opportunity to participate within groups while still maintaining your sense of self and personal sovereignty.

Our Full Moon at 17° Leo points to a healthy type of group interaction that is focused on feeling connected and working in harmony as an expression of individualized inspiration..

ARCHETYPE: The feeling of togetherness which unites people in their dedication to a harmonious group endeavor.
COMMENTARY: This is an individualized and inspired attempt to give a transcendental meaning to the feeling of connection. The choice to find fellowship with others of like-mind supports the individualized expression needed to generate the inspirational power of feelings within a common cause. The shared experience refreshes the feeling of shared values through a renewed sense of individualized dedication.

Healthy togetherness strengthens the individuals within a group through the inspirational power of feeling and individualized expression. Without an ability to fully express oneself with Leo’s inspired dedication, at the extreme life becomes an empty gesture of impressing others for all the wrong reasons (shadow of Leo).

A deeper understanding of this archetype of group support is necessary to help protect your birth right of sovereignty. Healthy groups enable you to participate fully. They also provide protection from those who would challenge your personal authority. These qualities of freedom and self expression within healthy groups enable us to break from unhealthy groups and other detrimental systems of control.

The Solar Principle of Protection

Our Aquarius Sun is energizing a new understanding of the importance of protecting your individual rights, especially under the complex social pressures we are currently experiencing.

Our Sabian at 17° Aquarius clearly shows the importance of your individualized awareness, and how you can mitigate any unexpected challenges that may occur.

ARCHETYPE: The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.
COMMENTARY: The need to protect individuality against intrusion of institutionalized agendas. At the spiritual level, lower level astral activity can intrude if individual awareness isn’t sufficiently protective. The ability to master individualized energies may also require enlisting the help of those who support an individualized pursuit of destiny. Both individual and group pursuits are necessary to create a secure place for creativity to grow.

Our Aquarius Sun is providing the protection we all need in order to accelerate the individuation process.

Harmonizing the Aquarius/Leo Polarity

Astrology chartThe Sun gives the Full Moon its ability to reflect the solar principle within nature and support all processes of growth. In this way, every Full Moon presents a new opportunity to work with the full polarity of the solar influence within the zodiac.

With the Aquarius/Leo polarity, the Leo Moon brings an authentic connection to the larger principles of life that Aquarius delivers. In order for Aquarius to succeed, Leo’s sense of individuality must be reflected within every Aquarian principle. In this way Leo brings authenticity to the values of Aquarius, and keeps Aquarian insights from being purely abstract concepts.

As we mentioned earlier, at lower frequencies Aquarius is highly susceptible to all types of programming, both good and bad. This is why the shadow of the Aquarian Age will be an attempt to control, though both technology and peer pressure. Leo’s authenticity supports the integrity of Aquarius and helps us to directly access higher frequency concepts such as freedom, individuality and personal choice.

As we continue to move into the Aquarian Age, it’s important to recognize that there will undoubtedly be new challenges to your own individuation process. As we anticipate Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23rd, we can expect the issue of individual rights and sovereignty to continue to be at the forefront of our awareness.

The more we are able to dedicate ourselves to individuality and sovereignty, the more quickly we will begin to experience a more cooperative and harmonious world.


True individuality is a core principle of the Aquarian Age. The principle of being a true individual enables the necessary adjustments required to go within and to establish yourself as the sovereign authority of your life. By claiming our sovereignty we are able to break the programming, control, and conditioning into which we were born.

This Full Moon is one more gift from the universe to help us protect our own individualized efforts as we transition into wholeness and the prosperity of the Aquarian Age.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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