The Art of Inner Exploration: Full Moon Astrology for Sept 8, 2014

Article Window: Sept 8 to Sept 24
• The Full Moon is Monday, Sept 8, 6:38 PM PDT
• Sun is 17° Virgo, Moon is 17° Pisces
• Current New Moon Theme (thru Sept 24): Breakthrough
• Next New Moon Sept 24

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Tranquility Beach 2014 Moonrise_

Astrology Article: The Art of Inner Exploration

The September Full Moon brings an extra intensity into your life to support and help to complete your efforts this month to “break through” and release old patterns of inertia. (It may be helpful to reread the August New Moon article entitled “The Four-fold Activation to Breakthrough“.

Intensity, in and of itself, can be viewed as either good or bad depending on your perspective. The extra intensity that’s associated with this Full Moon is much greater than normal. This intensity is neither good nor bad, it’s simply available to use for your own exploration and momentum.

This is a time well-suited for inner exploration. The purpose is to bring any unconscious patterns to the surface that no longer serve your best interest. Those familiar with this process of “mining the subconscious” know that it is hard to describe. Perhaps you can imagine it like exploring an untraveled path in a deep forest.

If you’re able to hold the intent to access those hard-to-reach patterns you’ll enjoy the natural momentum occurring during this Full Moon and through the coming two weeks, up until the next New Moon.

This Full Moon isn’t entirely about exploring unconscious patterns. You also have the opportunity to experience a new sense of freedom and peace. If you have previously moved through your old inertia patterns and successfully released what’s been holding you back, then you’ll have access to new awareness of what’s unfolding and be able to explore more of an inner sense of self-renewal, purification, and even the possibility of rebirth.

Whether you’re exploring and releasing stubborn patterns of inertia deep within your psyche, or riding high with a fresh sense of self-renewing energy, your Full Moon experience will include increased intensity in all of your activities. This period of intensity can also be used creatively by turning inward for your own internal exploration.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology Chart for the Sept Full Moon 2014.
Astrology Chart for the Sept Full Moon 2014.

What I really like about this current astrology pattern is the see-saw relationship between Neptune as it works with the Moon’s energies, and Venus as it works with the Sun (see them circled in the chart).

Together these complementary pairs are providing a new level of objectified awareness. You can apply this awareness within in order to access what may have earlier been subconscious or beneath your reach.

In this chart, Neptune is working with both Venus and the Moon. Neptune has the ability to elevate the natural expressions of Venus. For example, the personal value you place on love, beauty, and relationship (Venus) has the potential to expand into the realm of universal compassion, the realm of creative imagination, and a relationship to humanity-as-a-whole.

In addition to providing an awareness of expanding the personal into something larger (Neptune opposing Venus), Neptune also has the ability to dissolve old patterns buried in the psyche (Moon conjunct Neptune).

The high level of intensity associated with this pattern stems from Mars forming a T-square to Neptune and Venus. With Venus so close to the Sun, the intensity not only has enough fuel to rapidly dissolve, but also provides the momentum for a true breakthrough.

The final chart detail I would like to share centers on the exact degree of the Sun. The Sabian archetype for the Sun at 17° Virgo is “A VOLCANIC ERUPTION.” This reinforces the intensity of the Full Moon to aid in accessing any deep patterns for available for release.

In Summary

Our Full Moon is providing an opportunity to explore and release old patterns which may be holding you back in life. There’s also an extra degree of intensity available to access your break through. Through whatever patterns you are experiencing, you have the opportunity to experience a deeper sense of self-renewal.

It is my deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you.
Have a wonderful month,

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