Aspiring to Participate Authentically in Life — Libra Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 16, 2022

Aspiring to Participate Authentically in Life — Libra Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 16, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 16, 2022

Apr 16 to Apr 30

• 27° Libra Full Moon is Saturday, Apr 16, 11:55 AM PDT
• Full Moon Theme: Apr 16 – Apr 30: Authentic Participation
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article

Aspiring to Participate Authentically in Life

Our Libra Full Moon is highlighting the ways in which we can more authentically participate in the world. Being authentic ultimately requires an individualized sense of self. This larger sense of self is a theme of the current lunar cycle that began with our Aries New Moon.

With the Libra Full Moon, a more objective realization can now be made that supports our growth as individuals. Learning to act as an authentic individual while seeing a larger perspective is what our Libra Moon is now providing for our growth.

The Dynamics of the Libra-Aries Polarity

Each Full Moon requires the integration of two opposite zodiac signs for successful growth. This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to explore some of the positive qualities of the Libra archetype in order to take full advantage of our current astrological influences of Aries.

The Libra-Aries process allows the individual to transcend personal limitations through all types of relationships. Libra has a broad range of qualities that enable us to expand into healthy social perspectives and  authentic participation within both personal to societal relationships. The Aries polarity balances Libra’s energies through authenticity, and confidence and faith in oneself to participate at a greater level.

The specific positive qualities of Libra that we’ll be working with in this article include conscious participation, social perspective, awakening to larger realms, and personal growth through relationship dynamics. These qualities are specific to the last five degrees of Libra and are focused on the theme of “Participating in the Wisdom of Universal Principle.”

Our Full Moon is highlighting these qualities of wisdom in order to create a deeper understanding and realization of how to best integrate our Aries energies that were introduced at the powerful New Moon. (See “Being a Cosmic Minded Individual — Aries New Moon Astrology Report.”)

The Aries New Moon brought us new qualities of individuation so that we can harness the momentum and intuition we need to move forward in life. With Libra energies infused with our Full Moon, you can capitalize on this new momentum by viewing your life from a higher perspective.  

It is the healthy dynamic between Aries and Libra that helps us use our individuation for a greater good. It is this increased perspective of Libra that makes Aries such a powerful sign for positive action and healthy leadership in the world.

Libra's Authenticity

The air quality of Libra can help us see the world more objectively. When we are able to see the world more objectively, then each of us has the opportunity to more fully participate and to act with more confidence. This confidence begins in Aries. In Libra the confidence of Aries is extended to relationships thus allowing us to fully participate as a true individual.
Moving up the social ladder of success begins in the zodiac sign of Libra. The highest quality of Libra’s success comes from the confidence to be a true individual. In this way the individual can choose to participate out of free will.  
Libra’s confidence helps us transcend our fear of being ostracized, so that we can express our true authenticity and individuality. The courage to be authentic ensures that our participation comes from the heart and not from mere lip service used to avoid conflict or gain greater social standing. 

Libra's Full Moon Perspective

One of the most important aspects of Libra is the cultivation of a healthy relationship dynamic between the individual and their larger circumstances. This balancing process is the basis for learning the healthy aspects of socialization, which is a key aspect of Libra.

Achieving Libra’s higher perspective isn’t especially difficult, but it does require taking action to cultivate this healthy dynamic between the individual and a larger field of participation. It’s this healthy dynamic that makes individualized action possible within the larger context of society. 

This is the dynamic of healthy authentic relationship that is being cultivated at the Full Moon. Libra’s shadow can hold a quality of passivity that can lead a person to indecision, such as waiting to see which way the wind is blowing and where one’s circumstances will push them. This is the equivalent of allowing circumstantial fate to rule one’s life and by default not taking  control of one’s decision making process.

This action phase of the Full Moon in Libra is in direct contrast to the passive response of sitting back and doing nothing. At the Full Moon, Aries (Fire) adds the dynamic of wielding effective power and having faith in one’s own process and inner guidance. This is for the purpose of transcending limitations. In this way, Aries working through Libra helps us cultivate a healthy relationship to something larger, including a larger perspective, which is Libra (Air).

The Sabian archetype for our Moon at 27° Libra beautifully expands on the conscious relationship with our larger circumstances that each of us can cultivate through a larger perspective.

ARCHETYPE: A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life.
COMMENTARY: The mind’s capacity to contemplate the stresses of life from a higher plane of existence. This higher celestial realm of freedom and peace is reached through a new perspective of clarity based on an expanded understanding of the struggles, efforts and cooperation of all that has come before, including limitations of lineage and past generational conflict.

When you are able to view your circumstances from a higher perspective, you see things in a new way. There is new clarity that comes from this change in perspective. Having climbed to a significant high point and physically looking down, your mind will naturally begin to expand. When this occurs, there is an opportunity to understand your struggles and conflicts of life from this higher vantage point.
Once you can transcend the conflicts and pressures of your immediate circumstances, there is a new found freedom and peace to which you have instant access. This is the power of our current Full Moon.
From this vantage point you can consciously participate and make an authentic decision from a higher spiritual perspective. This is the moment in which you understand what must be done in your life and you decide to take action with the momentum of a new insight.

Astrology Pattern

Our pattern is a bucket chart with the singleton Moon as the handle of the bucket, set apart from the rest of the chart. The bucket is rimmed by Pluto and Uranus continuing the New Moon activation of two weeks ago. (See New Moon article.)

Astrology ChartA bucket pattern channels extra energies and focus into the singleton planet, in our case the Libra Full Moon. As a singleton with the theme of authentic participation, this Full Moon allows each of us to act with confidence as we expand in a healthy way.

We also have four planets in Pisces, which places an increased emphasis on the bigger picture of life. This bigger picture activation is supporting the archetype of our Full Moon at 27° Libra. The most significant aspect in Pisces is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction
When Jupiter comes conjunct with Neptune there is a shift in the social order of society. On the personal level this Full Moon conjunction will nurture a broader perspective  To further determine your personal connection to the conjunction you can explore the house and aspects that it makes in your natal chart. 

On the global level this conjunction has the potential of addressing and overcoming corruption that is systemic and institutionalized within our societies worldwide. This will occur through events that are cathartic in nature, and then expanding outward into the large culture. We can see a clear pattern of this theme within the Sabian archetype for this conjunction at 25° Pisces.

ARCHETYPE: The power of the soul to intervene in the personal life to induce the necessary catharses.
COMMENTARY: Every person is a church with the soul as its own godhead. When the soul is forgotten, the perception of spirit is lost and spirituality is degraded to only a title. Life without the perception of spirit becomes downgraded to living by dogmatic rules, empty of inner meaning, or living by the perverted demands of the senses and emotional nature that’s open to the polarizing influences of a rationalizing intellect and fueled by a distorted ego. A purging or catharsis is useful in restoring the fresh and creative spontaneity of soul awareness.

This archetype indicates the need for social change within our institutional structures in order for society to expand in a positive direction. This expansion is infused with a spiritual quality that restores the fresh and creative spontaneity of soul awareness.
The expanding energies of Jupiter are being charged by Neptune with a quality of soul-awareness and a more expansive perception of what’s important and what has been forgotten. As the faster moving planet, Jupiter will move forward with this archetype of Neptune.
This conjunction represents an important new quality of energy that’s coming to the world as the Aquarian Age harnesses all available resources needed to move humanity forward with a greater awareness of soul power. This process will continue to unfold until the next Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2035.

Aquarian Age Update

With our Sun currently transiting Aries, it’s interesting to note that Neptune will enter Aries for the first time in our lifetimes on March 31, 2025. This moment will be another major milestone in the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age.
While Neptune has been transiting Pisces, we have watched the shadow aspects of Neptune, as the negative influences of corporations and institutions wield their social power, to the detriment of freedom and false Pisces (shadow) promises of security. I’m expecting a huge shift toward the active repudiation of this Pisces shadow to occur when Neptune moves into Aries.
As the Aquarian Age continues to unfold, I see bold new actions being taken to support the individual and the pursuit of people-centered world progress. This new direction of people first will begin replacing the “profit before people” model that we’re currently enduring. Exciting times are ahead as we watch the astrology of a new era unfold before our very eyes.


This Full Moon brings a realization that your current circumstance do in fact look different once you can change your outlook to that of a higher realm or perspective. This process is much like what the Sabian archetype revealed, in which perspectives naturally change when you are sailing high in the clear sky looking downward from a plane.

This is not the time to sit back and watch life go by, nor is it the time to let the winds of fate blow you toward a rocky shore. This is the time to continue harnessing the Aries momentum through a higher Libra perspective. Life looks different when you consciously participate from a more transcendent point of view.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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