Astrology 101 Class — Pure Principle & Cutting-Edge Basics

Announcing Cutting-Edge Astrology Basics

Announcing — Feb 9th
Astrology 101 Pure Principles

There’s a new way to learn astrology. Class Starts Sunday Feb 9th.

There has been a breakthrough approach in how you can learn the basics of astrology. Using pure principles to understand your own chart is the most fun, and may in fact be the most efficient way to start mastering the fundamentals of astrology.

Astrology 101 provides a practical way of learning the underlying principles behind astrology. Instead of learning keywords, you’ll learn how to geometrically look at archetypes and begin applying your understanding to your own chart—IMMEDIATELY.

Learn How To Look A Your Chart With An Astrologer’s Eye

Astro-numerology and planetary-numerology are two easy ways to learn and apply many of the primary concepts used in reading charts. The way astrology 101 is being taught in this breakthrough class, the student begins applying what they learn to their own chart very quickly. Our cutting-edge curriculum will completely transform how you think about astrology and how you read your own chart.

Sunday’s — Starts Feb 9th (7 weeks)
Astrology 101 Registration

Cutting-Edge Curriculum Astrology101

  • The 5 Octaves of Astrology
  • The First 3 Basic Principles of Astrology
  • Astrological Geometry Made-Simple
  • Astro-numerology and Planetary-numerology
  • Lunar Cycle Basics
  • Planetary Pairs
  • Chart Reading Basics
  • The Planet Saturn
  • The Planet Mars
  • The Planet Venus
  • Important Chart Calculations
  • Introduction to the Sabian Archetypes
  • Astrology 101 is a Prerequisite for Astrology 201

Astrology 201

Astrology 201 is a continuation of Seattle Astrology’s cutting-edge basics. These two classes nest together perfectly and give the student a very well-rounded understanding of astrology basics. Students completing these two classes will have the added advantage of fully understanding the primary principles that lie beneath every astrological approach.

Every astrology chart has answers, but one of the qualities that make a great astrologer is the ability to ask the right questions. By learning to ask great questions, the student can access a greater depth of astrological understanding and use what they learn in their own life. Astrology 201 provides the tools to ask the right questions and to greatly accelerate your own astrology learning process.

  • Review of Astrology 101
  • The Complete Lunar Cycle
  • Techniques for Reading Lunar Charts
  • The Planet Uranus
  • The Planet Neptune
  • The (3)—(6)—(9) Triple Crown of Astrology
  • Using the Planet Jupiter for Prosperity & Personal Management
  • Using Sun/Moon Cycle in Your Natal Chart
  • Cutting-Edge Principles #4 and #5
  • Introduction to the Astrology’s ‘New House System of Experience’

Astrology 201 will be offered in the spring of 2020. Dates: TBA


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Steven Shroyer is the founder of Seattle Astrology and author of the Lunar Journal Publication. He teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their divine path of joy, fulfillment, and self-realization.