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Seattle Astrology has hundreds of high-level astrology articles. Many astrology subjects have been written about, including an educational series that chronicles the great cycles of the Sun and Moon. Woven throughout all the articles are in-depth discussions about astrology archetypes and the connection to pure principle astrologic thinking. 

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The Lunar Journal

Living Life with Courage and Fulfillment — New Moon Astrology Report Apr 11, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Apr 11, 2021 Apr 11 to May 11 Aries New Moon is Sunday, Apr 11, 7:31 PM …

The Lunar Journal

Grounding Oneself in the Midst of Chaos and Change — Full Moon Astrology Report Mar 28, 2021

Our Libra Full Moon is part of a magnificent astrological kite pattern. This extraordinary planetary configuration takes the shape of a “kite” with key planets positioned to create the famous kite outline.
A kite pattern is a highly organized and harmonious pattern. When it occurs in a Full Moon chart it can signify a grounding energy that’s able to transcend your current circumstances. With the current Full Moon, our kite is directly activating a particular type of focus that’s needed in order to ground ourselves to something larger.

The Lunar Journal

A New Quality of Hope is Revealed — Pisces New Moon Astrology Report Mar 13, 2021

Our New Moon in Pisces is very expansive in its nature, with spiritual overtones that indicate the potential rise of a great historical movement of like-minded people. This quality of expansive thinking is both a quality of Pisces and of its ruler Neptune.

In astrology there are no coincidences, so when we consider that our Pisces New Moon and its ruler Neptune are less than 3° conjunct, we pay very close attention.

With the New Moon conjunct Neptune we will begin experiencing an unexpected positive shift toward a better future. The past months have brought a drastic shift in the trajectory of humanity. With our historic Capricorn conjunctions of 2020 we saw the rise of totalitarianism in the United States and around the world. Many began to wonder exactly where the world was heading.

The Lunar Journal

A Release of Unfettered Creative Power — Virgo Full Moon Astrology Report Feb 2021

Our Virgo Full Moon energies contain a tremendous amount of creative power that is well suited for both personal and professional success. The typical qualities of success associated with Virgo include high levels of practical mastery, especially through the skillful use of energies focused toward improving your current situation.  Our current Virgo Moon takes these qualities of focused improvement to the next level. This Full Moon enables you to embody a new level of success, especially through a new connection to creativity that is linked to the freedom of expression.  This Full Moon’s expression of Virgo utilizes mastery and skill to tap into a quality of emotional creativity that gives you the potential to work outside of traditional restrictions.

The Lunar Journal

Preparing for Unexpected Experiences — Aquarius New Moon Astrology Feb 11, 2021

Our Aquarius New Moon brings in a new cycle of energies that will shape your reality in unexpected ways. It is up to each of us to use these new energies to prepare for the future, as we overcome whatever difficulties we may face during this coming Lunar cycle. It’s encouraging to remember that there is always a surge of new potential after any crisis. During this coming Lunar cycle, it will be more and more apparent to each of us that our future is already active within our awareness, through the current seed of the present moment.

The Lunar Journal

A New Collective Situation — Leo Full Moon Astrology Jan 28, 2021

Our Leo Full Moon presents the possibility for a new realization to occur within each of us. We have now entered a new collective situation, in which each of us must resolve within our own individualized awareness how to proceed forward.

This Full Moon realization follows the powerful New Moon in Capricorn. Humanity is currently experiencing a shift and a spilt in consciousness. For simplicity’s sake, let’s think of this as a shift from 3D to 5D thinking. We each experience this shift from our own perspective. For many individuals this shift is seamless and non-eventful. For others, the shift is quite transformative and possibly unexpected.

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