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The Lunar Journal

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Enjoy hundreds of well written astrology articles on a variety of topics.

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Each astrology readings is profound in what it reveals about your life purpose, soul's essence, how your individualized intuition functions, and how to achieve greater success in life and relationships.

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Steven Shroyer is a gifted astrologer who is currently teaching cutting-edge astrology. Don't miss out on these life changing courses.

The Lunar Journal

The Lunar Journal is the finest and most details Lunar astrology publication available in the world today. The Journal is published on each New Moon and Full Moon.

The Lunar Journal is Free Online, or Subscribe for Email Delivery.

There is a lot of interest in tracking and following the current astrology patterns we are experiencing. Steven Shroyer’s Lunar Journal is full of insight about what these amazing celestial configurations mean for you, the world, and the evolution of consciousness in the Aquarian Age.

The Lunar Journal can be read online or you can subscribe to receive it by email. It’s published every New Moon and Full Moon. The Lunar Journal is full of details explanations of the current astrology pattern with educational insights like;  “What is the meaning of a Solar and Lunar Eclipse?”

The Lunar Journal is a high-quality publication that expands consciousness through astrology insight. The Journal places special emphasis on taking advantage of opportunities for growth and transformation. In addition to the Lunar Journal, you’ll find astrology articles and featured articles with a spiritual or esoteric perspective that will interest you.

The Complete Astrology Reading

Seattle Astrology's Premier Reading

The Complete Astrology Reading will most likely be the most important astrological reading of your entire life.

Many Types of Readings are Available

There are several astrology readings to choose from. Each reading has a specific purpose to unlock key areas of your life. All of our readings will help you gain clarity, perspective, and insight in a variety of different ways.

Study Astrology

Cutting Edge Astrology · Progressive Astrology · Rudhyarian Astrology · Esoteric Astrology · Pure Principle Astrology

Steven Shroyer teaches astrological pure principle. This is a new trend in learning astrology is based on the energetics of astrology patterns and how each planet is operating through your own chakra system.

You may also be interested in esoteric astrology, a generic term referring to the more hidden knowledge within astrological thinking. Esoteric astrology (not to be confused with Alice Bailey’s work) is the most interesting of all the astrology disciplines. As a discipline it has evolved on a parallel path along side the acceleration of evolution of consciousness we are currently experiencing in the world today. It follows the path of ascension and self-realization and incorporates geometry, numerology, and archetypalization.

The Seattle Astrology Educational System is a cutting-edge approach that simplifies and incorporates the best teachings of many astrology disciplines.

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Search for topics of interest. There are 100’s of articles to search from.

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