Authentic Hope Will Free the World — Scorpio Full Moon Astrology Report, May 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
May 7 to May 22

Scorpio Full Moon is Thursday, May 7, 3:45 AM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (May 7 to May 22): Discovering What’s Real
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Authentic Hope Will Free the World

Our Scorpio Full Moon has a ray of hope for those who are able to feel the depth of what is real and authentic. We are at the halfway point in an important Lunar cycle that has brought each of us face to face with a world crisis.

In the midst of disinformation and confusing narratives it can be challenging to know who and what to trust. Those with alternate viewpoints or perspectives are being increasingly censored. Not feeling heard or understood is a common emotion that runs deep within the collective consciousness right now.

As a water sign, Scorpio seeks to understand life through its natural capacity for emotional depth. It is precisely this depth that astrologers refer to Scorpio as wanting to get to the bottom of things. For Scorpio, superficiality isn’t tolerated within relationships, but instead, there’s an inherent authenticity and faith in the process of living. It is for this reason that Scorpio energy can give rise of hope, compassion, with an ability to for renewal at an emotional level.

This article explores how to work with authenticity as a real antidote to the direct assault that’s being perpetrated on the human race.

True Authenticity

Authenticity is a key principle of our Scorpio Moon. A quick look at how the word is commonly used in today’s world shows the contrast of meaning and how common understandings of authenticity can actually undermine personal authority.

One definition in particular clearly shows the shadow element. Authenticity can be equated to sincerity through the conformation to an external fact. This definition is directly related to one of the main difficulties that awakened and aware individuals face in today’s world, which is that authenticity is defined in terms of what’s officially accepted. In other words, something may in fact be true, but unless it has been given approval then “officially” it’s not considered a fact.

The contrasting definition is that authenticity relates to the degree to which an individual’s actions are congruent with their personal beliefs and desires, despite external pressure. This idea that authenticity is the ability to act independently from the depth of one’s emotional compass is directly in line with the positive energies of this Lunar cycle.

So why is authenticity coming to the forefront at this time? It’s because our Scorpio Moon is providing all of us with a greater capacity for emotional depth, so that each can trust our inner congruence when something doesn’t’ feel right.

As we learned in the recent New Moon article “Discovering What’s Real—What We Are Seeing Changes Everything”, the current Taurus impulse is helping us to see what’s really going on in the world. Now, with our Full Moon in Scorpio, what is most significant is getting to the bottom of how we truly feel about things, and trusting our internal guidance even in the midst of an external crisis.

Cultivating Hope

This current pattern of crisis I’m referring to in this article is clearly seen with our Sun/Mercury conjunction having just moved over Uranus a few days ago. This transit with Uranus represents a sudden realization or awakening. It can also be a moment in which you realize that something has to shift. This creative impulse creates a shift in what can be expected and becomes a catalyst for change.

However, what isn’t obvious within this transit, is that the experience of any type of crisis can also be an important catalyst to realize that something’s not right. In spite of feeling that something “isn’t right” there’s also the hope for a new era that’s hidden beneath the surface of our current events. Again we see the beauty of astrology at work, hidden in the depths of Scorpio is also an authentic feeling of hope. The key to the realization of hope at this time is your commitment to authenticity and acting is in congruence with what you believe to be true.

Our Full Moon is providing you an emotional compass through using your own sense of internal authenticity. Scorpio is supporting your ability to get to the bottom of how you truly feel so that your internal sense of right and wrong isn’t unduly influenced by external pressure. This process of internal authenticity is completely independent from the conformation of external narratives and all the officialized facts that are pushed on us in today’s world.

Authenticity is your tool for regaining hope. Despite external circumstances of crisis and confusion, hope is still alive, just below the surface, just waiting for each of us who are willing to go a little deeper.

Astrology Pattern

There are two main patterns that are working together through our Full Moon. One is the Full Moon’s relationship to Neptune and the other to Mars.

Astrology ChartWith Mars, we have a T-square with our Full Moon, confronting what it means to take authentic action. On the surface these patterns bring out one of the shadows of Mars, which is the inability to take action. What occurs in this shadow is a lack of action due to not wanting to go against one’s peer group or the feeling that one must ask permission before one acts. (Shadow of Mars working through Aquarius in this pattern.)

On the other hand, the way this pattern is meant to function is by integrating a high level of personal authenticity. Mars in Aquarius has a unique capacity to act as an independent agent. With this pattern there’s an internal compass that points to taking action that supports social change, incorporating friends and associates who share common goals of what represents progress and freedom for all. (The positive expression of Mars in Aquarius.)

The other pattern involves Neptune with the Full Moon. This is a little more complex, due to Neptune’s intertwining of reality and illusion. Neptune is always representing a higher order, but ‘higher’ doesn’t necessarily mean better or spiritual. Moving higher within the context of Neptune simply means moving beyond one’s established perceptions. Neptune always implies a new level of function, whether the new function is in a drunken stupor or a higher level of enlightenment.

How Neptune manifests in someone’s life is always contextual to their own evolution. In our Full Moon chart Neptune is activating a new level of functionality. The Neptune shadow of the Full Moon develops into a crusading type of zeal that is mixed with unrealistic dreams. This zeal has the potential to destroy anything that represents personal views of slow progress. This can translate into intolerance for anything that gets in the way of someone’s personal agenda for their vision of the future. (Neptune in Pisces sextile-trine to Full Moon.)

In contrast, the positive Neptunian function with the Full Moon is your ability to feel a bigger picture of hope. This hope is both sensorial and emotional, meaning that both feelings and emotions are being activated toward a positive outcome. The spiritual influence of Neptune is keeping hope alive while at the same time not being deceived into thinking everything is okay when it’s not. Along with hope, Neptune is activating the capacity for a higher functional level of compassion through our Scorpio Full Moon.


Our Full Moon has a high degree of hope that is activated through authenticity. Authenticity allows us to be true to ourselves while being both independent and compassionate toward the large scale changes taking place. With Neptune in Pisces the bigger picture is either active or it’s dissolved into pretending reality is somehow different than it really is.

Right now it’s each of our responsibilities to see what’s really going on in the world without sugar-coating events with a Neptunian shadow. Hope and compassion are alive and can be authentically experienced once we’re able to connect just below the surface.

Happy Full Moon,

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Steven Shroyer is the founder of Seattle Astrology and author of the Lunar Journal Publication. He teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their divine path of joy, fulfillment, and self-realization.