Being a Cosmic Minded Individual — Aries New Moon Astrology Report Mar 31, 2022

Being a Cosmic Minded Individual — Aries New Moon Astrology Report Mar 31, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report Mar 31, 2022

Mar 31 to Apr 30

• 12° Aries New Moon is Thursday, Mar 31, 11:24 PM PST
• New Moon Theme: Mar 31 –  Apr 30: Decentralization
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article
Being a Cosmic Minded Individual

Our Aries New Moon kicks off a new Lunar cycle as well as the new annual shift that comes with the passing of the spring equinox. Each year Aries marks a cosmic turning point within larger cosmic cycles. For this reason it is generally accepted as the beginning of the astrological year. 

This is a time of new momentum. This is especially true now with our New Moon, as multiple cycles are overlapping. This convergence of energies provides a tremendous amount of new momentum which you can harness. This new Aries momentum can be experienced as an effortless flow, especially once you begin to feel the inspiration that Aries brings.

Aries and the Spirit of Courage

This mobilization of energies effortlessly flowing is made possible with the spirit of courage, which is one of Aries’ major qualities. Other relevant qualities of Aries include forward-thinking, zest for life, spontaneity and inspirational activity.
Aries spontaneity and zest for life accesses our instincts and well as our intuitive abilities. The pioneering spirit associated with Aries becomes fully activated when an individual is able to follow their instincts without fear undermining their progress.
Courage and a pioneering spirit are two important Aries qualities, but to activate these potentials we must also work with Aries’ momentum and ability for forward thinking. Aries is goal motivated and future oriented, with its momentum generated by the element of fire. Fire generates as it consumes. In this respect, Aries consumes the moment, producing inspiration, courage and the fiery energy needed to usher in the future.
Aries energy is extremely individualized and must be turned into activity to be used positively and avoid the shadows of fear and insecurity. I like to think of courage as the heat that’s produced by the Aries fire. Aries energy moves in a forward direction. If it doesn’t move forward, then fear and insecurity instantly develop. These are the shadows of Aries.
Fear directly interferes with the natural and inspired flow of our healthy instincts. As we grow and mature our instincts gradually transition and transform into more intentional forms of intuition. Over time, our instincts begin operating as purer and purer forms of conscious intuition.

When our intuition is diminished or not accessible it’s most often fear that has become the limiting factor. When the shadow of fearfulness takes hold in a person’s life, they struggle to move forward without the flow of inspiration guiding them. In this way fear results in losing the connection to courage and effectively blocks a person’s access to intuition and their natural intuitive abilities.

Aries and the Mastery of Fear

One of the most respected qualities of Aries is the ability to work, function, and think clearly when one is afraid. Fear as a protective mechanism is normal, natural, and an integral part of a healthy relationship with life. What’s not healthy is being paralyzed or controlled by our fears.
When we speak of the courage of Aries, and its ruling planet Mars, we recognize that courage is the functional antidote to the paralyzing aspects of fear. With courage, clear thinking is possible even when one feels afraid. Accessing Aries’ courage makes for a healthy relationship with fear.
Within the Aries archetype, both fear and courage are seen as companions. This is why Aries as an archetypal energy is suited for forging ahead under any circumstance. Healthy courage keeps fear in check, so that fear isn’t able to control the individual. Those who have mastered the fear impulse have done so through courage, not through suppression or denial of fear.
With Aries the past is over and there’s only one path forward, toward one’s potential. With our New Moon in Aries each of us have the potential to harness this momentum in our life. Once courage is harnessed as the antidote for fear, then Aries’ fiery confidence is easily manifested. Aries confidence leads to intuition, clear thinking, and moving forward with individualized and inspired goals.

The Aries New Moon

Our Aries New Moon carries forward the momentum of our last Lunar cycle in Pisces. As our Lunar cycles continue to evolve month after month, we learn to appreciate the importance of the previous cycle that has just concluded. Each previous cycle brings forward the past and becomes the context for each New Moon to follow.

The previous Pisces New Moon initiated “A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity” (See article.) Pisces ends the previous cycle of the year. Now as we begin the new cycle, the larger perspectives and bigger picture of reality that Pisces was focused on needs to be integrated at the individual level of our being. This process of internal integration of big picture energies is exactly the quality of energy that Aries helps us master.

The quality of integration that’s available at this time involves personal access to the cosmic order of the bigger picture of life. This means that the larger context of where you are heading in life can now be infused with the new Aries qualities of momentum and courage.

The Sabian archetype for the New Moon highlights this new connection to cosmic order as a centralizing energy for our individual goals and efforts as we move forward.

ARCHETYPE: An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order.
COMMENTARY: Soul-consciousness, even in the beginning stages of awareness, is naturally aligned with cosmic order. There is an underlying universal principle of cooperation that’s communicated at a psychic level between the universe and the individual. Individual reliance on universal order is both instinctual and an idealized aspiration, yet it’s constantly challenged and contrasted by social ideals of law and order. Cosmic-minded individuals become internally centralized and able to effectively function without external types of centralized control.

From the Sabian we come to an understanding that the universal order of the cosmos can fully operate and function within each of us as individuals. In this way one’s higher self becomes the conduit to these universal principles, which  fully support individuality without the need for external controls.

This New Moon gives us the courage to align internally with the cosmic order of new momentum. Like the geese in flight, the New Moon carries forward your independent spirit, enabling you to remain focused and holding sight of the bigger picture. 

I’m personally inspired every time I see astrology principles operating at a personal level within the principles of cosmic and  universal order. The new Aquarian era is continuously inspiring us, activating us, and preparing us and the consciousness of our planet for a world which is yet to come. This New Moon is yet another sign that the world shift we call the Aquarian Age is already fully anchored within the cosmic order of the universe.

Astrology Pattern

The planetary bowl pattern is located between Pluto and Uranus with a concentrated spread of only 104° (see chart). Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is at the leading edge of the bowl, activating this New Moon pattern. Without any major aspects within the chart, the Aries New Moon energies we’ve been discussing are highlighted and concentrated within the Pluto-Uranus relationship.

Astrology ChartWe have recently been experiencing an ongoing pattern of New Moon bowls, with Uranus at the leading edge. This is the first time Pluto has appeared at the other side of the bowl. This connection between Pluto and Uranus represents an important astrological aspect of our current worldwide awakening.

This concentrated chart pattern with all the planets between Pluto and Uranus is similar to the energies of a conjunction between these two planets, in that their energies are directly focused together into all the other planets. As I worked with this chart I realized the importance of researching the most recent actual conjunction, since this chart is revisiting those energies.

The Pluto-Uranus Conjunction of 1965

Pluto and Uranus were last conjunct in October of 1965. At that time, Pluto infused Uranus with a new impulse, or theme, that represented a new ability to awaken. As we look back into history, this awakening to a new type of consciousness is precisely what the second half of the 1960’s was all about.

A look at the Sabian archetype for the conjunction gives a direct correlation to the quality of the awakening that took place within the radical transformations of the late 1960’S.

Pluto/Uranus Conjunct, Oct 9, 1965
ARCHETYPE: The ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche, through the development of a psychic sensitivity to synchronicity, signs, and messages from the higher-self.
COMMENTARY: The need to move beyond the stage where there’s still no conscious or willful control over what reaches to the ego-consciousness. This is a conscious awakening to abilities that move us beyond the cultural status quo of how we receive information.

The Pluto conjunction with Uranus changed the way in which we see the world. Ever since that time, Uranus connects us to the beginnings of this worldwide awakening with access to new abilities.

In modern astrology, the planet Uranus now carries practical themes for humanity, living within a new era of information and technology (Aquarius). This new awareness also includes channeled messages and new signs of confirmation that reveal what’s beyond the material world, and what’s next for humanity as a whole.

This 1965 conjunction not only triggered a new technology age, but also a new era of psychic sensitivity that will play out for generations to come. With this New Moon chart, Pluto has once again activated Uranus, to bring forward these potentials for awakening.   

Chiron Conjunct the New Moon
Located at 13° Aires, Chiron is only 1 degree away from the New Moon. Chiron has transformational qualities at the individual level that often involve personal aspects of healing, by revealing hidden areas of our life that are ripe for transformation. This conjunction is directly activating the New Moon’s potential for individuation. 

At 13° Aires, Chiron has access to an archetypal energy that transforms the status quo in the direction of personal freedom. The archetype is activating a quality of protest that symbolizes a deep refusal to conform to the status quo, and any social or cultural expectations that are out of alignment with the self and personal freedom.

In this position the transformative/healing quality of Chiron represents the actions (Aries) that the individuated person may take that aren’t based on conformity or group-think. It suggests a mature attitude toward social change, which at times must occur when conditions are ripe and societal circumstances point to no other alternative.

Chiron is supporting our Aquarian Age shift toward freedom. Standing up against the status quo is difficult. With Chiron conjunct our New Moon, courage and the momentum needed to take a stand are abundant. Refusal to go along with the crowd when freedom is at stake has the potential of generating a tremendous amount of courage and the ability to face our fears.

The Chiron conjunction with the New Moon is giving the New Moon additional transformational energies that support everything the New Moon stands for, including sensitivity to Cosmic Order and the acceleration of the momentum that can energize personal healing.

Aquarian Age Update

The historical conjunction of Pluto and Uranus on Oct 9, 1965 initiated a new era of awakening that predated the beginning of the Aquarian Age. After that conjunction, the planet Uranus began to carry forward a new archetype that will be active throughout the century. (It is approx. 82 years until the next conjunction.)
This 1965 conjunction represented a new impulse that was infused into Uranus, and empowered by the raw power of Pluto. At that point in time, Uranus began operating differently within the consciousness of humanity. This conjunction triggered a powerful new cycle of psychic sensitivity, individuality and global awakening. This new cycle also directly affects how modern astrology understands and works with both Uranus and Aquarius. 
We are currently experiencing cycles within cycles. The cosmic order of the universe has been preparing us for this new age, especially since the Pluto-Uranus cycle that began in 1965.  Since that time, multiple cycles have become interwoven, including the historic Capricorn conjunctions of recent years. As we move forward we are still watching Pluto’s movement, and we anticipate Pluto’s next big impact when it enters Aquarius in March of 2023.


This New Moon has the potential to have a huge impact on the individuating process of consciousness within our Aquarian Age shift, both personally and globally. Consciousness is awakening and intuition is becoming more readily available to us all. This is especially true now, as the impulse of fear is replaced by Aries courage.
Our current Lunar cycle in Aries is building on the bigger picture of Pisces. As we emerge together from the sea of the collective (Pisces), it is through the individuation energy of Aries that we can all harness the momentum and intuition we need to progress. This is the time to incorporate the energies of becoming a cosmic minded individual as you courageously take your next steps forward. 
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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