Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect: New Moon Astrology May 2017

Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect: New Moon Astrology May 2017

Article Window: May 25 to Jun 23
• The Full Moon is Thursday, May 25, 12:44 PM PST
• Sun is 5° Gemini, Moon is 5° Gemini
• Next Full Moon: Jun 9
• Current New Moon Theme (May 25 – Jun 23): TO REACH FARTHER & BEYOND

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

Puget Sound New Moon

Astrology Article: Benefiting from the Pendulum Effect

Our New Moon astrology is focused through the lens of Gemini. The archetype of the Gemini twins expresses the dualistic nature of Gemini. It is the nature of contrast inherent to Gemini that is constantly bringing the divergent elements of life to our awareness so that we can better understand and participate in the inherent duality of the natural world.

Gemini loves to discover. In fact, the jewel of higher knowledge is only possible because of Gemini’s ability to explore the world using the principles of contrast and duality. To better understand the way Gemini works with duality, we need to look no further than to what is understood about the role of the left and right sides of the brain, and the way that the two hemispheres ideally work together to provide a contrasting approach to life. A balanced approach to life requires that we learn to transcend polarization.  In the end, it’s Gemini that helps us bridge contrast and move beyond the extremes of dualistic thinking in order to explore and discover new levels of balanced understanding.

This month’s Lunar theme, “To Reach Farther and Beyond,” continues a natural progression of personal expansion. You may remember that last month’s Lunar signature, “A New Quality of Being,” helped you expand through alignment with inner authority. These new levels of inner authority will enable you now to see new perspectives, especially when you experience contrast or challenge. Alignment with inner authority will help you break through old habits and patterns of limitation. When you do so you’ll tap into a new cosmic impulse to reach beyond what has been possible, perhaps beyond where you’ve ever reached before.

Gemini’s energy of discovery and adventure is tied to the mental realm. Whenever Gemini hosts a new Moon, there is always the possibility for a boost in mental efficiency and this new Moon is no exception. Gemini seeks to classify, organize, identify, and discover how something fits into the bigger picture. Once Gemini explores natural patterns of contrast and duality and discovers the relationship of something to the whole, the significant details can be classified and turned into knowledge.

One aspect of new perceptions of contrast this month will be your awareness of patterns of imbalance and the desire to break free from those imbalances that limit your freedom and authenticity. When life becomes unbalanced in one direction or another, nature attempts to restore balance by calling forth natural forces in an opposite direction. This self-correcting pendulum effect is a natural balancing force throughout nature, including in your own life’s circumstances.

The pendulum effect is one way that nature works directly and positively with Gemini’s duality. It’s the very nature of a pendulum to change its direction once a certain direction is overstressed or overreached. Once this happens, the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction in order to balance out the stress. In the same way, the new Moon in Gemini is amplifying contrast and activating necessary pendulum shifts in order to create new levels of balance in your life.

The momentum of change this month includes a sense of adventure and thinking out of the box. In your personal life you can expect to have new insights that allow you to see new solutions to problems and patterns of imbalance.  The momentum encompasses the ability to think out of the box and enables you to move beyond what’s established and accepted.  On the larger world stage, there will be a similar impulse to find new solutions. For example, solutions that allow peace and prosperity to flow instead of established patterns of war and poverty. These new energies, whether personal or planetary, can now be fueled through the use of inner authority and a new quality of being (last month’s New Moon article).

Our new Moon holds the capacity for a breakthrough through increasing your ability to move beyond old ways of thinking about the world, and then reach farther than ever before. In your personal circumstances, look for what’s out of balance or what has been stressed too far in a single direction. Notice ways in which you have accommodated expectations that no longer feel authentic.

When you experience contrast because of a pattern that’s out of balance with your inner alignment, you can harness the “pendulum effect,” using the natural forces of momentum, to realign and restore balance.  At times the positive shifts will be internal. At times you will take external action. Some actions will require simple adjustments and at times you may choose more significant actions that move you in a completely new and opposite direction or life trajectory.

Astrology Pattern

New Moon Astrology Chart May 2017The New Moon astrology chart is called a “bucket pattern.” The bucket can easily be visualized if you notice that the majority of planets are on one side of the chart, forming the bucket container that collects the energies. Jupiter is alone on the other side of the chart, forming the bucket handle. It’s Jupiter in the handle position of the bucket that is the key controller of all the energies collected and contained in the chart.

Jupiter’s Key Role

As  the bucket handle in this astrology pattern, Jupiter holds the key position of the chart. As the handle, Jupiter becomes the main outlet and distributor of our New Moon energies. Jupiter is naturally suited for this role of distribution. Since one of Jupiter’s main planetary functions is to manage expansion and integration, it’s ideally suited to act as a positive outlet for all of the potentials expressed within this chart.

Jupiter’s position in Libra further supports and helps us create an outlet this month for a balancing-out of energies without sacrificing success. Significantly, since the balancing is expansive there is no need to sacrifice success in the process. One of the primary benefits of Jupiter in this position in Libra is the practical recognition of the need to balance the qualities of rest and activity. During this Lunar month, the managing effect of Jupiter will allow you to regulate your energy and efforts in order to achieve maximum success throughout your circumstances.

The Pendulum Effect

The Sabian archetype for the New Moon at 5° GEMINI introduces the benefit of the pendulum effect and the ways it supports your ability to release embedded patterns that restrict you in order to reach beyond what has been known.

ARCHETYPE: The volatile response to silenced feelings and root emotions calls for new action.
COMMENTARY: When the dualistic mind contemplates what has been previously and rigidly bound into form, it will seek to release what’s been repressed in order to move to a more open state. If movement in a particular direction is overstressed, the natural forces of duality will use a pendulum effect to create new balance.

Support for the Pendulum

One more key formation in the chart involves the opposition of Jupiter with both Venus and Uranus. Remember, Jupiter has a natural ability to manage expansion and integration, and as the “bucket handle” of the chart, it’s the main outlet and distributor of our New Moon energies.

Venus and Uranus are working in opposition with Jupiter to further support the overall theme of the pendulum effect. All together they support the equilibrium of the “bucket handle,” by calling forth new values (Venus) that inspire a more compassionate world that reaches farther and beyond what we have known (Uranus).

In Summary

Over the past several cycles, the New Moon energies have been building and nesting in a dramatic way. In March we experienced an increase to our intuition, in April we received a new quality of being, now in May we have an ability to use these new internal capacities to reach farther and beyond what we have known before.

This could easily be a breakthrough month for many of you. Success during this Lunar cycle lies in your awareness of your feelings and root emotions. This especially includes those emotions that, over the course of time, have been silenced or ignored. As you experience contrast this month it’s important to recognize the benefits available from using the pendulum effect in your life. Use the support of Jupiter as the regulator and manager of circumstances in order to bring things back into balance and harmony.

Pay close attention this month to your needs for balance, especially in terms of rest and activity.  Make decisions from inner authority. When it’s time for action, act from your new qualities of being and don’t be afraid to reach beyond – and then even farther! – than you have ever imagined or reached before.

Happy New Moon

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