Big Energies Are Emerging — New Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020

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Big Energies Are Emerging — New Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020


February 23, 2020

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Big Energies Are Emerging — New Moon Astrology Report Feb 2020

New Moon Astrology Report February 2020
Feb 23 to Mar 24

Pisces New Moon is Sunday, Feb 23, 7:34 AM PST
New Moon Theme:  Feb 23 – Mar 24: LARGER FORCES AT PLAY
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.


Our Pisces New Moon holds important keys to seeing the bigger picture of what is taking place in the world around us, so we can begin to understand our place in the larger scheme of things that are unfolding.

In astrological terms, Pisces energy is big. This concept of “big” brings both challenge and inspiration to our life circumstances. Utilizing these larger forces for moving forward is exactly what we will be exploring in this article.

Personal Qualities of Piscean Energy

In pop astrology culture Pisces energy is often portrayed as being overly emotional, sentimental, kind, and passive. Let’s dispel these notions right from the start. For the most part, these are superficial shadow qualities of Pisces. When we look beneath the surface of superficial kindness and sentimentality we uncover the root quality of Piscean compassion.

Emotional superficiality is one of the shadows of Pisces. The other key shadow is inability to see the big picture. Even the positive quality of kindness can become a shadow if it obscures the bigger picture of compassion and love for humanity.

Pisces is always calling us to expand into  more encompassing qualities that integrate a much larger realm of experience.

There are two specific ways to understand the bigness of Piscean energy. Pisces is the third and most mature of the water signs. This energy of mature water is big in the same sense that the ocean is big and powerful. Pisces is also the last and final archetype in the cycle of the year, the zodiac story of life. As such, Pisces is the zodiac sign that integrates the energies of the previous eleven signs into a working coherence of larger forces.

It’s the combining of these multiple forces that gives Pisces a tremendous amount of strength. Pisces is also known for its emotional endurance and the ability to handle very large, or intensely emotional, experiences. This is why on the personal level, one of the predominate qualities of Pisces is the characteristic of inner strength.

Larger Forces Operating Within Pisces

In the same way that Pisces supports personal character development, Pisces also functions to distribute these larger forces with the bigger picture of life.

To say this in a practical way, Pisces energy supports our ability to feel our connection to the underlying processes of life. Pisces connects us to new understandings of the perpetuation and continuation of life. In other words, we understand that life goes on. We can work with these larger forces to enable us to become more encompassing and holistic, another Piscean quality. Pisces’ ability to integrate these larger forces can also be seen operating within the larger collective of humanity.

These forces enable large-scale integration, both personally and for humanity. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces provides the final stage of development of a year-long cycle before the individual emerges out of the collective sea and into the Aries archetype of individuation.

Challenges and Inspiration

Our current Pisces Lunar cycle is preparing us for what’s about to come. Preparation doesn’t require us to know exactly what the future will look like.

What’s coming can only be truly understood when we’re able to connect with the bigger picture of life itself. This is one of the keys to understanding Pisces energy. It’s Pisces energy that enables us to connect to the big picture of momentum without knowing specific details.

This ability to connect with the big picture is more important now than ever. Humanity is emerging into a new stage of development. What’s at stake at this time is whether or not we’re able to step into a greater level of harmony for humanity as a whole.

Challenges are inevitable, but with the understanding of the larger forces at play and the bigger picture of life, we can be inspired. We can know that life is always organizing toward a greater harmony for all of humanity.

What’s coming in the near future has a great deal of momentum. There are very large forces of greater harmony converging. Hopefully reading this will inspire you, knowing that you have your own unique place and part to play in this bigger picture. Challenges that arise can be dealt with through new depths of emotional fortitude. This Pisces New Moon has momentum, inner strength, and new levels of emotional reserve that have not been available to you until now.

Astrology Pattern

This current New Moon chart is a bowl pattern signifying overall harmony, especially with our Pisces New Moon anchoring the midpoint of the bowl.

The New Moon bowl pattern is centered on mobilizing the dynamic energies that are just below the surface of what we see, much like the depth of life under the surface of the ocean. These energies are reorganizing the hidden forces of life that operate through large cycles, beyond even our lifetime.

This reorganization is happening through an inner structuring pattern that is creative, harmonious, and has a high order of organization. Think of these as hidden forces at play as they organize in line with larger cycles and a bigger picture that will extend even beyond our lifetime.

Astrology ChartIn the chart, this hidden level of organization can be seen in the formation within Capricorn, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all working together, along with the North Node, to support a positive and continuous cultural impact. This is a long-term pattern that is future-oriented.

This new development and positive trend can be felt now through a quality of Piscean sensitivity to these larger forces which are at play just below the surface. We will also see these new forces begin to play out in the larger world in various ways.

Next I’ll draw your attention to both Mercury and Neptune, which are working together with the New Moon in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces is operating in a transcendent mental & spiritual plane, supporting an up-leveling of energies to help us work with the larger forces. Mercury can help us mentally see the bigger picture, to expand our thinking so that decisions and our thought processes aren’t stuck in the minutia of narrow-mindedness.

Neptune, as the ruler of Pisces, plays a significant role in our New Moon chart. Neptune can operate in two different ways, depending on our ability to access its transcendent qualities. In this chart, Neptune will dissolve patterns of victimization and also increase your sensitivity to synchronicity, signs, and messages from your Higher-self. On the other hand, Neptune’s shadow, when active, will reinforce a more superficial outlook toward life, and result in missing the bigger picture of what’s really going on.

The shadow side of Neptune in this chart is a type of superficiality that can easily skew reality at this crucial time in humanity’s history. Instead of looking beneath the surface, Neptune’s shadow is distracted by the allure of shiny objects. In other words, there’s the real possibility that there could be a great amount of misinformation that isn’t recognized as such. The chart indicates that this could be an ideal time period to disseminate false information, and even create false flags. The more appealing and seductive the misinformation, the more likely the collective perception of reality will be skewed toward distortion.

To end on a much more positive note, Jupiter in Capricorn with its double-sextile trine has a powerful signature of rising to the occasion to whatever life presents. Jupiter’s position represents a process of acceleration that is occurring within the larger forces at work and is directly supporting the new momentum that is emerging.


The larger forces of life are creating a tremendous amount of momentum for moving forward. Our Pisces New Moon is reinforcing these energies and allowing all of us to see a bigger picture emerging. This is a bigger picture of life that we can each embrace and use to create new patterns of success.

This is the time to look beneath the surface to help see and feel the bigger picture in which you’re involved. Together we are each helping to create additional momentum as we tap into  our inner strength, participate in the larger forces of harmony at play, and feel inspired about our future.

Happy New Moon,

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