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Biography of Steven Shroyer

Steven Shroyer Professional Astrologer
A Short Biography

Steven Shroyer is an intuitively gifted professional astrologer. During his lifetime he has trained with some of most brilliant minds of the 20th century.

Mr. Shroyer first learned astrology during a near-death experience at age twelve. While in an extended coma, he was taken to an astrological astral realm where he was taught esoteric astrology, the Sabian, astro-numerology, and techniques utilizing the gift of “past life vision.” He’s able to use this clairvoyance skill to look into his client’s most instrumental past life.

As a young adult, Steven added to his understanding of astrology and metaphysics by studying with many of the world’s top astrologers. He studied both Evolutionary astrology and eastern metaphysics with Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Over the years, he has come to realize the potency of combining the knowledge of a persons past life with the karmic potential indicated in their astrology birth chart. Having access to this extraordinary information has forced Steven to rethink many of the common ideas surrounding how karma plays out in a person’s current life. He has expanded into seeing karma more as a friend and ally when new opportunities present themselves.

Mr. Shroyer’s meditation training came from the world renown Kriya yoga master, Paramahamsa Hariharananda, in which Steven maintained a personal relationship with until his death in 2002.

In 1995 Mr. Shroyer completed his training as a chiropractic physician at Western States University where he earned the title of Dr. Steven Shroyer. He then attended Bastyr University’s Acupuncture Program where he studied the five-star element theory and Chinese medicine. This completed his basic understanding of both eastern and western medicine.

Current Projects

Mr. Shroyer is currently working on a book project about the Sabian symbols with the late Dane Rudhyar. This book project with Mr. Rudhyar is only possible because of an astral connection to an astrology realm that both Steven and Dane share. Steven’s connection with the Sabian not only spans the life of Dane Rudhyar, but also that of Marc Edmund Jones, who lived in same town Steven grew up in.

In his current astrology practice he integrates his life-long study of astrology, esoteric philosophy, energy medicine, and spiritual practice. He is committed to helping his clients with:

  • Personal healing and freedom
  • A larger perspective of their life purpose
  • Integration of their personal gifts and abilities
  • Activation of each person’s unique intuition
  • Maximizing highest potential

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As an esoteric philosopher, writer, astrologer, and retired physician, Steven divides his time between private astrology consultations, writing, teaching astrology, and working on planetary projects that are endeavors to supports the wholeness of humanity and the evolution of consciousness. To Steven, this is a compassionate answer to the division and conflict we face in today’s world.

Additional Biography: Steven Shroyer: A Profile of a Rudhyarian Astrologer

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