A Breakthrough in Consciousness: New Moon Astrology Apr 26, 2017

New Moon Photograph over the Cascade Mountians

A Breakthrough in Consciousness: New Moon Astrology Apr 26, 2017

A Breakthrough in Consciousness: New Moon Astrology Apr 26, 2017

Article Window: Apr 26 to May 25
• The New Moon is Apr 26, 2017 5:16 AM PDT
• Sun is 7° Taurus, Moon is 7° Taurus
• Next Full Moon is May 10, 2017
• New Moon Theme (Apr 26 to May 25): BREAKTHROUGH TO A NEW QUALITY OF BEING

Current Lunar Cycle

The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire month that follows. This month’s Lunar cycle offers a new tool-set that creates momentum for energizing your life’s purpose. To experience your fullest potential in the coming month allow this energy to guide you, especially while adjusting to changing circumstances.

New Moon Photograph over the Cascade Mountians

Astrology Article: A Breakthrough in Consciousness

Our New Moon Astrology is coming into view through the lens of our experiences of several months of increasing intensity in our world. We have experienced this intensity in a variety of ways. From an astrological perspective, the reasons for the intensity are the result of an overall trend of increasing frequencies on Earth.  These increasing frequencies are a form of expanded consciousness and are directly related to the influence of Uranus over the past several months.

With our current New Moon there is the opportunity now for a huge shift. This shift comes in the form of a breakthrough. The build-up of intensity has led to this opportunity for a new shift in consciousness. This is really good news for everyone who has the desire to tap into their own higher states of awareness, and corresponds to a very positive New Moon message for all.

A Trend of Increasing Frequencies

Uranus supports our evolution in consciousness. This is an expansive energy of freedom that transcends the forms that already exist in the world. On a practical level, the energies that we associate with Uranus are often experienced through extremes. At one extreme is the experience of unexpected events, which can feel like chaos when viewed from a concrete interpretation.  At the other extreme is an increase in intuition and expansion into higher frequencies that include with new perspectives and insight into the processes of change.  Both of these extremes are consistent with our experiences in learning to cope and adapt to the prominent Uranian energies that are active today.

Our last several Lunar cycles have illustrated this trend of increasing frequencies. They are tied to our experiences of intensity, and are also directly related to higher brain function and higher levels of human consciousness. As the evolution of human consciousness continues to advance, the concept of increasing frequencies takes on much more significance.

Those of you who have been following the Lunar Journal over the past several months have seen the prominence that Uranus has been playing. This is in my opinion much more than a coincidence, and is directly related to recent measurable shifts of frequency on Earth.

With our current New Moon we will see even more clearly the ways in which Uranus is stimulating our consciousness through these increases in frequency.

The Uranus Connection to the Schumann Resonance

One of the phenomena I have been observing of late is the dramatic increase of the Schumann Resonance on Earth. The Schumann Resonance is a measurement of the low-level electromagnetic field that is present at Earth’s surface.  It has been referred to as the heartbeat, or rhythm, of the Earth. Since measurements began in the early 1960’s, the Schumann Resonance has been absolutely steady at 7.83 Hz. This measurement is closely related in humans to the  relaxed waking state known as low-level Alpha. Alpha brain waves are in the range of 8-12 Hz. The alert waking state of brain waves is “Beta.” Low Beta starts at 12 Hz.

In 2014 measurements of the Schumann Resonance suddenly began increasing, showing periodic low-level spiking in the range of 14 Hz. This corresponds to low-level Beta waves related to our alert waking state. These spikes in resonance have been increasing ever since. In the last three months they’ve increased at an unprecedented rate, in ranges above 30 Hz. The January 31 spike above 36+ Hz. was the highest ever recorded up to that time. These spikes have continued and I have seen unconfirmed reports which say there was a spike of 90 Hz. on April 16th.

To put this in perspective within the theme of expanding consciousness, these higher frequencies of the Earth’s field correspond to the higher frequencies of our own brain waves. Beta waves of our alert waking state are in the range of 13-30 Hz. Gamma rays are above 30 Hz. and are associated with  increased brain function including high-level processing power of information and higher levels of intuition. Significantly, when the frequencies of Beta and Gamma waves are out of balance we experience various forms and intensities of stress.

These measurements are yet another way to understand the extremes of intensity we are currently experiencing in our lives. If the general frequencies within and around us are rising – and periodically spiking – then we can be experiencing unprecedented levels of stress. We can also be experiencing new levels of awareness. Both are evidence of the actions of Uranus in our lives.

(For more on the Schumann Resonance, the Heart Math Institute has a graph of current readings from several sites around the world. Gregg Braden has an excellent series on Gaia TV where he goes into the practical science of frequency.)

Although science doesn’t yet have an explanation for the recent increases in the Schumann Resonance, because we can relate these frequencies directly to the frequencies of human brain waves, it’s my hypothesis that the increases we are measuring in Earth’s electromagnetic field are directly related to the expansions of consciousness that Uranus is supporting at this time.

What we do know from astrology is that in recent months Uranus has been directly and dynamically influencing our consciousness. This influence is both personal and global, with the immediate effect of an increase in the frequency of consciousness in our world. The measurements of the Schumann Resonance are a physical indicator of the corresponding increasing energies within us and on the Earth.

Astrology Pattern

Once again, as it has over the past several months, our astrology pattern features the planet Uranus, which is associated with the transformation that is possible through an increase of higher consciousness and frequency.

The most significant aspect of the current New Moon chart is the new-phase relationship of Mercury and the Moon with Uranus. New-phase means that Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun are each less than 10 degrees ahead of Uranus. The new-phase relationship is significant because it further emphasizes the momentum of a brand new beginning.  More specifically, Mercury and the Moon working with Uranus in this position signify a breakthrough, or leap, of new consciousness and new levels of intelligence.

On the personal level this new beginning also represents access to a new quality of personal being. The expansion will offer each of us new potentials of opportunity. Your expanded consciousness will allow you to break free from limited ways of thinking, including the limited ways you’ve accessed your intuition. The new expanded qualities are related to all aspects of your awareness. They’re connected to your intellect, your ability to process information, your intuitive perceptions, and your access to your spiritual potential.

This expansion and the opportunity for breakthrough also helps to provide context for all of the intensity we have been experiencing on behalf of Uranus over the past several months.  For without the preparation of these previous levels of Uranian intensity, our consciousness would not be ready to take advantage of the current potential for breakthrough.

In short, this astrology pattern is the very definition of a breakthrough in consciousness. The way in which these new potentials will transform our lives remains to be seen. We are entering uncharted territory! What we do know is that this coming month represents a continued and significant expansion.

Our New Moon chart holds a great deal of positive potential and positive momentum. I believe this to be a breakthrough month in our evolution toward a new quality of being through our connection to higher consciousness.

Happy New Moon.

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