The Epiphany of a Completely New Direction — Capricorn New Moon Astrology Jan 12, 2021

Our Capricorn New Moon will go down in history among astrologers as the cosmic event that triggered an alternate reality and a divergence in the historic timeline. This Lunar cycle marks the end of the historic Capricorn conjunction and the beginning of something completely new. Our remarkable New Moon chart indicates that humanity is about to experience the biggest shift in consciousness and world events since the beginning of modern recorded history.  This big statement isn’t meant to be an exaggeration. What’s being activated with this New Moon is the dynamic momentum of an extraordinary concentration. Within the chart itself, you can see the remarkable stellium, which includes our Capricorn New Moon making a 1° conjunction with Pluto, the most powerful planet in our solar system.

Something Big is on the Horizon — Cancer Full Moon Astrology Report Dec 29, 2020

Our Full Moon in Cancer has a unique quality which is highlighting our use of individual awareness and the power to trust our alignment through inner security (Cancer). Each of us has access now to the power and faith needed to navigate the coming events in order to align with potentials that will result in the highest good for humanity (Capricorn). Cancer as an archetype can provide each of us now with a tremendous amount of personal focus. As we work and live through the final two weeks of this historic Lunar cycle, each of us has the opportunity to focus on a more independent approach to life and what it means to live successfully.

The Moment of Cosmic Inspiration — Winter Solstice 2020

Greetings and best wishes on this magnificent Winter Solstice day of 2020. Each year on the Winter Solstice there is a bit of magic that occurs in the world, and this year is no exception. This quality of magic represents a moment of cosmic alignment when seeds of light and new potentials germinate. On occasion, when the alignments are extraordinary, as they are this year, each of us has the opportunity to experience a moment of cosmic inspiration. Furthermore, if and when conditions are just right, the impossible becomes possible.

Good News: Experiencing the Hidden Reality of Life — New Moon Solar Eclipse Dec 14, 2020

Our Sagittarius New Moon brings some long overdue good news as we approach the final phase of our historic Capricorn conjunctions, which will culminate in January 2021. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign immediately before Capricorn. It’s associated with philosophy, wisdom, and the ideals that we hold as being true. Sagittarius truth is not absolute. Instead, it’s constantly evolving and always relative to our current understanding, including the current cultural trends of the times in which we live.

Piercing Distortion Using the Rational Mind — Gemini Lunar Eclipse Nov 30, 2020

Our Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini follows one of the most powerful New Moons of the year, with an emphasis on accessing new depths of knowledge, both emotional and rational, in order to embrace new abilities to respond to events and circumstances in your life. The Full Moon takes on extra power with the addition of a Lunar eclipse. When the Earth casts a shadow over the face of the Moon, the Moon’s connection to the Sun is temporarily suspended. This creates a new quantum portal of opportunity that opens in the zodiac at the exact degree of the eclipse.

The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma — Scorpio New Moon Astrology Report Nov 2020

Our Scorpio New Moon brings forward emotions from the depths of our own highly charged experiences. These charged experiences include all those events and realizations throughout life that carry a high degree of emotional intensity. These can include experiences from the past that, whether conscious or not, contain enough raw energy and charge that they are still anchored in the depths of our being. Some of these we refer to as “peak experiences.” A peak experience is one that holds a long-term emotional charge, regardless of whether it is experienced as positive or negative.

Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul — Full Moon Astrology Report Oct 31, 2020

Our Full Moon In Taurus occurs directly opposite of our Scorpio Sun. This powerful pattern between Taurus and Scorpio is bringing to the surface all that is hidden or suppressed within the depths of our emotional bodies.

This Full Moon in Taurus is not a typical Full Moon. In fact, it’s far from it. That is because our Full Moon holds an unexpected factor that comes from an exact conjunction with Uranus.

This Full Moon represents the potential for a peak experience that each of us can use as a personal turning point at a very pivotal point in time. The turning point of this Full Moon is not just for us as individuals but perhaps even the entire world on a collective level.

What’s coming to the surface for the world, and for each of us as individuals, is an awareness of what has been suppressed, censored, hidden, or simply emotionally held beneath the surface. The energies of Scorpio, as we will see, play a big part in exposing whatever has been hidden.

Revitalizing Your Life-force for Greatness — Libra New Moon Oct 2020

Our New Moon Libra energy holds a tremendous amount of creativity that will have a direct impact on how you feel about your circumstances, the people around you, and your own participation within a society pushing toward something better.

This article explores how to access this abundance of creative energy to revitalize and energize your own life-force. You will be accessing this energy through the Libra archetype which holds some very useful energies that aren’t often talked about in astrology.

The Conquest of Illusion — Virgo New Moon Astrology Report Sept, 2020

Our Virgo New Moon will have a powerful impact on those individuals who are learning to harness the self-discipline necessary to practice a new quality of self-awareness. This quality of awareness is more than simple observation. The quality of awareness our New Moon is introducing far exceeds what our popular culture typically thinks of as being “awake” or being “woke,” as is commonly presented on social media.