Preserving the Vision of Freedom and Liberty — Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report July 4th, 2020

Our Cancer Full Moon eclipse is highlighting an imbalance in power and drawing our attention to a historical perspective that will inspire us all to achieve an excellence that patriots fought and died for. Our current Lunar eclipse carries both an opportunity of preserving our vision as well as a shadow element of deception that this article will explore as these astrological events coincide with the 4th of July, and the birth of the idea called America.

The Revolutionary Mind Continues to Awaken — Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report June 5, 2020

Our Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse is extremely charged with inspiration to connect with new ideas and understanding. In addition to inspiration, the astrology pattern speaks directly to the challenges that are being presented to the world at this very moment. This intensity of challenge is amplified by our Lunar eclipse.

An Historic Realization of Success — Cancer Lunar Eclipse Astrology Report Jan 10th 2020

Our Cancer Full Moon is eclipsed by our Capricorn Sun which happens to be part of an historic cosmic astrology pattern involving the 500 year conjunction of Pluto/Saturn at 23° Capricorn. This particular Lunar eclipse is a major development in the world of astrology. This eclipse combined with the history Pluto/Saturn conjunction is a marker of a new trajectory in world history, through the empowerment of the individual and their relationship to systems of power and control in the world.

Eclipse Revelations

Revelations from an Historic Lunar Eclipse — Capricorn Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019

Our Capricorn Full Moon eclipse is all about expanding awareness and how to use that awareness to nurture what’s precious and worthy of hanging onto. This Lunar eclipse will be one of the most intensely felt eclipses in recent history. This article will explore what’s really behind all of this intensity so that you can navigate through the next several weeks with a degree of ease.

Matterhorn Moon Switzerland

A Significant Expansion: Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Jan 31, 2018

The Lunar eclipse, generally speaking, has a much greater significance on our consciousness than is commonly appreciated. From my astrological point of view, taking personal advantage of this unique and powerful celestial event is a huge opportunity for primary focus during the coming cycle. The significance of this particular eclipse stands out in my mind because of the dramatic impact of our last Lunar eclipse in August of 2017, which carried the energetic signature of the new age of Aquarius that we are entering.

The Dawning of the Golden Age of Aquarius: Eclipse Astrology Aug 2017

The upcoming Aquarius Lunar Eclipse holds a spectacular signature that has attracted a lot of astrological attention. My personal excitement around the event is centered on a new ability that the eclipse is introducing to everyone on the planet.

At the precise moment of each Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon briefly loses contact with the Sun, a cosmic doorway opens in the zodiac. Through this portal we receive a new awareness, ability, and insight to be used for inspired action. This new ability transcends the normal experiences of space/time reality and enables us to take quantum leaps forward, both personally and as a cultural collective. The current eclipse portal will remain open and active for the coming 27 days, until September 3 when the Moon returns to this location in the zodiac during the next lunar cycle.