The Moment of Cosmic Inspiration — Winter Solstice 2020

Greetings and best wishes on this magnificent Winter Solstice day of 2020. Each year on the Winter Solstice there is a bit of magic that occurs in the world, and this year is no exception. This quality of magic represents a moment of cosmic alignment when seeds of light and new potentials germinate. On occasion, when the alignments are extraordinary, as they are this year, each of us has the opportunity to experience a moment of cosmic inspiration. Furthermore, if and when conditions are just right, the impossible becomes possible.

A Point of No Return — Cancer New Moon & Solstice Eclipse Astrology Report June 21, 2020

Our Cancer New Moon occurs dramatically on the summer solstice and during a solar eclipse. This convergence of energies will initiate a powerful opportunity to revaluate your individual alignment in the world. In particular, the eclipse and summer solstice is initiating a new level of individuality that will bring a higher level of equality between you and the rest of humanity.

Moving From Independent Thinking into Action: Full Moon Solstice Dec 2018

Our Full Moon in Cancer occurs only a few hours after the Winter Solstice, and the two events share the same Sabian archetype at 1° Capricorn. This article will summarizes the significance of the Winter Solstice, and then explain the ways in which the Cancer Full Moon is amplifying and strengthening the power of what is possible for us at this time.

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Rising to the Occasion: New Moon Astrology June 2017

Our New Moon astrology occurs only three days after the Summer Solstice, creating a consolidation of potentials that are needed to push all of us toward new territory in our lives. This expansion doesn’t mean your life direction necessarily needs to change, but you must be willing to make adjustments and possibly reorient yourself to the possibility that you are entering uncharted terrain. While it’s possible that this new territory may result in the expansion of a completely new life direction, it may also simply result in a new orientation and new awareness within the direction you’re already headed

Full Moon Summer Solstice

The Challenge of True Transformation: Full Moon Summer Solstice June 2016

Our Full Moon astrology for the next two weeks continues to focus on the planet Venus, personal freedom, and the Summer Solstice with an additional focus on the challenges that arise where our desire for personal freedom unexpectedly clashes with everyday circumstances.

The Summer Solstice occurs on the Full Moon and is providing that extra push we all need in order to experience more freedom and a personal influx of beauty, truth, and what we value in life. This is the time to cut loose, shine bright, and to hold yourself to your highest standards.

Solstice Mountain Moon 2015

Winter Solstice 2015: The Next Cosmic Trigger

Winter Solstice each and every year is an important and powerful milestone. This year’s Winter Solstice is perhaps the most spectacular event I’ve covered since the ending of the Mayan Calendar on Dec 21, 2012. I believe it’s more than just a coincidence that the Mayan calendar ended exactly three years ago. The number three (3) holds the same frequency as the planet Venus, which gives us some important insight into a special opportunity that goes beyond what is already special about this holiday season. The Reason this Winter Solstice is so Important …

Solar Eclipse New Moon Astrology - Seattle Astrology.

Riding the Great Piscean Wave: New Moon Astrology March 2015

During this month’s New Moon astrology there will be a powerful release of energy carrying a tremendous amount of momentum. The momentum is due to the convergence of several factors, and brings the energy of positive change. This next month presents a bright future, full of optimism and some well-deserved relief from a high level of intensity many have been feeling.

Winter Solstice 2014

Winter Solstice New Moon: Awakening the Solstice Light

This week we anticipate Winter Solstice, the annual gift of light, and perhaps the most inspiring turning point of the astrological calendar. Since the Summer Solstice on June 21, each day has been progressively shorter. Over the past six months, as the day-force has withdrawn, the magnificent night-force has gained in strength. This week the night-force reaches it pinnacle in the days and hours before the winter solstice arrives.

Winter Solstice 2013

Winter Solstice Full Moon: Finding Your Hidden Light

Winter Solstice Full Moon Astrology Dec 17 Full Moon is Tuesday, Dec 17 at 1:28 am PST Sun is 26° Sagittarius, Moon is 26° Gemini Lunar Month Theme (New Moon to New Moon): Recognizing Opportunity Next New Moon is Thursday, Jan 2, 2014 Winter Solstice is Dec 21 at 9:11 am PST Current Lunar Cycle The Full Moon illuminates and activates whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. This week look for ways to celebrate and take inspired…