Revealing Cancer’s Hidden Qualities — New Moon Cancer Astrology July 2nd 2019

The Cancer archetype is playing a prominent role in understanding how to use the energies of our Cancer New Moon. There are hidden qualities and strengths within the archetype of Cancer that are being revealed. These hidden qualities are often hidden under the external shell associated with Cancer. This external shell refers to Cancer’s symbol of the crab. What’s normally hidden and now being revealed is emphasized by the Solar Eclipse.

Using Courage for a Simple Reboot: Scorpio Full Moon Astrology

Our Scorpio Full Moon energies are the practical application of what has been building since the last New Moon. At some point, we all need a reboot, a new beginning, or a new opportunity. Our lunar energies are providing you with the practical use of intuition to recognize an opportunity in your life that otherwise might go unnoticed. It takes courage to be ready, and to let go, so that we can move forward with the projects and people to whom we are committed.

Seeing Beyond the Pisces Veil: New moon Astrology Mar 2019

Our New Moon in Pisces initiates a new cycle of truth and justice for all. However strong this potential is, with our Sun and Moon in a tight conjunction with Neptune, there is an equally strong signature for injustice and misinformation. We must ask ourselves “Will truth and justice be a positive new trend in our world, or will it be lost within a limiting type of Piscean bureaucracy?”