Photo of Lunar Eclipse over Reflection Lake

Claiming Your Future: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Feb 2017

Claiming Your Future: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Feb 2017

Article Window: Feb 10 to Feb 26
• The Full Moon is Friday, Feb 10, 4:33 PM PST
Lunar Eclipse
• Sun is 23° Aquarius, Moon is 23° Leo
• Next New Moon: Feb 26
• Current New Moon Theme (Jan 27 – Feb 26): Personalizing Power

Current Lunar Cycle

Each Lunar Eclipse opens a cosmic doorway that results in a new awareness, ability or insight that you can use for inspired action in your life. This cosmic gift is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.

The Eclipse portal will remain open and active until the Moon returns to this location in the sky during the next lunar cycle. In the coming 3+ weeks, while the portal is open, look for ways to express joy and take inspired action, especially through whatever you have embraced or experienced during the current Lunar cycle. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of this natural time of expansion.

Photo of Lunar Eclipse over Reflection Lake

Astrology Article: Claiming Your Future

Our Lunar eclipse in Leo is perhaps the most significant and important Full Moon in a multi-year span. A Lunar eclipse is rare, but even more rare is the astrological “temple pattern” in which it occurs. THIS Lunar eclipse, housed as it is within its temple pattern, is significant for what it sets into motion. The reason that this eclipse is so important is that it has the potential to enable us to create an entirely new future, different that anything we have ever known.

The Astrology Temple Pattern

To fully understand how to best utilize this incredible energy pattern, allow me to introduce some of the key ideas that make the temple pattern so spectacular.

The temple pattern derives its name from its shape, which looks like the outline of a building. It is known for supporting expansion into a greater understanding and perspective. The key distinguishing feature of this pattern is the planet that occupies the steeple area of the building. The “steeple planet” always plays the most significant role in uncovering the deeper meaning of the temple.

Before we go into specifics, it’s significant to mention that we are experiencing two temple patterns on nearly back-to-back Full Moons. The first was the Gemini Full Moon on December 13,  preparing for Winter Solstice. Mars was in the steeple position of that temple. The overriding signature, supported by Uranus, was the activation and removal of patterns of conflict that hold us back from full expansion.

The current pattern is taking that new foundation that was established and anchored over the past two lunar cycles and, again with the support of Uranus’ expanded consciousness, giving us the opportunity to step into an entirely new reality.

The Steeple of Saturn

Astrology Chart of Lunar Eclipse and Temple Pattern, Feb 2017In our current Lunar Eclipse temple pattern we have the planet Saturn occupying the steeple position. Saturn supports our ability to structure our reality with concrete ideas of time, rules, and the external support of all the hierarchical relationships and systems we take for granted.

Saturn’s position as the key to the temple pattern represents your ability to establish a new sense of reality, including a new understanding of what’s real within your current circumstances. In the big picture, Saturn’s position also signifies a co-creative aspect of humanity, in which humanity as a group has the opportunity to collectively decide what to make real and concrete within this great sea of energy we call life.

This idea of co-creating something real out of the “sea of energy” cannot be stressed enough. Modern physics is constantly reminding us that all of life is pure energy. The eclipse signature, with Saturn in the steeple position, is reminding us that what we think of as solid is actually pure energy and capable of transformation.

Within our world today, most people structure their connection to time and external systems of hierarchy and rules based on ideas of outer appearances, rather than their connection to the unseen structures of life and the energies beneath the outer surface of what’s seen. This attachment to external form is the shadow side of Saturn. This shadow shapes a world view devoid of Saturn’s most important role, which is to structure the hidden forces and energies that coalesce into the fabric of reality. This includes the reality that we experience as matter.

The Four Corners of a New Reality

We have discussed Saturn’s key role as the steeple of the temple pattern, but it is the other four corners that show us how to work with this pattern in more practical ways. The Sun, eclipsed Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus are the planets that occupy these four corners.

There is a great significance to the sequence of the pattern itself. Beyond the Sun and eclipsed Moon, the other three planets of the pattern, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, are working together in their natural relationship within the Solar System in order to expand our perceptions of what’s possible.  It is Jupiter and Saturn that help us orient to the known world, and it is Uranus that takes life to the next level and gives each of us access to information, perspective, and understanding beyond what is usually thought of as “normal.”

At this point in our discussion, it is of paramount importance to remember that we are putting this in the larger context of the Lunar eclipse. Through the eclipse portal, Uranus is helping us to expand our conscious field of awareness beyond our solar system. In general we can speak of this as a new awareness of potentials, but that’s just another way of saying that you now have the real opportunity to understand your reality beyond previously held perceptions of “normal” time and space.

This new access will manifest in different ways. For some of you it may mean a new healthy perspective on larger possibilities emerging from conflicts, including current social challenges, and your ability to transcend polarizing events to which others around you may be reacting.

For others who are able to work directly with higher dimensions, the eclipse means that there is a real possibility to jump timelines, moving into an entirely new reality. The future is not set and depends on the co-creative participation of humanity as a whole.

The Jupiter Factor of Managing Expansion

Each Lunar eclipse brings a gift of a new type of awareness. The current eclipse brings a whole new level of optimism and opportunity to your life. Jupiter as a corner of the temple represents how we will manage our expansion and the new optimism.

In this case, you have access to a new type of optimism that is connected to a new inner strength. Both of these abilities will need to be nurtured and possibly even managed throughout the coming eclipse cycle.

This new optimism connects you with new awareness centered around how you decide to perceive what we call reality. This new type of optimism will be needed to accurately perceive the underlying energies that are no longer shackled to a future of control and lack. Remember, the future is not set and we all play a part in the world we decide to co-create.

The Sun’s Role as Teacher

With the Sun in Aquarius the theme of breaking away from the shadow of Saturn is definitely emphasized. Further,  the Sun’s position in the temple pattern suggests that self-discipline is a requirement for lasting progress to be made.

The idea of the Sun as a teacher is taken directly from the Sabian archetype of 23° Aquarius.

ARCHETYPE: The self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.
COMMENTARY: The soul is the true trainer. Powerful energies can be trained once the realization occurs of the value and power contained in self-discipline which comes directly from source. Training is only truly successful when self-discipline is learned.

The Uranus Factor of Freewill

While Saturn holds the key position to this astrology chart, it is Uranus that is activating the purpose of the pattern.  Uranus is currently known as the Ruler of Aquarius. It’s interesting to note that the ruler of Aquarius used to be Saturn before Uranus was discovered. This fact in itself represents the current shift in consciousness and our ability to transcend the limits of the reality we perceive in the physical world that Saturn supports.

At the most basic level, Saturn represents the structure of what we currently call reality. It is Uranus that provides the energy to release the constraints of time, and structures of hierarchy and rules from the bounds of normal reality. Uranus forces Saturn to shake lose any structure that vibrates at a substantially lower frequency. It doesn’t destroy Saturn, but it helps it to function more effectively in order to structure all the energies before they coalesce into a newly manifest form.

Uranus works directly with the existence of freewill, individuality, and the higher vibrations of the unseen world of energy,  including humanity as a whole. Uranus is personal in its need to breakaway toward freedom, and yet impersonal in its capacity to shake loose the shadow of Saturn and those realities that vibrate at a low frequency. We often experience the impersonal side of Uranus in terms of difficulty, so in this way we can simultaneously experience both inspiration and challenge from these dual processes of growth.

In our current state of world affairs, we see  many deliberate attempts to take away individual freewill. The shadow effects of Saturn are evident, for example, in the mass media streams of information and polarizing ideas from those who speak for us in an official capacity. When we step away, it’s easy to observe that it’s always one side against the other, a perpetual stream of conflict. Even more, you are told by the existing structures that your future depends on choosing a side!

In the big picture these attempts to polarize and divide ultimately take away your power and prohibit your ability to choose the more transcendent future that we as humanity are capable of co-creating. From a spiritual point of view, co-creation isn’t possible  when we allow someone else to control our options for choice. When we rely on official information outlets, for example, to frame our reality and control our access to information, then our freewill is lost within the external controlled narrative. This is the shadow side of Saturn, evident in a corrupt system that is about to be exposed and transformed.

This eclipse has the potential to forge a pathway away from external control by brute force and hidden agendas (the shadow of Saturn) and toward greater freedom (the force of Uranus).

The Eclipse Signature

This entire discussion has been leading up to the defining characteristics that set this eclipse apart from others. Through all of the factors within the Temple Pattern, this eclipse portal is activating an internal courage that allows you to practice at your own skill level the conscious use of Uranus energy. In short, you have the opportunity for accessing personal power that can enable you to literally change your future.

In the past, a majority of humanity has only been able to react unconsciously to the powerful energies of Uranus. This is true because Uranus operates at a such a high frequency; in the past it has been difficult for most people to consciously access these frequencies and so the actions of Uranus have mostly been in the unconscious and impersonal realms. The conscious use of Uranus occurs through the Moon, primarily because the Moon and Uranus resonate harmonically. In fact, the eight phases of the Lunar cycle derive their transformational meaning from Uranus.  This is just another way to express the significance of the expansion that is possible.

In the most practical way, you can use this new-found access to Uranus to consciously transform your life into the future self you want to be. This eclipse is providing you with the internal courage to sense new potential realities of information, new situations, and even new capacities for health that vibrate at a higher level. You’ll then be able to use this sense of new potential as a guide. You can think of this as receiving an enhanced guidance system that enables you to utilize Uranus and its freewill thinking in a personal way.

Our future is a co-creative process. True co-creation requires your ability to choose a future that is not controlled by the shadow elements of Saturn. To be truly holistic, the future must be both peaceful and compassionate, where freewill is honored.

With the help of this eclipse and our incredible temple pattern, you have the opportunity to step into a new level of co-creation with Source. Your entire future has the potential to change.


Each eclipse allows us to take a giant leap into something more encompassing. The current eclipse provides the opportunity to begin seeing the fabric of reality as more pliable and energetic, rather than fixed. Our individual power can be harnessed more easily when we are able to shake free the control of what others are telling us about the nature of our world.

From the expanded perspective that Uranus provides, along with the eclipse portal of new opportunity beyond “normal” space-time constraints, we are at the dawn of an era. This is an era in which participation in life and culture isn’t based on fear and control, but instead on a greater insight born of an internalized authority that’s free from external constraints, especially those that tell you what to think and how to live.

The eclipse energy brings a new awareness in the form of a perspective that’s not controlled by religion, the corporate media, politics or science. With this Full Moon, Spirit is unshackled by time, hierarchy, and rules that are designed to suppress your true nature. Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness. Your opportunity now is to begin accessing your personal power in new ways, and to take your part in co-creating a better future for all.

Happy Full Moon.

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