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Different types of charts offer a variety of insights.
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"Astrology is so special to me and I am very happy that I can share what I've learned. I'm really looking forward to exploring your astrology chart with you."
Steven Shroyer Professional Astrologer
Steven Shroyer

Complete Astrology Reading


Natal Reading — a.k.a. The Birth Chart

The Complete Astrology Reading is a natal chart reading that is calculated from the minute of your birth. The moment you took your first breath, the solar system imprinted in your field a new relationship to the universe. As such, your birth chart is a blueprint of your life and your highest potential.

This reading is perhaps the most powerful reading available anywhere. Your highest potential can be identified through the relationship to your natural and intuitive gifts and how well you access them. These are all identified through various methods including your ‘gate of intuition.’ The reading also explores how to access positive relationships, your soul’s true essence, and your unique life purpose.

The power of this reading is increased by one of Steven’s gifts, which allows him access to past life connections. Your karma is supporting you in a positive way, once you understand how your past is working through your present circumstances.

Once you have a more complete picture of continuity and who you are through time, your current circumstances take on a deeper significance and purpose. In addition to answering specific questions you may have, this reading has the profound effect of creating new-found harmony through a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • $360
  • Reading length: 1.5 hr.
  • Steven’s preparation time: 3 hr.

Themes Include

  • Complete natal chart reading. Your life blueprint.
  • Using your Sun/Moon phase to maximum personal success.
  • Theme of your Prenatal New Moon (invaluable).
  • Introduction to your Cross of Dharma (The Cross of Dharma summarizes the dynamic interplay between your soul’s essence, inner realms, inspired relationships, and life purpose.)

Solar Return Reading


12 Month Birthday-to-Birthday Forecast

A Solar Return reading is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the energies that you can expect to encounter during your coming year. A Solar Return chart is calculated for the current year at the moment the Sun aligns with the Sun’s position the moment you were born. 

This reading helps you understand the challenges and opportunities you are most likely to face in the coming year. It reveals the gifts the universe is offering to help with your personal growth over the next twelve months.

You may have questions about whether or not it’s good timing to make a relationship change, or to start or expand your business. Or you may be interested in more esoteric questions about the type or level of transformation you can expect. Whatever your personal areas of interest, a Solar Return reading will give you the answers you’re looking for. 

Your reading can be scheduled either before or after your birthday. You have a five-month window of opportunity in which to schedule. My recommendation is to schedule your reading any time from 2 months before your birthday, up to 3 months after. 

It’s recommended that you have already had a Complete Astrology Reading, since your Solar Return reading is based on an understanding of your life path and purpose, soul essence, past life connections, and your Cross of Dharma. 

The Solar Return reading is focused on the Sun’s power to change and energize your life in a positive manner. It’s a great birthday present to yourself, or to someone you care about.

  • $320
  • Reading length: 1.25 hr.
  • Theme: 12 month forecast to optimize your life.
  • Steven’s preparation time: 3 hr.

Progressed Chart Reading


Self-Realization Reading

Instead of focusing on the moment of birth and your birth potential, this reading moves ahead and is progressed through harmonics from the time of birth to the present moment. There’s a clear focus on your current life circumstances in light of the self-realization needed to move forward with a spiritual perspective. 

This reading is an extremely powerful tool. Using an advanced technique of chart progressions and the astrological holograms of wholeness, Steven accesses a type of fractal imaging to gain additional astrological insight into a individual’s unique spiritual path. These same pure principles are used to view the relationship of larger cycles imprinting within smaller cycles. 

A progressed reading allows for a closer look at what’s really going on within your circumstances. This allows for extra insight beyond what the birth chart can reveal. It is used to understand the spiritual phase you are currently experiencing, and how you can maximize your individualized path. It offers special help for the present and clearly points to new levels of support that you may not be currently recognizing.

This reading also identifies energetic blocks that are keeping you from your full potential and the pure joy of life. To optimize your progressed reading, it’s necessary to fully grasp your life potential, life path, and intuitive gifts. A ‘Complete Astrology Reading’ is generally considered a prerequisite.

  • $340
  • Reading Length: 1.5 hr.
  • Theme: Spirituality and Self-realization.
  • Steven’s Preparation Time: 3 hr.

Life Purpose Reading


The What, How, Who and Why of Your Life

The Cross of Dharma within your astrology chart represents the dynamic interplay between your soul’s essence, inner power, inspired relationships, and life purpose. This reading details the what, how, who and why of your life in an easy to understand format

This is a dynamic and fun reading that offers an easy to understand big picture of your life. An introduction to the Cross of Dharma is included in the ‘Complete Astrology Reading’.

  • $295
  • Reading length:  1.25 hr.
  • Theme: Discover your soul’s essence.
  • Steven’s preparation time: 3 hr.

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