Connecting the Unseen Dots of Life — Scorpio New Moon Astrology Nov 4, 2021

New Moon Astrology Report Nov 4, 2021

Nov 4 to Dec 3

  • 13° Scorpio New Moon is Thursday, Nov 4, 2:15 PM PDT
  • New Moon Theme: Nov 4 – Dec 3: Emotional Connection
  • The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — Connecting the Unseen Dots of Life

Our New Moon in Scorpio brings a deeper quality of intuitive awareness to the forefront of our consciousness. This is a high level of awareness we can each use to successfully traverse the complex social dynamics that are currently playing out for all of us.

As we all move forward from this particular New Moon, successful living will be dependent on our ability to connect the dots of perception in order to access what is occurring just below the surface and beneath the outer appearance of our external world.

As we take a deeper look into this Scorpio New Moon energy, keep in mind that Scorpio energies are complex, known to be difficult to understand, and often shrouded in mystery.

In my last article, The Instinctual Awakening of Faith, the Aries Full Moon energies began preparing us to recognize the presence of the unseen spiritual energies that are assisting us. Our New Moon energies are now triggering a deeper level of awareness of these energies that are here to assist each of us as we move forward with our own authentic connection with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Scorpio

Scorpio energies cover a vast spectrum of individual experience. They hold the capacity to integrate our thoughts, feelings and emotions within the deepest and most intimate areas of our being. Above all, Scorpio enables us to connect our outer reality to something deep inside us.

The one common thread that runs through all Scorpio experiences is what we can call authentic feelings. What each of us considers to be “authentic” is by nature subjective. Ultimately, true authenticity in all of its expressions requires alignment with our higher Selves.

Scorpio is all about connecting to life beyond a superficial level. This process begins deep within. Before Scorpio energy can authentically connect with others, one must first connect to the inner source of their own feelings. Once this source of connection is found, we can each respond to our experiences in the most authentic way.

As a child, this connection to our feelings happens instinctively and is based upon a natural intuitive and spiritual connection to the Universe. We are all born with this capacity, but it must be nurtured over our entire life. When we nurture our natural ability to connect and develop healthy emotions we’re able to expand our awareness and feel secure in the world.

If these authentic emotions aren’t allowed to fully develop, then insecurities arise from deep within the psyche. The easiest ways to recognize the shadow of Scorpio are through our deeply held fears. In Scorpio our fears can also be expressed as insecurity or the emotional abuse of power. However the Scorpio shadow manifests, fear cuts each of us off from that which sustains us at an emotional level. The elimination of fear is one of the quickest ways to increase our own spiritual awareness. 

This quality of Scorpio’s emotional awareness lies in the ability to find a deeper, or symbolic, meaning to our experiences by connecting to our authentic feelings. This level of emotional depths creates the experience of inner security and strength, with trust in the spiritual support that’s sustaining us. This ongoing process creates new depths of inner strength and faith that’s connected deeply to Source.

The Scorpio Flow of Power

What’s being described here is our emotional connection to the inner flow of Source energy that sustains us. This quality of emotional connection is the root of Scorpio’s power and is ultimately a deeply spiritual process.
Connection to this flowing Scorpio power occurs at a variety of levels and frequencies among each individual. The unique nature and depth of this flow of connection contributes to the quality of mystery that is associated with Scorpio. The key here is to understand that this energy must continuously flow between Source and the individual.
Scorpio’s connection comes through the flow of authentic feelings. These feelings encompass a wide range of experiences, including self worth, inner strength, faith, love, intuition, passion, and togetherness. These all represent qualities and types of Scorpio feelings. The one thing that Scorpio demands is that these feelings be connected (as a continuous flow) to something that spiritually nurtures and sustains us.
When this flow stops, stagnation occurs. Scorpio’s shadow is activated when someone isn’t able to sustain their connection to spiritual support. This lowers their frequency. When authentic feelings and emotions drop in frequency and are operating at a lower vibration they lose their spiritual connection. Lack of connection leads to stagnation deep within. When our emotions become internally stagnant then feelings such as fear, frustration, revenge, anger or jealousy begin to surface. In the most extreme, they are expressed as perverted self-indulgence or social manipulation for power.
What makes the Scorpio shadow so powerful is that these emotional shadow qualities are genuinely felt, but if they aren’t recognized as shadow then these lower frequencies become dominant. When Scorpio’s authentic flow is cut off it results in additional stagnation and this gives rise to all the lower frequencies of Scorpio’s shadow.
Without a spiritual connection, Scorpio’s emotional shadows begin to dominate in a variety of ways in an attempt to maintain any type of connection, at all cost.  

The Scorpio New Moon

To understand the full power of this New Moon, we must recognize the importance of cultivating a more authentic connection to ourselves and the world around us. The Sabian archetype for the New Moon introduces a new skill set for developing emotional connection. This is especially relevant during the coming 30 days (New Moon to New Moon).

ARCHETYPE: The driving urge toward achievement which lies at the root of civilization.
COMMENTARY: The development of complex and efficient social interplay demands ingenuity, inventiveness, and a willingness to experiment within relatively secure conditions. The depth of intuitive perception is just as important as intellectual analysis in getting to the root connections within interpersonal relationships. This is true on all levels, whether personal, or in the scope of international relations, or in the discovery of the cosmic principles operating between tiny particles and larger celestial bodies. In all ways, making new connections in what appears to be unrelated on the surface is a worthy skill to pursue.

This archetype is a powerful indicator of the role that intuition and emotional connection will play during this Lunar cycle. In the coming days we will have new abilities to connect the dots between what may have previously appeared unrelated.
These New Moon energies are intimately tied to Saturn and Uranus, which are enabling us to expand beyond the personal realm into a new intuitive social awareness of the massive changes that are currently taking place within the collective, both internally and externally.
As we connect the dots to what is occurring in our world, it can be both intimidating and exciting at the same time. With each consecutive New Moon we are seeing new evidence of the Aquarian Age beginning to take hold. Facts that may have appeared to be unrelated only a couple of years ago are now appearing connected as a new reality. An example of the external shift into new realities is the recent public statement by our government that UFO’s are, in fact, real. (There appears to be more and more documentation that our military has been working with extra-terrestrial intelligence for decades.)
To put this into an even greater perspective, this New Moon is connecting you to your future, through your authentic feelings about the type of world in which you want to live and your connection to it.
The New Moon is also presenting the possibility of more than a single outcome. As each of us connect to our feelings, with our intuition fully activated, we are beginning to realize the social complexity of humanity’s path forward.
What we know for sure is that our path forward requires each of us to reconnect on a deep level, both with ourselves and those with whom we want to move forward. Our authentic feelings and emotions become a positive guide when our frequency is connected to wholeness and Spirit.

Astrology Pattern

Our pattern consists of a New Moon stellium that’s opposed by Uranus and T-squared by Saturn. This is a very important pattern that has more value than may be apparent on the surface. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components individually.
New Moon Stellium
When a group of planets are in close proximity we call it a stellium. A unique feature of a stellium is that, regardless of the exact orb (distance) between the planets, the planets operate both independently and as a group. This complex combination gives extra strength to the overall gestalt of the entire group.

Mercury is bringing true knowledge and the promise of a greater life to all of humanity.
Mars is bringing a new level of rebellion to that which doesn’t add up. This activation begins a search for new and more meaningful symbols in one’s life.
The Sun & Moon (New Moon) are bringing new energies of ingenuity, inventiveness, and a willingness to connect the dots for a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Uranus is directly opposite the stellium, providing an objective realization that goes beyond what we can see with our five senses in the material phenomenal world. Uranus in this position is pushing us to see what’s been hidden. As the Uranian process begins to unfold, an awakening is triggered. This triggering quality is often referred to as the Uranus ‘quickening.’ This is a natural occurrence of the Aquarian Age energies.

Saturn in the T-square position is providing a pathway of raw potential for something greater to manifest in a real and positive way. If we look at the Sabian archetype for Saturn at 8° Aquarius, we see the potential for individuals to identify with their own unique vision as it reveals new avenues for authentic interactions through social relationships. This process establishes a necessary connection to both the past and the future.

ARCHETYPE: The inspiration one may derive from the appearance of exemplars who present to us the archetypes of a new culture or a new Age.
COMMENTARY: Each culture has its own established symbols from which it draws from to form their own unique mental archetypes. As individuals identify with their own unique vision what is revealed are new forms of authentic interactions through social relationships. This process establishes a necessary connection to both the past and the future. It allows for exemplars to provide motivation and inspiration for new collective developments to coalesce and form for a positive outcome.

When all of these individual components of the stellium, opposition and T-square are operating together in a holistic way we can clearly see that this New Moon is triggering a Uranus-type of awakening. 

Specifically, this awakening comes through Scorpio’s natural ability to dive deep into our authentic feelings. This feeling nature has access to deep spiritual intuition. In this way we are able to confirm new experiences of reality by connecting the dots of what’s been unseen in the past. Through this process we are beginning to awaken to the deeper truth of what’s occurring in our personal lives and the larger world around us.

Aquarian Age Update

Our Current New Moon fits nicely into this transition period into the new Aquarian Age, giving us hope, inspiration, and an ability to connect the dots of what’s occurring in the world during our current phase of planetary transition.
The term “Aquarian Age” refers to a new 2160-year cycle that represents a dramatic shift in the consciousness of our planet. We are currently in the beginning transition period of this evolutionary leap that formally began in 2012. A future astrological milestone we are now anticipating  will occur on March 23, 2023, when Pluto first enters Aquarius. Pluto’s movement from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2023 marks a significant and positive turning point in our current transition period.
Between now and March 2023, we can expect a continual awakening process to occur on Earth. Even though we are currently in a volatile phase of our transition, each Lunar cycle offers new potential and new insight. We’ll continue to focus on the positive developments in our world.


Our New Moon in Scorpio is another positive indicator of the incredible transition our planet is undergoing. We can receive a new intuitive skill set that allows us to connect with and trust our most authentic feelings. Your ability to rely on inner trust will assist you in connecting the unseen dots in our world.
This is the time for you to identify with your own unique vision of the future, as your intuitive vision reveals new ways for you to establish authentic interactions through all your social relationships. In this way, you can establish and strengthen your connections with those whom you can trust and rely upon as you move forward during uncertain and inspiring times.
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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