Cooperation as the Foundation for a New Era — Scorpio New Moon Oct 25, 2022

New Moon Astrology Report Oct 25, 2022

Oct 25 to Nov 23

• 3° Scorpio New Moon is Tuesday, Oct 25, 3:49 AM PDT
• New Moon Theme: Oct 25 – Nov 23: Cooperation
• The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.
• A Solar Eclipse creates a shadow on the Sun, hiding its light. By exposing this shadow for what it is, it forces the consciousness to recognize the source of light, both internally and externally.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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Cooperation as the Foundation for a New Era

Our Scorpio New Moon is expanding our personal feelings of social consciousness into new connections, through activities that are productive and supportive of world peace. With this New Moon, social consciousness is shifting away from a competitive focus on division and “winning”, toward a more cooperative Aquarian Age concept of cooperation and interconnectedness. 

As world events unfold and circumstances seem unstable, remember that the Aquarian Age energies of change we are currently experiencing are necessary for the consciousness of the planet to embrace and implement a new level cooperation and community. What is important is to stay out of fear and remain in frequencies of trust and inspiration.

The concept of interconnectedness is rooted in principles of cooperative life and mutual benefit, versus social systems rooted in a mindset of scarcity and lack. When the true spirit of cooperation is felt, there is a natural release of anxiety, including feelings of being overwhelmed by lack and fears of not having enough.

This process is part of the larger transition into a more sustainable world. When we place our focus in the present moment, even feelings of lack that that stem from past events and scarcity will no longer have the same emotional sway. 

We have turned a cosmic corner. With this New Moon we can make the shift toward a new level of cooperation, with a win/win attitude toward others and our own circumstances. Disappointments of the past, as well as the competitive push to be get ahead at all cost, even at the expense of other’s success, will begin fading away.

Scorpio as a Catalyst for Cooperation

Scorpio is an enormously complex sign. Scorpio energy connects us to the depths of our emotional power, operating both personally and through society. The qualities of Scorpio that this article will focus on are associated with the first 5° of the sign. These qualities include a deep sense of commonality and cooperation, with feelings of connection, and the active experience of community participation.

These qualities are all symbols of connection that are strengthened through active participation. In Scorpio, active participation is required. The lack of participation with others is what activates Scorpio’s strong shadow. When the power of Scorpio isn’t actively expressed, the result leads to anxiety and overwhelm. Scorpio’s deep feelings alone won’t sustain the lasting fulfillment that activity and direct involvement can provide. 

Scorpio’s qualities of deep feeling focus on what we have in common with others. These feeling are designed to be inwardly expanding for the individual. In this way, positive connections become a catalyst for a deeper sense of community and new levels of cooperation that enable each person to expand socially into the world.

The Scorpio New Moon

Our previous Lunar cycle helped us to adjust to the big changes and shifts that are occurring in our world. (See article, Libra New Moon: Big Change is in the Air.) Now the Scorpio New Moon will help you continue to positively adjust and build momentum by directing your internal feelings into new activities that lead to greater participation and an expanded sense of connection to your world.

The New Moon archetype at 3° Scorpio describes how a repolarization of feelings into activity can energize new realms of activity and cooperation within your personal life and also the world.

ARCHETYPE: Feelings of community and social cooperation are validated through a basic joint effort.
COMMENTARY: A new quality of reality is created when feelings of connection are turned into productive activity with an expanded realm of participation.

This New Moon is a catalyst with the capacity to spark a new sense of cooperation in your personal life. This type of cooperation is providing the energy for you to step into more ease and harmony through a greater sense of interconnectedness and support. Personal relationships are to be energized with a spirit of “where we go one, we go all.”

The Aquarian Age is a moment-by-moment transition that each of us is experiencing in real time. Each of us is connected and interconnected to others and to what is occurring in the larger world. World events are revealing, now more than ever, the need for a new understanding of cooperation in which we view our neighbor as a needed ally.

During these beginning stages of the Aquarian Age, many changes on our planet will continue to take place. Attitudes of winning at someone else’s expense are being repolarized and reevaluated with a new perspective that allows for a more cooperative effort among all peoples.

The era of “dog-eat-dog” to get ahead is giving way to a new feeling of worldwide prosperity and cooperation. The days of people failing or experiencing lack, in order for others to succeed and prosper, are coming to an end.

This New Moon is setting the stage and building the foundation of a new awareness for a peaceful society with resources for all.

The Jupiter - Neptune Adjustment

Astrology ChartThere is an intricate dynamic within our New Moon chart involving our Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Neptune is making an inconjunct aspect to our Sun and Moon, while Jupiter is making an inconjunct to Mercury.

An inconjunct separates two astrological bodies by 150°. Unlike other aspects, this isn’t a direct geometric relationship. It’s characterized, rather, by dynamic energies that are in the process of coming into a more cooperative balance so that the energies can work together without conflict.

Inconjuncts require us to make an intentional adjustment (adaptation) in order to harmonize the energies. This type of conscious adjustment between two different energies can be extremely transformative. When it’s successful, an inconjunct can result in a type of growth spurt.

Through this process Jupiter and Neptune are working as an astrological pair to represent a cultural shift toward a more spiritual and sustainable reality, and away from distorted or perverted social trends. With Jupiter/Neptune making an inconjunct to our Sun/Moon there is a real possibility for a positive transformational shift to occur personally and within cultures worldwide.

The Sabian archetypes for both Jupiter and Neptune reveal a hidden layer within this transformational process.

ARCHETYPE: The emergence of a new form with the potentiality of a greater consciousness.
COMMENTARY: Each act of personal choice holds the possibility of actualizing one’s function, one’s potential, and one’s destiny within the larger field of planetary evolution. This new impulse is the beginning of becoming something greater, whether it is the birth of a light filled consciousness, or the birth of a nation.

ARCHETYPE: The need to consciously work within one’s own centralized sphere of being before expanding into the larger interconnected world and multiverse.
COMMENTARY: The natural evolution of an individualized perspective begins with a centralized understanding of one’s personal connection to prime creation. Expansion occurs outward, from the sovereign individual into greater realms of interconnectedness and cosmic consciousness.

These two archetypes working together point to the emergence of a new quality of consciousness. They suggest that what is emerging, both socially and culturally, is a new type of human potential. This new quality of humanity is capable of awakening to a larger planetary consciousness, with a new awareness of our global interconnectedness. 

This overall pattern emphasizes that within the current Lunar cycle we are entering an important new adjustment phase of growth within the Aquarian Age.

The Eclipse Factor

A solar eclipse exposes the hidden shadow. Intentionally working with the shadow helps our consciousness expand to the next level of awareness by integrating what has previously been hidden from sight. The more we understand this process the more we are able to access a unique type of growth or awareness. 
Each solar eclipse is unique. The current eclipse shadow is bringing to light the opportunity for a new spirit of cooperation throughout every aspect of life. In practical ways you can pay attention to the differences between a spirit of cooperation that respects diverse opinion and values group effort, versus a spirit of conflict and divisiveness that creates separation through discord, as well as through scarcity and ambition that values competition over human relationships.
A positive group dynamic respects diverse opinions and appreciates the value of individual contributions in order that we may work together for a greater outcome. Healthy competition encourages us to expand. It involves playfulness, creativity, and room for personal growth. What we are moving toward is a world of interconnectedness in which each member’s growth is highly valued over personal ambition to succeed.


This is a powerful New Moon with Scorpio energies that our world can harness for peace, cooperation, and the beginning of something new and better. Our new Aquarian Age energies are changing the very foundations of our societies world wide. What’s emerging in humanity is a new type of consciousness in which business as usual is transforming into a new type of interaction based on respect and appreciation for diverse contributions.
As your awareness continues to shift, feel the underlying spirit of cooperation that is becoming tangible and real. We are living in a world that is shifting day by day into new levels of interconnectivity. This new energetic surge of cooperation is the next step forward in our new era of freedom and prosperity.
Happy New Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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