Creating Forward Momentum – Trust the Plan: New Moon Astrology Nov 2018

New Moon Astrology Report
Nov 7 to Dec 6

Scorpio New Moon is Wednesday, Nov 7, 8:02 AM PST
• Current New Moon Theme (Nov 7 to Dec 6): MOVING FORWARD WITH FAITH
The New Moon releases a new wave of available potential that sets the overall theme for the entire Lunar cycle that follows. This creative momentum is for energizing your life’s purpose and personal growth, especially while adjusting to evolving circumstances.

Astrology Article

Creating Forward Momentum – Trust the Plan

Our New Moon in Scorpio is unusual. It occurs at 16° Scorpio, so the entire first half of this lunar cycle exists exactly within the second-half cycle of Scorpio, beginning at 16° Scorpio and concluding at 30° Scorpio. The signature of this powerful astrological period will culminate at the Full Moon in two weeks, when the Sun moves into 1° Sagittarius.

This second-half cycle in Scorpio is centered on the qualities of faith, and the acceptance of what’s needed to move forward in life. These qualities of faith and acceptance support our ability to cooperate with life beyond what is simply our personal scope. When we speak of expanding beyond the personal scope we often use the term “transpersonal,” which describes well this quality of emotional expansion.

Scorpio holds the frequency of emotional power. This second-half cycle is about the emotional attitude needed for moving forward in life. This forward movement requires faith at a transpersonal level. This is the faith one experiences when it’s flowing as a guiding factor in one’s life. Transpersonal faith isn’t emotionally charged. (The shadow of Scorpio is taking things personally and responding from highly-charged emotional interactions.)

The basis of this theme of faith and forward momentum is concentrated and established within the first five degrees of this Lunar cycle. What’s being established is the understanding of how faith can work through our emotions to give us inner guidance, rather than the Scorpio shadow aspect of emotional intensity. Scorpio at its most traditional always implies qualities of depth through emotional connection.

As with the depth quality of Scorpio itself, this specific quality of connection between inner guidance and faith is a deep concept. Since Scorpio seeks the deeper meaning within everything, you’ll undoubtedly want to ponder these qualities in various ways during the remainder of this Lunar cycle.

Moving forward in life requires faith at a transpersonal level. This is faith that flows as a guiding factor in one’s life. This process radiates peace as the power of spirit that flows from the depths within. As one experiences this deeper feeling of spirit flowing, raw emotions are transmuted into inner guidance. Through this we learn how trust in the process of moving forward with inner guidance and faith. This acceptance of faith opens up the mystical side of life, as fear and egocentric patterns begin to be replaced with the courage to move forward in cooperation with the creative spirit of life.

This is a valuable time to ponder the following questions: Where have you placed your faith and to what degree do you trust your inner guidance? Do you trust the plan?

Astrology Pattern – A Brief Synopsis

There are three key astrology signatures in this New Moon’s overall astrology pattern.

Astrology Chart1) Our Venus opposition to Uranus defines the outer edges of our overall bowl pattern (see chart). A bowl pattern generally signifies energies that work together for a deeper process. In this case the outer edges of the bowl  describe the overall importance of the process.

What’s most important to each of us (Venus) is being challenged by energies that demand freedom, independence, and new social horizons (Uranus). The experience will vary dramatically from person to person, depending on what’s most important to you (Venus). The shadow of Uranus in this position is a kind of personal (isolated) revolution without the transpersonal insight of a future stability that includes everyone (Uranus on Taurus cusp). There’s an opportunity here to use our values (Venus) to transcend personal attachment into a bigger emotional connection of possibility.

2) Our New Moon is forming a double sextile with Pluto and Neptune. This is a signature of cooperation for moving forward.

Both Pluto and Neptune generally operate beyond the normal consciousness of most people. What’s significant here with Neptune is the “generational” implication of Neptune’s ability to dissolve what’s not working. By generational I mean that with Neptune in Pisces, what’s dissolving is the social identity that’s associated with each person’s generation. What’s significant with Pluto can be expressed through the shadow side of Pluto’s influence in Capricorn, which is the desire to control through status quo power structures.

The cooperation signature between Pluto and Neptune at this New Moon indicates that there is a supportive shift toward moving forward with a greater sense of guidance and a lessening or dissolving of systems of external identity and control.

3) The Moon’s north node is receiving and focusing the entire bowl pattern, much like an energy funnel. The north node represents where our momentum needs to be headed in order to positively polarize against what’s not working.

In this instance, the north node at 30° Cancer is pointing to a stable pattern for the future. What was once a “revolution” is now a quality of moving forward harmoniously and with cooperation, while at the same time honoring the spirit in which the revolution was inspired.


Our New Moon is occurring the day following a controversial election. Despite the cultural and emotional framing of recent events, we are all working together for a better and more stable future. Our New Moon is providing the momentum to share and unite in new, transpersonal, and more healthy ways.

The expanded understanding of faith as an operating factor of inner guidance is a primary opportunity to enable each of us to incorporate a more transpersonal perspective of what it means to move forward in life. Your greatest opportunity this Lunar cycle is to cultivate the inner flow of faith as a guiding principle for cooperation with the creative spirit of life.

Happy New Moon,

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