Full Moon in the heart of Winter

Dancing with the Light

Full Moon Dec 28

Moon in Cancer
Full Moon at 2:21a
Sun in Capricorn

Dancing with the Light

Dancing with the LightThe Full Moon is a powerful time of the month. Let examine just why it’s so powerful. To begin this discussion, let’s back up a bit and review what the New Moon energies hold. The New Moon is a cosmic initiator. It always begins a new process, or a new idea, or a new cosmic gift or ability. The entire first half of the Lunation cycle, from two weeks ago up to this week’s Full Moon, is a learning process. It’s about overcoming personal obstacles and challenges, making decisions, and taking actions to stay on your new learning path. This allows you to renew your commitment to the new ideas you embraced at the New Moon, and prepares you to “actually do something” with what you have learned. This “doing something” is what the Full Moon is all about.

The Source of Full Moon Power

Full Moon Chart Dec 28The energy of the Full Moon empowers you to take the understanding of what you have learned and apply it in your life in some meaningful or practical way. The Full Moon supports your “creative activity.” (since I moved “doing something” to the earlier paragraph, maybe just say creative action here?) This is why astrology teachings often say the Full Moon is about completion and fullness. This isn’t because you have ended a cycle, but because you have completed the initial learning curve. It means that through your learning you should now understand enough to engage in new activity while you use what you have learned.

At the last New Moon we were all supported in a rebirth of feeling and emotions, preparing us for the Cosmic birth of Light at Winter Solstice. At the Winter Solstice we entered into a new era of fulfilment. This new era will be marked with an increase in the power and quality of Light available to all. In other words, the quality of cosmic Light available to us now is more expansive and contains a higher vibration. It’s more penetrating and it brings with it a Uranian quality able to transform consciousness. Human consciousness is able to hold the new frequencies more effectively as Capricorn structures learn to hold this new quality of Light. This is the meaning of the “new” Capricorn that I wrote about in last week’s Solstice article.

The New Capricorn

The New Capricorn of the ZodiacThe aspect of the earth element resonating with the new Capricorn is that of the crystal family and all crystalline structures. The astrological symbolism and alignment of the three transcendent Planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) combined with the Winter Solstice, and the holistic alignment with all the other planets, suggest that consciousness itself is now able to form into crystalline grids capable of holding and using this Cosmic Light in new ways. The energy activated by the planet Uranus is able to work with Capricorn energies similarly to the way we use crystal energies. What is new with this Full Moon is the power to “do something” with your new access to this Cosmic Light.

Integrating the Light

The December New Moon initiated the new process of rebirth. As we began to learn how to live, feel, and react in new ways, the Winter Solstice gave birth to a new form of Cosmic Light. With this gift of Light we can feel inspired, encouraged, and renewed.

The days preceding the Full Moon, are more likely filled with questions. For some the question is, “Am I ready? Can I handle this?” For others, the question is, “Is this even real, what does all of this really mean, do I really feel that different? Why do I still feel overwhelmed by old patterns?”

These questions are a part of the natural process of integration. For without these questions, we don’t know where to make adjustments, or where to look for hidden strength and power just beginning to develop. You need to use your mind to make the new growth creative and joyous. Having a supportive thought process and logical mental structures provides the depth of integration necessary for new forms to completely emerge.

The Perfect Dance

This Full Moon is a time for dancing. When someone dances to music, they feel the music and respond from a place of physical creativity. During the week following the Full Moon, it is important to “do something” as a result of what you have learned, felt, and experienced. This isn’t a time to sit next to the dance floor and watch everybody else dance. You must exercise what you have integrated so far. You must use it, at whatever level you feel it.

Feel that you have access now to a higher quality of Light, and then move, act, do something which reflects this new Capricorn Light. The Full Moon is about completion, but it is the completion of a very small step in a new direction. It means you have completed just enough, and learned just enough, that you can now engage in activity which reflects your growth and understanding.

The astrological alignments this week suggest that the most appropriate dance is the dance of appreciation. This timing is perfect for expressing your joy and celebrating the new subtly of Cosmic Light in your life. Your focus is best spent on the future, and your appreciation for what the future has to offer the world. You have a new role to play, in a new world which is birthing. It’s not necessary to have it all figured out. We are all learning how to hold more Light. We’re learning how to work together in an exciting new world, and how to dance the new dance of Light.

Feel the Light and react with your own form of creative response. This week is the week to practice your new understanding of a new era of fulfillment. Your opportunity is to feel your creative response of life and Light. Celebrate with joy. This is your perfect dance.

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