Developing a Personal View of Expansion: Full Moon Eclipse Jan 2019

Full Moon Eclipse Astrology Report
Jan 20 to Feb 4

• Leo Full Moon is Sunday, Jan 20, 9:29 PM PST
• Lunar Eclipse
• Current New Moon Theme  Jan 5 to Feb 4): The Wise Use of Power

ECLIPSE NOTE: Each Full Moon Lunar Eclipse opens a cosmic doorway that results in a new awareness, ability or insight that you can use for inspired action in your life. This cosmic event is delivered through an energetic portal that opens in the zodiac at the exact moment of the eclipse.  This portal stays open until the eclipse degree is crossed again by the Moon in approximately 3 1/2 weeks.

Astrology Article – Developing a Personal View of Expansion

Our Lunar eclipse occurs at 1° Leo. This is an auspicious point, especially considering that our Sun is at 1° Aquarius. This significance relates to the new age of Aquarius. Whenever the Sun is in Aquarius these new evolutionary potentials are more activated. With a Lunar Eclipse at 1°  Aquarius, the beginning of the sign, these activations carry additional overtones of the coming Aquarian age.

With the natural contrast between 1° Leo and 1° Aquarius, this eclipse is triggering within each of us two completely opposite responses to life’s circumstances.  On the one hand, Leo wants to make everything personal and relevant. On the other hand, Aquarius wants to depersonalize things in order to see the relevance of the bigger picture.

In simple terms, this eclipse represents a tug-of-war between one’s heart and mind.  Let break this down in order to clearly see how each of us can take advantage of this eclipse and the portal that enables us to transcend normal limitations of time and accelerate our learning and growth

Understanding the Moon’s Pull Toward Unbridled Emotions

With our Moon eclipsed in Leo, ambition and emotions take center stage.  Leo’s energy is very personal and creative. There’s an individualized drive toward self-fulfillment and a personalized response to life’s circumstances. In Leo, the heart and emotions rule decision making. Taken to the extreme one can lose perspective, and the bigger picture of one’s circumstances is seen only in terms of short-term emotional satisfaction.

Understanding the Sun’s Pull Toward Pure Logic

With our Sun anchored in Aquarius, there is a transpersonal sense of inspiration. What is inspiring becomes more than personal and expands into motivations of noble intent for something larger than oneself. The shadow side of this is that Aquarian logic and clear thinking can mask what the heart is feeling. At the extreme life is de-personalized, with the mind in full control over the emotions. What’s idealized, principled, and of noble intent becomes an intellectual concept and takes center stage without the heart’s input.

Finding Your Own Cosmic Perspective

With the Full Moon activating these two completely opposite responses to life’s circumstances, the eclipse portal is illuminating a middle path.

The astrology chart for the eclipse shows how Uranus can illuminate this middle path by providing the bridge and understanding needed to navigate the internal tug-of-war between heart and mind. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and thus the dawning age of Aquarius. In the current chart Uranus is providing an infusion of transpersonal energy that helps us individually attune to a larger cosmic order.

The naturally brilliant and intuitive aspects of Uranus are able to transcend this current tug-a-war between mind and heart in a way that allows for life to be both heart-felt and logical at the same time. The Sabian archetype for Uranus beautifully expresses this through the image of the beauty of celestial movement that has an order and logic to it.


This big-picture archetype clearly shows the transcendent aspect of the middle path of blending heart and mind.

During the weeks of the eclipse portal, each one of us has the opportunity to realize that we have our own unique place in the grand scheme of things. Our centralized being and Self can become an essential chord in the harmony of the universe. In this way, our inner personal guidance pulls from the rhythm, sound, and attunement of a larger non-personalized cosmic order.


The Eclipse portal will remain open and active until the Moon returns to the location of the eclipse during the next lunar cycle. In the coming 3+ weeks, while the portal is open, be mindful of the possibility of a middle path between mind and heart.

With our eclipse energized by Uranus during the beginning phases of our Aquarian age, it becomes even more important to recognize how our individual circumstances are shifting to accommodate an expanding picture of how we fit in.  Understanding the beauty of our celestial movement we see and hear the embodiment of a polyphonic interplay that allows us to realize our place in the evolution of humanity. With this realization, life and circumstances are both personal and impersonal.

This eclipse gives each of us the opportunity to allow the heart and the mind to work as one. No longer must we live bouncing back and forth between our emotions and logic. It’s not a choice between two extremes, it’s the understanding that we can learn to live with a sense of harmony that’s both personal and big-picture at the same time.

Happy Eclipse

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