Developing a Spontaneous Rapport with Nature — Solar Libra Eclipse, Oct 14, 2023

Developing a Spontaneous Rapport with Nature — Solar Libra Eclipse, Oct 14, 2023

The Aquarian Age Journal

Issue No. 13, Published on the Libra New Moon, Oct 14, 2023
Published by Seattle Astrology and Steven Shroyer
Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Developing a Spontaneous Rapport with Nature

Aquarian Age Update

This journal follows humanity’s entrance into the new Golden Age of Humanity, also known as the Aquarian Age. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 marked the next major phase of our transition into our new era. This journal will continue to keep you updated on the Aquarian Age through the energies at each New and Full Moon.

As an astrologer my intention has always been to continually develop my expertise including my understanding of the solar system, Source energy, and the astrological energies that are moving us into the Aquarian Age. With these evolving insights, my understanding of eclipses has also evolved.

Through this process I have come to recognize that the potentially negative impact of eclipse portals can be more damaging than I have previously recognized. Because of the problematic nature of eclipses, I’m committed to focusing on the more practical aspects of eclipses by identifying and exposing the shadow elements of the moon and eclipses.

Once understood, we can use eclipse energies to support our own expansion into the higher frequencies that are flowing into the Aquarian Age.

With our current solar eclipse, it’s becoming easier to spot even the slightest distortions that can obscure our ability to clearly see the bigger picture of life, especially as the Aquarian Age continues to unfold.

The New Moon Libra Eclipse

Theme: Rapport with Life

Libra is the sign of collaboration, rapport and true harmony. This type of harmony is naturally found within nature and within all beings of light. We become empowered when we learn how to find our own authentic connection to true harmony. In contrast, the lunar eclipse can highlight what is out of harmony. With our New Moon eclipse in Libra, it’s very easy to see who, or what, in our life is fighting against the harmonizing energies that are always present within prime creation.

One of the core qualities of Libra is the ability to see harmony in action. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which helps explain why the desire for harmony plays a prominent role in Libra. Other qualities are appreciation, collaboration, seeing the bigger picture, and connecting with everything through spirit. This expanded view of Libra allows us to see that Libra is much, much more than simply a sign for relationships, with which it is commonly associated.

Our New Moon eclipse will expose an important shadow quality of Libra, which has to do with superficial harmony. This occurs whenever Libra’s connection to harmony is based in mind energy and devoid of spirit. By recognizing this pattern we can begin seeing the bigger picture of life with a greater awareness of distortion and how the subtle energies of division twist the very fabric of true harmony.

Libra: Rapport and Appreciation for Life

Libra has a natural ability to see the bigger picture of life. This is why Libra energies are naturally beloved for being intelligent, socially aware, and able to share what’s experienced with grace and ease. There’s also a fundamental attitude of gratitude and appreciation for life. It is this attitude of appreciation combined with seeing the bigger picture that results in true harmony.

Our Sabian for 22° Libra beautifully expresses this quality of appreciation as a spontaneous rapport with all of nature.

ARCHETYPE: The compassion of spirit for the welfare and happiness of all beings of light and those who thirst for life.
COMMENTARY: What one receives from prime creation is pure light. The appreciation and thirst for life is also a thirst for pure light. This is the same light that flows within all beings of light. This light can be expressed as a spontaneous rapport with all of nature, and the pure altruistic feelings toward all creatures and beings of light.

The beauty of this Sabian is in the recognition of the bigger picture of spirit, which includes our ability to see pure light within all of nature, thus experiencing and feeling our spontaneous rapport with all of life. One of the hidden gems within this Sabian is the recognition that spirit sees its connection to its own light within all beings. This expresses the power of Libra’s ability to access the bigger picture of life.

This Sabian highlights true harmony in action. It shows how we must look beyond the superficial in order to see life operating as prime creation. This transcends the superficial shadow of Libra, such as virtue signaling and other cultural facades, that distort how harmony naturally flows through rapport and our connection to spirit.

Libra Eclipse Shadow: Forced Harmony

Astrology ChartLibra, being an air sign, has a very strong mental body. When the lunar mind-energy of an eclipse is combined with an air sign, the resulting distortion can be quite problematic. This is because eclipses always amplify mind energy, which is separate from our spirit.

The shadow of mental distortion is especially true with Libra. When Libra’s shadow of mind energy is activated it’s really difficult to accurately see the bigger picture of life. Mind energy is always related to what has happened in the past, while spirit always lives in the present moment.

We must keep in mind that mental distortion can be very subtle, which is why it’s so problematic. When a key element of information has been distorted, even though we sense the larger truth we can’t always sense the distortion. These small distortions can lead to a completely inaccurate view of the bigger picture. This is why small distortions within fundamental truths can be so dangerous.

We can take the desire for harmony as an example of something good that can be distorted. When the desire for harmony supersedes our desire for free will or personal sovereignty, then the idea of something good can become twisted to allow for the shadow of control to take over.

Forced compliance may look harmonious on the exterior, but the true harmony of free will has become undermined. There are many examples of culturally forced compliance that are presented as external order. This shows how the manipulation of something good can be distorted and used as the dark energy of control.

We can see this pattern of forced compliance occurring in current world events through the mindset of world leaders. Mind energy is easily manipulated. For example, under the shadow of violence both sides present an argument for war as a better alternative to negotiation. This shadow of forcing harmony on another results in forced compliance, mandatory order, and systems of control, all through the illusion of creating an external harmonious outcome.

War, conflict, and fighting to create the illusion of harmony is perhaps the biggest shadow of Libra mind energy, especially when it’s completely devoid of spirit and the harmony of rapport.

The Harmony of Rapport

The highest frequencies of Libra energies are not found in forced harmony, but in the type of harmony that’s created through collaboration, rapport, and honoring the sovereignty of all beings.

In order for true harmony to be truly effective, there must be a mutual spirit of collaboration and rapport. Rapport is experienced when a relationship is in sync with both parties feelings, well-being, and highest potential. With rapport, empathy and healthy communication create a reciprocal harmony within the relationship. This is in direct contrast with forced or manipulated harmony, which is simply an external form of control designed to coerce an outcome through an unequal relationship.

We have all been living through a period of world history in which humanity has been manipulated through fear and forced harmony. As sovereign beings, our new understandings and perceptions of shadow allow us to see the bigger picture of life more clearly and without distortion.

Living life with gratitude and appreciation is an awesome antidote to all lower frequencies. The current eclipse can bring new realizations to help us move through simple distortion and manipulation that may have gone unnoticed in the past.

The more quickly we can build rapport and true harmony with our spirits and each other, the more we will strengthen our conscious relationship with nature and all beings. The highest frequencies of the new Libra cycle can help us see and connect with the beauty in all of life.


Eclipse energies can be triggering, especially if they activate the shadows we hold within. Once recognized, these eclipse energies can be extremely useful in helping us see beyond the shadows of distortion and the negative impacts of lunar mind-energy that have been woven into our culture for generations.

As you contemplate these new understandings, remember how feelings of harmony and rapport can assist you. The more we leave the shadow of mind-energy and live from our spirits, the more we can move forward in life with grace and ease. This is a time to acknowledge the beauty and the appreciation of your connection to nature and spirit.

With true harmony and appreciation,
Steven Shroyer

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