Discerning Your Inner Voice — Pisces Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 10, 2022

Full Moon Astrology Report Sept 10, 2022

Sept 10 to Sept 25

• 18° Pisces Full Moon is Saturday, Sept 10, 2:59 AM PDT
• Full Moon Theme: Sept 10 – Sept 25: Discerning Inner Guidance
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. The Full Moon is a time for realizing the bigger picture of your situation and adapting your purpose to a clear perception of circumstance.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

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Discerning Your Inner Voice

Our Pisces Full Moon brings a quality of sensitivity to our consciousness that can stir a new impulse and ability to discern your own inner voice of guidance. This new potential comes at the midpoint of our lunar cycle, after our Virgo New Moon provided a jump in consciousness and a shift to inner awareness.

The split in consciousness that we witnessed at the beginning of this lunar cycle is now being refined through a new level of discernment. (See the New Moon article: “Consciousness Takes a Spiritual Leap“.)

This new level of discernment allows us to feel what’s true from our inner awareness as opposed to external influences. This quality enables us to discern outside thoughts, beliefs and ideas, from those thoughts that originate in your heart center as inspired inner guidance.

This capacity for inner discernment of truth is a dramatic shift toward personal sovereignty.

Pisces, Neptune, and a Spiritual Perspective

At this Pisces Moon Neptune is conjunct the Full Moon which is supporting a new level of guidance. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. This Neptune conjunction is bringing a dramatic increase in your ability to feel your own inner light in the form of guidance.

It’s important to remember that Neptune has both high-level spiritual qualities, and also an extremely strong shadow. The spiritual influence of Neptune supports your connection to your own Source light.

The Neptune shadow, on the other hand, shuts off our ability to go within and attempts to bring in outside information as if it was inner light. This shadow element of false light is very powerful. It affects us all to various degrees. It requires a great deal of personal discernment to recognize the difference between the inner voice and external influence. This ability is an essential aspect of the shift to the Aquarian Age.

The level of disinformation we are currently experiencing in the world today is occurring at record levels and evidence of Neptune’s shadow during its long transit through Pisces. This makes it hard to discern truth from lies and deception. With this in mind, it  is more important than ever to cultivate spiritual discernment.

The current Sabian archetypes for the Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon highlight the importance of listening to our inner voice of wisdom, leading to new discernment of what comes from alignment to our light, and what’s from shadow or outside interference.

ARCHETYPE: The ability to contact the deeper recesses of light through the development of a sensitivity to synchronicity, signs, and messages from the higher-self and Source, rather than dependence on external authority.
COMMENTARY: The need to move beyond reliance on external guidance with a shift to inner discernment. We all have the ability to awaken to the knowledge center of our heart. It is from this pure source of light and inner guidance that each of us receives information that’s inspiring and authentic. As powerful light beings our extraordinary abilities move us beyond the limits of relying on information from the cultural status quo and other external means.

ARCHETYPE: The collective appeal of a well-staged and exciting performance on full display.
COMMENTARY: At some point, both personal achievements and personal convictions need to reach a larger audience. Discerning the difference between external excitement and what inspires the individual in their heart is necessary to avoid being deceived by the sheer magnitude of the performance. 

From these two archetypes we can clearly see a pattern of learning to use our own discernment in the process of acquiring inner guidance. Both of these archetypes point to the importance of distinguishing the difference between receiving inner guidance and the mistake of accepting external information as a replacement for our own connection to Source light and inner knowing.

The Kite of Inner Wisdom

Astrology ChartAn astrological Kite pattern reveals a highly coherent geometric frequency of energies that have been organized to accelerate our growth in some manner. Our current Kite features our Sun and Moon as the spine of the Kite, indicating the realization and importance of incorporating the spiritual qualities of Neptune into our life.

With Neptune conjunct our Full Moon (see chart) there is a strong pattern of inner guidance, as well as the possibility that the Neptune shadow of deception might go undetected. The Aquarian Age is about an energetic shift that’s coming to our planet. This dramatic shift in consciousness is primarily due to the quality of Source light that is currently flooding our planet.

Discernment during the remainder of this lunar cycle should be focused on a single guiding principle. This principle is that true inner guidance comes from your own Source light and operates independently of the collective status quo, or any form of external controls or limitations.

As we move forward, there is the opportunity for us all to continue shifting into our Aquarian Age consciousness through stronger connections to Source light and away from all the external influences that wish to control our thinking and behavior.


In each lunar cycle we continue to experience the evolution of consciousness. With Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023, we can feel excited and optimistic at all the new possibilities that the Aquarian Age will bring. This current Full Moon is another signifier of the major shifts that are continuing to manifest on our beautiful planet. 

We can feel inspired by our Full Moon’s support for an increase in each of our abilities to access a greater degree of inner guidance and wisdom. This is a time to access new levels of discernment about your own truth versus external truths that may not serve you any more.  May we all use this opportunity to increase our ability to discern our true inner voice and  skyrocket into new heights of what inspires us for ourselves and our future.

Happy Full Moon,
Steven Shroyer

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  1. Thank you! I also write astrological articles so I appreciate those who also are deep into astrological knowledge. My Moon sits at 23 Pisces / 26 Black Moon Lilith – so this full moon was a huge opportunity to do my monthly release lunar ceremony, felt good to let go. blessings Phoenix

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