Energizing the Libra Mind through Contrast — Full Moon Astrology Report Apr 7, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Apr 7 to Apr 22

Libra Full Moon is Tuesday, Apr 7, 7:35 PM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (Apr 7 to Apr 22): FEARLESSNESS
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Energizing the Libra Mind through Contrast

Our Libra Full Moon will certainly shed some much needed light on our current world events. Libra is an excellent type of energy for humanity right now. It’s especially useful for this Libra Full Moon energy to be shared with others during our coronavirus pandemic. What’s needed in the world is a mental re-adjustment so that we are able to see the extremes in contrast and begin to think independently from external authorities.

Everyday I get asked what astrology has to say about our pandemic and our hidden enemy. Let’s explore what this Libra Full Moon has to say about our current lock-down and our very real opportunities.

Libra is the Master of the Big Picture

Before we dive into how to use the Libra energy to our advantage during these trying times, let’s dispel a common myth about Libra. Contrary to popular opinion, Libra’s primary process doesn’t revolve around being a balanced person and getting along with everybody. Nor does Libra primarily center around serving the greater good. Let me break down Libra so that we can more consciously work with its energy.

Libra is a mental (air) sign ruled by the planet Venus. Libra has the ability to evaluate the contrasting extremes of a situation in order to arrive at an independent understanding (Libra) that has personal value (Venus). The balance point between extremes is derived from the bigger picture, but only after the extremes, or contrast, are clearly seen in a balanced way.

The ability to access the bigger picture is what ultimately becomes Libra’s balancing point. It’s the knowledge of this increased awareness that allows for a new level of participation and connects the individual to a larger context. Connecting with others and connecting with the bigger picture is the most powerful way to use our Libra Full Moon energy.

The shadow side of Libra includes habits of being compliant or docile, going with the flow without independence, and not seeing the contrast or bigger picture. These are also shadow qualities of our Libra Full Moon.

The Libra Art of Questioning Authority

Very often a short-cut to understanding a zodiac sign can be found in its opposite complementary sign.  We can look at Aries (Libra’s opposite) to give us a deeper understanding of exactly how Libra energy works.

In Aries the individual is inspired by the pure energy of the Sun. An Aries Sun is inspired by life itself, for Aries feels alive and motivated to pursue new ideas and find new connections that are independent from the status quo. There’s a fearless quality within Aries to go against the grain, even if it means thinking differently than you have in the past.

Individualized thought is based on an internal, versus external, sense of authority. Our fundamental reaction to any of life’s situations shouldn’t be conditioned by the group’s response. For us to be true individuals we need to make individualized responses to the unique challenges of our life.

The use of creative imagination (Sun in Aries) helps us to envision a bigger picture. Choosing how you want to participate in that bigger picture is what the Libra Full Moon is all about. Our entire astrological pattern is about independent thinking and questioning the official narrative or what we have previously believed to be true.

The Cognitive Dissonance of Our Neptune/Mercury Conjunction

Libra is the master at feeling connected to something larger. But how can we trust our connections if that “something larger” has been purposely distorted?

Our Neptune/Mercury conjunction represents a dissolving of mental constructs of reality. This is the astrological equivalent of cognitive dissonance. This Neptune/Mercury conjunction is amplifying our ability to perceive the distortions within official narratives. This factor is also being further distorted by the centralized power grab associated with the shadows of the recent Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn.

As mental constructs dissolve, the opportunity for new constructs is anchored in a spiritual perspective. The spiritual perspective lies not only in seeing the bigger picture, but also seeing a positive trajectory to enable humanity to move forward without our current imbalances of world power.

With Saturn and Mars both moving into the early degrees of Aquarius, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (for the first time since the 1700’s), there’s a possibility for an entirely new perspective. This new perspective is more akin to a great awakening rather just seeing things with less distortion.

A Neptunian Awakening or a Dystopian Future?

The possibility of two divergent futures is precisely the astrological pattern that inspired the title of this article. I originally titled the article “Good Guys and Bad Guys,” however I changed my mind because it is so difficult to determine who the “good guys” actually are. What matters most is to develop the ability to question everything and learn to watch for the tell-tale signs of who’s working to free humanity, and who’s working to enslave us.

The primary issue is that in any process of change there is always a contrast of two opposing forces (Libra).
The glyph of Libra is often depicted as scales. The balance point of the Libra scales is between the individual and the collective. When the collective is too powerful we have enslavement, and when individuals become too powerful we have anarchy. There must be a balance.

The concept of justice within Libra is also about this relationship between the individual and the collective. Injustice occurs when a corrupt collective becomes too powerful and holds an imbalance of power. The process of justice is the attempt to create a shift in the balance, for example between the corruption associated with an elitist abuse of power and the honest individuals trying to do the right thing.

To make this point even more poignant, the Sabian archetype for our Full Moon at Libra 19° sheds some needed light on this contrast between those working with the intention of doing good, and those who are not working toward a better future for all. The Sabian archetype for Libra 19° is as follows:

ARCHETYPE: Protest against disharmonic social privilege.
COMMENTARY: Working together to change unfair social and unfair class privileges that harm the growth of altruistic community participation. Protests must inspire larger and larger groups in order to be effective toward a positive change.

This maybe be the perfect time for us to consider the bigger picture and try to recognize who’s working for humanity and who’s not. The contrast between these two is found within the “Libra” archetype of our Full Moon.

This archetype encourages us to ask important questions about our current circumstances. For example, how fair is it for those in power and authority to determine our freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and our freedom to earn a living? Many are asking whether we are even allowed to question authority, without public shaming as a form of control.

What matters most now is our ability to ask the questions.

We are told there’s nothing wrong with authoritarian control over everyone if it saves lives. How far does this go? For example, shall we also quit driving to save lives? Shall we outlaw freedom just because it’s too dangerous? This line of thinking is not congruent with the Aquarian Age, but is in fact a marker of the shadow of the historic Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which holds various forms of totalitarianism and total control.

It’s necessary now for each of us to question all types of restrictions and work creatively toward solutions for us all.

The Fearless One Rises Up and Thinks Independently

The highest potential of our Libra Full Moon is an awakening of new perceptions within each of us. This is especially true when we come to realize how Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn can so easily manifest the shadow side of Capricorn’s control and misinformation.

The positive side of our Capricorn energies, combined with our Aries Sun, is a new-found quality of fearlessness. The “Fearless One” (see New Moon article) is able to rise to a higher degree of awakening, as is symbolized by our Libra Full Moon. Suddenly we start becoming more aware of a bigger picture. We begin to see the imbalance in who is controlling what we think and what we can and cannot do, using fear-based tactics.

The fearless one sees straight through the extraordinary measure designed to generate fear and make those who are firmly rooted in the official narratives of our society even more fearful.

Each of us is experiencing firsthand the extent to which external authority and the mainstream media are attempting to control what people think. We are beginning to see the full force of the Capricornian power behind those who are exerting control while not serving humanity’s highest interest.

The fearless one is now fully prepared to see distortions in the world, even if it is only for the first time. This is now the time to start questioning everything, for it’s only through a desire to see the larger context that the Neptune/Mercury distortions begin to dissolve away.

On a personal note, this author has had to face fear as well.  In addition to being an astrologer I am also a retired physician.  My training and understanding are both on a direct collision course with what’s being proclaimed by our “trusted sources.”  Through my medical training, for example, I am personally aware of treatments and cures for the coronavirus that are being hidden from the public.

The fearless one within myself has had to directly confront the extent of these distortions. Working with  astrology over the past several months has given me the courage to face increasing attempts at censorship, and continue to share how these astrological insights are beneficial now, more than ever.

The contrast of what our Libra Full Moon is revealing points directly to what is becoming more and more obvious. It’s now time for a new outlook. It’s time to see a bigger picture of reality with a more spiritual and independent outlook for our future.

A New Outlook

Astrology ChartOur current Neptune/Mercury conjunction either dissolves reality into a distorted narrative, or it enables us to transcend the common understanding of surface events and encourages the individual to awaken to a larger reality. In this larger reality the unimportant details dissolve away (Neptune), leaving only a more clear and complete bigger picture.

In short, the positive quality of the Neptune/Mercury conjunction is a new consciousness that’s rising to a greater Aquarian awakening.

Our Libra Full Moon contrasts two very different trajectories for society. In one trajectory the populace becomes more docile and compliant, never questioning external authority. This docile society becomes convinced that personal freedoms and rights must be relinquished for the greater good by those in power, regardless of the outcome or dystopian future.

The other trajectory is the one envisioned by the fearless one, with a positive new outlook that’s symbolized by our Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. In this trajectory, a greater awakening takes root and begins to emerge at the grassroots level. This is an awakening to the imbalance in power.

No longer is it acceptable to be told what to believe. The fearless one thinks independently, yet chooses out of freewill to participate in a larger movement that’s organizing toward the values of the Aquarian age.

What is required for each of us is a new outlook and a new perceptive in order to see a bigger Libra picture. It’s time to align ourselves with those who are truly working for a better world, and not those who simply give it lip service, or worse, are actively working toward world systems of increased control.

Jupiter and Pluto Launch a New Plan for Society

The Pluto/Jupiter conjunction which is occurring in Capricorn has a tremendous amount of power to create a new trajectory.  The deeper question astrologers are posing with the current Pluto conjunction is “Just whose plan for society will the new Pluto/Jupiter cycle follow?”

Once again, the element of contrast appears to be prominent between two divergent outcomes. The question becomes whether or not the new trajectory for society will emerge as an authoritarian plan, or whether it will have a grassroots element of prosperity, with a spiritual and anti-authoritarian foundation.

Most likely, both plans will initially emerge as competing possibilities. It’s up to those who have awakened to understand their role and responsibility to contribute toward a trajectory of positive change.

Depending on the current paradigm shift, if a grassroots movement starts to form, it must have the ability to harness the energy of Saturn and Mars in Aquarius to fully take root. In other words, this could be the beginning of a real paradigm shift depending on the extent of our great awakening.

No one said the Aquarian age would spontaneously appear without a paradigm shift. We must work together.


Seeing who is truly working for humanity’s good may not be all that easy when the level of distortion is at an all-time high. What may be easier to see is the degree of contrast between those who are pushing for higher levels of fear and control, and those who are fearless, optimistic, and seeing a bigger picture of reality.

Using our energized Libra minds to see the big picture, we will all need to work together as we collectively determine which trajectory we are working toward.

The messaging of big media, big tech, big pharma, and big government are tell-tale signs of the institutions pushing for control. In contrast, pay particular attention to those who are fighting for individual rights, greater freedoms, and calling for less control by the power players in the world.

The deeper work of our Full Moon in Libra is encouraging each of us to see who’s working for humanity and who’s working against it. This is not an easy task during the extended period of distortion and misinformation that our society has endured. In order to do this, each of us must come to our own individualized perspective and bigger picture of reality.

Happy Full Moon,

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