Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology is moving us beyond what most people traditionally think of as “astrology.” Astrology has a long history and rich tradition, but in current times there has also been a tendency for cultural biases and limited understanding to relegate it to the realm of entertainment, or at best, a discussion of positive and negative character traits.

Esoteric Astrology expands our awareness of what is possible. Recent metaphysical shifts support our ability to experience a more expanded view of the nature of “reality.” Esoteric Astrology can respond to these new understandings by revealing the hidden universal principles behind all of life’s manifestations. These principles are more readily accessible now then ever before.

Because of the recent shifts and expansions in awareness, we can more easily experience life as a process of phases rather than isolated circumstances. New understandings of hidden processes and cyclic transformation is  anchoring our consciousness in a new and profound way. Understanding life as a cyclic process of continual transformation is the foundation for Esoteric Astrology, a new direction in astrological perspective.

~ Steven Shroyer

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