Examining the Physical Pleasures of Life

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Steven Shroyer, author

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Aquarian Age Journal

Examining the Physical Pleasures of Life


July 4, 2024

Published on

New Cancer Moon

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Examining the Physical Pleasures of Life

Aquarian Age Update

Pluto Returns to Capricorn
As we observe the active energies that are most prominent at this time, we are keeping a close eye on the shadow energies of Pluto. These energies have the potential to become more problematic as we enter the last half of 2024. Pluto has the most powerful shadow qualities of all the planets. With Pluto in its retrograde motion, it will re-enter Capricorn on Sept 1st. The shadow of Pluto in Capricorn includes the seizing of power through fear, control and cultural manipulation.

On a positive note, this retrograde activation of Pluto’s shadow allows the dark forces to play their hand for the entire world to see. From a higher frequency we will better understand how they operate. These attempts to seize power and control will precipitate a necessary splitting of consciousness in the world. Those who choose to move forward with the Aquarian Age energies will be able to do so with less ambiguity and hindrance.

Sun in Cancer
The Sun’s movement through each zodiac sign supports our ongoing shifts in consciousness. With our Cancer new moon we have the opportunity to examine the importance of pleasure as a prized quality. Pleasure hasn’t always been acknowledged as an important spiritual principle. In fact, in a lot of religious and new age belief systems the experience of pleasure has been shunned.

One of the features of the Aquarian Age is the opportunity we each have to decide which legacy belief systems are high frequency spiritual principles and which are total BS. As we explore the importance of pleasure and its relationship to physicality, keep in mind that your spirit wants to be fully engaged in your life. When Spirit is able to participate in your daily life in practical ways, you can recognize the experience of pleasure as the quality of pure joy in the eternal moment.

Spiritual Fulfillment is More than a Platitude

One of the common misunderstandings that this new moon addresses is the belief that spirituality involves divorcing one’s self from the physical world. This idea has been perpetuated by both religion and many teachings of new age philosophy. This is a mistaken belief.

Now that we have a more direct connection to Source energy, we are realizing that our Spirit wants full access to our physical dimensionality. Our new moon Sabian for 15° Cancer beautifully describes how our spirit loves to participate in the simple pleasures of fun, enjoyment and celebration.

ARCHETYPE: The fulfillment that’s experienced when Spirit participates in the simple pleasures of life.
COMMENTARY: Spirit’s desire to fully participate at every level of existence cannot be overstated. When Spirit is able to fully descend into the human body the totality of wholeness, fulfillment, and spiritual presence is felt. Spiritual fulfillment is only possible when joy the moment is chosen as an experience over and above all else.

The traditional term of ‘merrymaking’ refers here to the act of celebrating or enjoying oneself in a lively and cheerful manner, often involving festivities, music, and dancing. It is typically associated with joyous gatherings in which people come together to have fun and indulge in various forms of entertainment and fun.

This archetype expresses an approach to life that emphasizes the importance of joy in the moment by fully experiencing the pleasure of our physical reality.

Spiritual fulfillment occurs when we make the conscious choice (Cancer) to allow our Spirit to fully descend into human form. The ability to experience pleasure is an essential aspect of this process. The alternative to this occurs when we get stuck in mind-energy, including philosophy, beliefs, judgements, and emotional drama. This Sabian describes the difference between heart energy, where your Spirit fully participates in life, and mind-energy in which your Spirit isn’t involved.

The quickest way to find unlimited fulfillment at every level is to bring your Spirit fully into your body through joy, pleasure, creativity, and choosing inspired activity that you really love. We are transcending the limitations of legacy religions that have permeated all of our culture. Once we release the false idea that an external god is watching, judging, and condemning us we quickly begin transitioning our awareness into a Spirit-filled reality. We’re moving into an era in which our Spirit is involved in everything we do.


Cancer energy helps us choose what is most important. As we transition into the final half of the year, you can continue to use these energies to keep your awareness of what makes you happy and joyful. The secret to fully engaging with your Spirit is through heart energy. This is only possible when your Spirit (Source energy) is able to fully inhabit, embody, and express itself in physical reality.

Together, we are all adjusting our understanding of how to best fully engage our Spirit in everyday life. True spirituality occurs when we allow our Spirit to fully express itself through activities that our Spirit loves. We now have the ability to intuit what we want, beyond our programming, by focusing on what inspires us the most. Endeavor to fully enjoy yourself and find your highest inspiration and excitement in everything you do.

Much Joy and Laughter,
Steven Shroyer

There will be no Aquarian Age Journal for the full moon issue in July, but we’ll be back for the Leo new moon on August 4th. Thank you all for reading our publication, we appreciate each and every one of you very much.

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