Facing the Consequences: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2017

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Facing the Consequences: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2017


April 10, 2017

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Facing the Consequences: Full Moon Astrology Apr 2017

Article Window: Apr 10 to Apr 26
• The Full Moon is Monday, April 10, 11:08 PM PDT
• Sun is 22° Aries, Moon is 22° Libra
• Next New Moon: Apr 26
• Current New Moon Theme (Mar 27 – Apr 26): Intuitive Sensitivity

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Photo of Full Moon Over Bay

Astrology Article: Facing the Consequences

Our Full Moon astrology brings into focus the real possibility of creating a new level of abundance and cooperation in the world, both on a personal level as well as collectively and in the culture-at-large. This opportunity is provided with a requirement: To receive the new potentials we must be willing to take an honest look at our lives and our circumstances and our current trajectory. This is true on a personal level as well as our membership in the collective.

Today’s article will focus on three planetary influences that represent the opportunity for a distinct turning point.

This opportunity is symbolized in the patterns of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct the Moon and Sun, and linked by a Pluto T-square (see chart). This Lunar pattern will have a direct impact on our lives over the coming two weeks. This is true on both the personal and collective levels.

The  astrology chart for the Full Moon presents a poignant contrast between two possibilities, and two potential realities. The Uranus/Sun pattern amplifies a greater optimism associated with human togetherness and cooperation, while the Jupiter/Moon pattern emphasizes a potential breakdown in the patterns and relationships between the individual and society.

The Moon/Jupiter Challenge

Full Moon Astrology Chart: Apr 2017Jupiter is the planet of expansion through integration and management of relationships and social structures. At the personal level, Jupiter allows you expand into society for success. From society’s position, Jupiter controls and manages your participation in the social structures and status. These relationships can be positive or negative, depending on intention and alignment.

The biggest challenge facing each of us now, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, is the task of clearly asking and seeing the quality of our alignment with existing social structures.  In what ways are the structures of your life serving you? Who and what is ultimately controlling you?  And the deeper question now: “Are you okay with this?”

This is a loaded question with many implications. It requires us to acknowledge the elements within society that manage human beings for the sake of control and greed rather than for the public good. These patterns  are currently evident within the corporate media’s portrayal of reality which includes narratives of growth at all cost, the war on terror, and reduction of individual liberties. With the current activation, these destructive patterns could continue to escalate.

What’s being called for with the Full Moon is a shift in consciousness with the opportunity for new possibilities to emerge that are centered on abundance and prosperity.

This opportunity for abundance and prosperity is shown in the individualized approach to the Moon/Jupiter conjunction. Through the overall pattern of the chart there’s the opportunity for individuals to personally approach this realization of external control, leading to the choice to pursue new possibilities for peace and prosperity. Willingness to face the consequences of our previous actions as a culture can now lead to a new level of empowerment and participation in the reconstruction of society.

In other words, if we face the consequences of what’s really going on in our lives, we can shift it. Again, this is true on a personal level as well as collectively. The transformation of society in a more positive direction begins with our willingness to face our own problems and, with eyes wide open, knowing the risks and accepting the consequences of our actions, then we can choose to work in cooperation with others. Each action we take contributes to the larger movement toward a more inclusive society.

The Sun/Uranus Challenge

The planet Uranus has played a prominent role in the astrology of the last several months and this Full Moon chart is no exception. Uranus always promotes freedom and individuality, even at the expense of destroying whatever stands in the way. Uranus holds such a high vibration that whatever structure can’t hold its frequency of wholeness will be transformed or even shattered.

During this Full Moon, the Sun’s position at 3 degrees behind Uranus, sets the theme of “letting go” that will be played out over the coming two weeks. With the Sun in balsamic phase to Uranus, this theme of letting go of the past comes into play.

At the collective level, societies around the world are faced with letting go of all low-frequency control of the planet and humanity in general. However, this letting go doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The letting go allows for something greater. The accompanying expansion allows for greater potential to creatively come forth.

The Sabian archetype for Uranus indicates the intuitive awareness that’s available now, including the ability to receive new revelations of even greater possibilities than we have seen or imagined in the past.

ARCHETYPE: The revelation of new potentialities.
COMMENTARY: To operate on both inner and outer levels; be open, able, and willing to shape a translucent mind around spiritual fulfillment. Through faith, we can only experience what we truly believe we can experience.

I like what this Sabian says about faith: “Through faith, we can only experience what we truly believe we can experience.” On a personal level, the Sun/Uranus conjunction is a call to each of us to experience greater freedom with the faith that new potentials are not only possible, but attainable. It is possible now to have the freedom and abundance in which we truly believe.

Pluto’s Challenge

The real opportunity of this Full Moon lies in Pluto which completes the T-square with both Jupiter and Uranus. As a collective, we have reached the point of facing the consequences of our current trajectory: either we can continue on the current path with increasing levels of corrupt power, or we can take actions to begin a new path by building relationships of collaboration and trust. This includes our relationships with all forms of leadership and our choices with whom we will align.

The polarity and contrast of the two simultaneous paths of choice summarize the current wakeup call and the opportunity to choose to face the consequences in our lives in a transformative way for the highest good. Remember, Pluto wants transformation at any cost. With Pluto in Capricorn, control and power can be equally used for the positive or the negative. This is the choice each of us must make.

The world will change when enough of us choose, on a personal level, to completely challenge the status quo and ask ourselves what true transformation and cooperation with others might look like.

In Summary

This Full Moon is a call to freedom and abundance, joining together and working with others for a positive outcome.

This Full Moon chart emphasizes a turning point. Our Full Moon astrology is full of optimism, but only if you are willing to face the consequences of your personal situation and actions.  Once you are willing to see the truth of the current situation, then the next step is to let go of limiting ideas of what is truly possible. From here you are able to transcend old limitations, let go of past ideas, and embrace the opportunity of new potentials. It’s time to believe in what is possible, to join together in prosperity and freedom, and to transform culture into something for everyone.

Regardless of what choice the collective makes, know that your personal choice can be one of cosmic optimism and new possibilities. This is where lasting change begins.

Happy Full Moon

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