Finding Emotional Security within Your Social Role: Full Moon Astrology June 2018

Finding Emotional Security within Your Social Role: Full Moon Astrology June 2018

Astrology Window:  June 27 – July 12

• The Full Moon is Wednesday, June 27, 9:53 PM PST
• Sun is 7° Cancer, Moon is 7° Capricorn
• Next New Moon: July 12
• Current New Moon Theme (Jun 13 – July 12):  Transforming Individuality

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Astrology Article: Finding Emotional Security within Your Social Role

By Steven Shroyer

Our Full Moon astrology is offering all of us a fantastic opportunity to re-define our relationships, including the roles we have come to accept in our relationships with others and with society at large. The Capricorn Full Moon is occurring with a powerful Saturn conjunction, which brings the possibility of genuine authenticity within any relationship. During the next two weeks you can expect additional transformation to occur in how you see yourself, especially through the context of your relationships and your role within society.

Dynamic Interactions for a Greater Sense of Individuality

There is a natural dynamic of polarity that occurs in the zodiac through the pairing of opposite signs. Each Full Moon we receive new realizations and expansions through the specific activation of the polarity between the current Sun-Moon opposition. The polarity that’s being activated at this Full Moon between Cancer and Capricorn holds new insights into the dynamics of ALL relationships, and specifically in the contrast of individuality versus group identity.

The Sun is currently in Cancer, and the Cancer side of this Full Moon polarity is ruled by the element of water. Cancer is keenly attuned to your feeling nature. It naturally wants to relate to people and circumstances through feeling secure, intuitive and connected.

The Full Moon is located opposite the Sun in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is an earth element.  Capricorn wants to be connected as well, but not necessarily through emotions or feelings. Instead, Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) seeks to channel activity into something that is more tangible and concrete than the emotional nature of Cancer.

Capricorn, in its earthy practical way, wants to establish its security and connectedness with something that’s concrete. Dependability, responsibility, and positions of authority become suitable avenues to accomplish this practical goal. One of Capricorn’s most spiritual qualities can be seen through the desire to work hard for the purpose of contribution, toward practical goals that bring prosperity, security, and integrity to one’s culture.

It’s through the desire to control feelings and emotions that Capricorn’s shadow emerges. Capricorn is trying to solve the same issues of connectedness and security that Cancer desires, but it does it without the emotional intelligence that Cancer provides. With Capricorn’s sense of practicality there can be a tendency to default to solving security issues through control and physical types of security such as possessions or social status, as well as achieving control by exerting power.

When Capricorn and Cancer work together they can ultimately bridge the personal and collective, and achieve balanced equality, honoring individuality as well as a thriving culture. In this way, personal and group authority isn’t expressed through external control or power imbalance but mutual and authentic respect.

Saturn’s Positive Contribution to the Full Moon

Having a Capricorn Full Moon conjunct Saturn (which rules Capricorn) is a rare event. To take full advantage of this powerful configuration it is necessary to intentionally work with the natural intelligence of Saturn, which provides a clear contrast between the individual and society.

The influence of Saturn can result in an expanded understanding of our response to our circumstances and help us honor the ways in which we need to feel connected and secure. This understanding stems from a deep sense of personal responsibility, including the commitment we each have as individuals striving to make the world a better place for all.

In order to work positively with Saturn’s influence during the Full Moon polarity of Cancer and Capricorn, Saturn’s intelligence must move beyond what has already been established (Capricorn) in order to incorporate the need for personal connectedness and inner security (Cancer). The type of emotional intelligence that’s available through the signature of this Moon is the result of this dynamic integration between Cancer and Capricorn, and Saturn can support this expansion of emotional intelligence.

The process of individuality in service to a greater good begins with a positive and authentic self-image. Saturn within the Capricorn Full Moon polarity supports your expanded sense of self. This is an expanded self-image that transcends limiting attempts to fit into an existing social status quo (Capricorn), and instead works to shape the world through personal relationships (Cancer). In this way there’s the possibility of establishing a new status quo that honors individuality, not through control but through mutual respect and appreciation for the contributions of others as well as yourself.

Astrology Pattern

Full Moon ChartThere are two key signatures that we’ll want to explore in the current Full Moon chart.

The first pattern is the more obvious and involves the Moon/Saturn conjunction that occurs directly opposite our Cancer Sun. This pattern has the potential to activate a pure sense of mental and/or emotional clarity to help you make decisions and understand your best way in moving forward, especially within the context of knowing who YOU are in relation to all forms of group identity.

The polar extreme of this conjunction is the potential for the activation of emotional stress. The potential for stress can take various forms and will vary greatly from person to person. Watch for the underlying indicator of indecision or fear of failure in moving forward, especially regarding your appropriate role and responsibility in any given situation or circumstance.

As a result of having these contrasting extremes activated, each of us will have the tendency to experience our circumstances, especially our relationships, through the polar extremes of stress versus clarity. The stress will largely be emotional, while your access to clarity can be either emotional or mental or both.

With the extra influence of Saturn, the potential for emotional stress can rise from the conflict between habits of responsibility to others versus the desire for personal wellbeing. The contrast of external expectations from previously established roles and habits limits your ability to access personal guidance in the present moment.

In short, how you experience this Moon/Saturn conjunction within the context of your own circumstances depends on the degree to which you are able to show up to each situation of contrast and commit to your own positive momentum. If you can avoid emotional stress within circumstances of apparent conflict, you’ll have access to new levels of clarity that will help you to recognize the opportunities this situation affords.

The second pattern involves Jupiter squaring both Venus and Mars, which are in opposition to each other. There’s some complexity here, so let me break it down. (For background on the Venus/Mars opposition see recent New Moon article.)

The Venus/Mars opposition provides an excellent counter-balance to our Full Moon. What I mean by counter-balance is that there are additional energies available through this opposition to enable all of us to turn the potential for stress into new perspectives of clarity.

Remember, the “stress versus clarity” polarity is part of the Full Moon opposition between Cancer and Capricorn. What the Venus/Mars opposition provides to this dynamic is the possibility for new understandings of the very nature of this type of polarity, and the opportunity to experience our relationships at new levels of awareness.

Jupiter plays a key role through the T-square formation with Venus and Mars. The T-square is a point of integration that represents the signature of emotional intelligence between what Venus and Mars represent, which is the polarity of relationship. This integration can only happen when we expand (Jupiter) our awareness of relationships into a new perspective of value (Venus) and toward a new direction (Mars).

This pattern isn’t suggesting that you necessarily need to change the status of your relationships, but it does suggest that a deeper understanding is worth exploring, especially in context to each relationship’s true value and trajectory.

When the overall Full Moon pattern is observed through the signature involving a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon, we see an expansion of the connectedness we feel (Cancer), especially in terms of our responsibility to the larger group or society (Capricorn).

Ultimately, this Full Moon signature directly impacts the connection between your direct emotional response to others and your understanding of responsibility, both within yourself and society. Your own mastery of emotional intelligence will play a significant role in working through individual issues, including any problems that occur between now and the upcoming Cancer New Moon on July 12th.


This month, we have the opportunity to rethink our social roles so that they function as a reflection of who we truly are, and not as projection of who we feel we need to be or who we have been in the past. This can lead to more authentic and creative forms of personal expression, as well as a more stable sense of self.

The way in which you are able to see your expanded role within your culture becomes a key factor that determines whether your personal experiences during the last two weeks of this Lunar cycle result in clarity or stress. Instead of experiencing stress in the face of changing circumstance or personal transformation, you have the opportunity now to find greater clarity in all that you do. New levels of emotional intelligence will help you to redefine your response to life’s circumstances so that you are able to respond with the clarity needed to bring the genuine YOU to each person and situation with whom you interact.

Happy Full Moon

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