Finding Your Place in the World — March Full Moon 2019

Full Moon Astrology Report
Mar 20 to Apr 5

Libra Full Moon is Wednesday, Mar 20, 6:43 PM
• Current New Moon Theme (Mar 20 to Apr 5): Seeing Beyond the Veil
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Finding Your Place in the World

Our Libra Full Moon is reminding each of us just how important individuality is in the bigger picture of life, liberty, and the pursuit of personal happiness.

This year’s Libra Full Moon just happens to occur on the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring. Although this astrological event is rare, what’s even more rare is the fact that this happens to be occurring after a long sequence of Full Moons that have highlighted the need for independent thinking.

With today’s chart we’re looking at the importance of individuality at a time of the year when the individual must emerge from the many collective voices. This spring equinox the theme of individual vs. collective holds significant historical importance, specifically related to current efforts to censor individual expression and the individual voice.

On the positive side, the illusionary nature of Neptune is working behind the scenes to help us see more rather than less. The Full Moon is emphasizing our ability to objectify our circumstances, and not to be deluded or fearful.

The shift from Pisces to Aries is highlighting the collective need to support individual thinking, creative freedom, and personal liberty. This archetype of the balance between individual and collective is emphasized with our Full Moon at 1° Aries/Libra, and then reiterated within the Neptune/Mercury conjunction within our Full Moon chart.

Understanding the Aries / Libra Polarity

Each year at the spring equinox we move from Pisces into Aries. Aries is considered the mother of individuality whereas Pisces can be seen as the mother of the collective. And yes, this creates a natural conflict as we move from the collective to the individual, but this conflict is only on the surface.

In the bigger picture these two, the individual and the collective, work together. In order for society to function in harmony the two need to be in perfect balance. This is precisely the meaning of our current Full Moon at 1° Libra (Moon) and 1° Aries (Sun).  The natural polarity that always exists between Sun and Moon during a Full Moon is significantly emphasized with the first-degree activation of the zodiac polarity between 1° Aries and 1° Libra.

The Sun at 1° Aries captures the essence of the individual (Aries) emerging from the collective (Pisces). This is one of the most difficult shifts within all astrological archetypes. At Aries we emerge and begin a new cycle in which we as individuals are now both independent and free to creatively expand into greater personal expression.

The Moon at 1° Libra captures the essence of each of us stepping into a new level of participation and contribution.  Success at 1° Libra is expressed as we experience a more perfected archetype of ourselves as individuals understanding our place in the world.

Independence within the Collective

It’s important to point out that there isn’t just ‘one’ collective or a singular collective voice, but many. Using this idea as a starting point, the bigger question that I’m drawn to is, “Which collective voice do I listen to?” Our Full Moon definitely gives us some valuable insight about this process of choosing intentionally which collective we want to participate with.

While there are many possible collective voices to listen to, what matters now is nurturing an individual perspective and individual orientation that fosters creativity and personal freedom. This individual perspective balances out one of the shadows of collective thinking, which says that one solution is good for everyone.

Right now there’s a cultural tug-of-war between the individual and the collective. It’s the healthy balance between the two that needs to be fostered. Our society promotes various forms of imbalance. One common example is marketing and consumerism that convinces the individual to think along certain lines of corporate messaging and policy, rather than to think for themselves.

It’s important here to quickly review Neptune’s astrological role in dissolving structures. Neptune dissolves in order to restructure at a higher frequency. The restructuring can’t happen until enough of the old structure has been dissolved, including the elements of life and relationships that are no longer working.

This a good time to remind everyone that WHAT Neptune dissolves isn’t necessarily “good or bad;” it simply IS. Neptune supports our spiritual evolution, whereas its shadow supports fantasy and illusion. The positive side of Neptune breaks down so that positive forms of metamorphosis can occur. I discuss this in more detail in my last New Moon article, Seeing Beyond the Veil.

This becomes an important point as all of us learn how to see beyond our previous ideas of reality, including much of the illusion propagated by those who don’t necessarily have our best interests in mind. When we develop a more objective internal filter we are more able to distinguish which collective voices are in alignment with our own independent thinking.

In order to successfully navigate the balance between the individual and the collective we must each cultivate a spiritual perspective that includes personal objectivity and the ability to trust ourselves.

Neptune’s Influence on Individuality

Neptune’s ability to support individuality centers on what needs to be dissolved. For maximum success this process requires a spiritual perspective. This works differently for each of us, especially because Neptune often operates below the level of our awareness and is easily driven by our subconscious motivations.

As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune plays an important role in the signature of our Full Moon chart, specifically the relationship between the individual and the collective.  When the collective dominates the individual, personal creativity is lost. Paradoxically, when creative expression is curtailed it weakens the collective.

The positive effect of Neptune in the current chart is to dissolve the collective’s unhealthy ability to influence or censor the individual. This is a key aspect of the importance of this year’s transition from Pisces to Aries.

In a purely spiritual frame of reference, Neptune is dissolving our blind spots at an individual level of awareness. Blind spots can include misunderstandings about reality, including not seeing how we are being lied to, as well as our own sense of inflated self-importance.

So the bottom line here is that each of us must look within and nurture our individuality in order to better understand how to balance out current influences of too much collective control.

Mercury’s Contribution

Mercury’s new-phase conjunction with Neptune is another significant aspect of this Full Moon chart.
Mercury’s position with Neptune is emphasizing this current theme of the relationship between the individual and collective.

In this chart Mercury is not associated with qualities of communication, as much as it with is the ability to objectively distinguish polarities. The specific polarity expressed in this chart is the polarity between the needs of the individual and those of the collective. In short, Mercury’s natural objectivity is helping Neptune work with polarities in a positive way.


The Libra Full Moon is supporting our natural transition into the season of spring, launched in the zodiac sign of Aries, with good support for increased levels of personal individuality. During this time we all need to put in perspective what it means to come to a new balance point between ourselves as individuals and our relationship with the collective in its various forms.

This Full Moon is propelling each of us to look at exactly what this balance point might look, like so we can choose intentional participation within a collective that is in alignment with our own spirituality (Neptune). In this process it’s also important that we are willing to look at the ways in which each of our personal blind spots is also individualized and being activated.

It’s this transition into a greater understanding of what it means to be an individual that allows for the collective to evolve to a new level of harmony that supports a life of creative living, full of freedom and liberty for all.

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Steven Shroyer is the founder of Seattle Astrology and author of the Lunar Journal Publication. He teaches and consults throughout the world, guiding others on their divine path of joy, fulfillment, and self-realization.


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    How would you calculate the phases of the partial grand sextile in the Aries Ingress kite formation?

  2. Steven Shroyer

    Start with the slowest moving planet. Count the number of degrees the faster moving planet has traveled from the slower planet. Every 45 degrees is a new phase when using an 8 phase system.

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