The Freedom to Resist: Full Moon Astrology May 2017

The Freedom to Resist: Full Moon Astrology May 2017

Article Window: May 10 to May 25
• The Full Moon is Wednesday, May 10, 2:42 PM PST
• Sun is 21° Taurus, Moon is 21° Scorpio
• Next New Moon: May 25
• Current New Moon Theme (Apr 26 – May 25): BREAKTHROUGH TO A NEW QUALITY OF BEING

Current Lunar Cycle

The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago. In the coming two weeks look for ways to celebrate and take inspired action, especially from whatever you have embraced or experienced since the New Moon. Be patient with challenges that emerge in the coming days, recognizing that they are also a necessary part of your expansion.

Full Moon Over Discovery Bay 2017

Astrology Article: The Freedom to Resist

Our New Moon astrology brings a new focus to the idea of inner freedom. This short article expands on the New Moon theme of what it takes to breakthrough to a new quality of being.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, there is a deep need to relate your experiences to the social structures that are occurring around you. With all of the rapid changes taking place within society, the Full Moon is addressing your individual response to external controls, including the increasingly authoritarian approach and  control within our own culture at large.

It’s important to be aware that authoritarianism isn’t limited to government, but includes all forms of control including religion, traditions, and even individual belief systems. Ancestral control also can limit personal freedom. Patterns within your lineage can discourage your ability to follow your own path and true potential.

Developing true inner authority is both a breakthrough and the establishment of a new quality of being.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 21 degrees Scorpio reads.

ARCHETYPE: A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.

This archetype suggests that in order to possess a new quality of being we must have the necessary inner freedom to act as a completely individualized person. This level of individualization has access to the power required to follow one’s own path regardless of the consequences, even in the face of an authoritarian society.

The Scorpio Full Moon is activating a new awareness of inner freedom operating within each of us. You will recognize when this awareness or realization is being triggered by the inner urge to resist. Your conscience demands it, especially when external structures and beliefs, including those in authority, don’t have your best interest, or the world’s best interest, in mind.

The quality of Inner Freedom includes the necessary strength of character to face the outcomes of resistance. During this Full Moon, and in the coming two weeks,  celebrate your strength of character and the practical development of your new quality of being.

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