Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul — Full Moon Astrology Report Oct 31, 2020

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Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul — Full Moon Astrology Report Oct 31, 2020


October 30, 2020

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Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul — Full Moon Astrology Report Oct 31, 2020

Full Moon Astrology Report
Oct 31 to Nov 14

Taurus Full Moon is Saturday, Oct 31, 7:49 AM PDT
Current Full Moon Theme (Oct 16 to Nov 14):  Revitalizing Life-force
The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Co-authored by Elizabeth Schermer

Astrology Article — Freedom through Facing the Dark Night of the Soul

Our Full Moon In Taurus occurs directly opposite of our Scorpio Sun. This powerful pattern between Taurus and Scorpio is bringing to the surface all that is hidden or suppressed within the depths of our emotional bodies.

This Full Moon in Taurus is not a typical Full Moon. In fact, it’s far from it. That is because our Full Moon holds an unexpected factor that comes from an exact conjunction with Uranus.

This Full Moon represents the potential for a peak experience that each of us can use as a personal turning point at a very pivotal point in time. The turning point of this Full Moon is not just for us as individuals but perhaps even the entire world on a collective level.

What’s coming to the surface for the world, and for each of us as individuals, is an awareness of what has been suppressed, censored, hidden, or simply emotionally held beneath the surface. The energies of Scorpio, as we will see, play a big part in exposing whatever has been hidden.

Scorpio Needs A Healthy Outlet

Scorpio is perhaps the most maligned zodiac sign within pop-astrology culture. In most cases, this is an undeserved reputation.

Every zodiac sign expresses positive qualities of consciousness. In Scorpio, there is a depth of experience that needs to be anchored within our emotions to support our consciousness at every level. Misconceptions about Scorpio arise mostly out of misplaced shadow aspects of our emotions that are all too often projected onto others.

This experience of emotional projection is the shadow of Scorpio and it explains some of the common associations with Scorpio, including emotional control, overwhelment, and vindictiveness.

Scorpio’s energy needs healthy outlets through the freedom to express one’s deeper emotions. The warmth and authenticity of Scorpio is a beautiful quality and flourishes when nourished. This can’t happen in environments of long-term emotional suppression. If we are to fully develop, our rising emotions must have an accessible and safe outlet for expression.

Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio, providing an anchor of stability. During our Full Moon, Taurus provides an earthy and naturally grounding polarity for Scorpio’s emotional intensity. The Taurus earth element helps to create a productive environment into which Scorpio’s powerful emotions can flow.

This is a time of great emotional intensity and volatility. On a personal level, our Taurus Full Moon is allowing for a positive release of those emotions which are normally held within the depths of your emotional being. The Taurus factor is going to help you find a positive outlet and direction for those emotions to be expressed. The grounding of your emotions will come through a new sense of freedom and optimism.

The Unexpected Factor of a Uranus Conjunction

What makes this Full Moon so powerful is the fact that Uranus is making an exact conjunction with the Full Moon. Uranus will act as a catalyst now to release whatever energy the shadow of Scorpio has suppressed.

As one of the three outer transcendent planets, Uranus only operates at very high levels of consciousness. For this reason, it operates largely in an instinctual or unconscious manner. As we evolve we can more and more intentionally work with Uranian energy in a conscious way.

Uranian energy can transform whatever Saturn has brought into form. The qualities of freedom and optimism are inherent to Uranus. Uranus can also be restless and volatile. Uranian energy can come as a creative flash of insight. It also works subtly as a desire for freedom and independence. Above all, Uranian energy needs an adequate outlet in order to express its transformative nature.

At the Full Moon, Taurus can help provide that healthy outlet for release by giving voice to anything that’s been suppressed. This is especially true for those who are beginning to consciously work with Uranian energy.

When Uranus doesn’t have appropriate outlets for expression it becomes unpredictable and volatile. This is because we need adequate insight to help us deal with unexpected experiences or circumstances. What’s most interesting with Uranus is what happens when Uranus DOES have the outlet it needs for healthy expression.

When expressed in a positive way, the healthy qualities of the transformative nature of Uranus include optimism, brilliance, the pursuit of freedom and individuality, creative and transformative change, and the quickening of consciousness that many call “The Awakening.”

The Dark Night of the Soul

While the Uranus Full Moon conjunction is an opportunity for personal awakening, the shadow effect of Uranus directly conjunct the Taurus Full Moon can easily be experienced as the “Dark Night of the Soul.” This shadow effect of Uranus can actually be an important part of the awakening process, and the dark night of the soul can become one of the key peak experiences of our lives.

Because Uranus is a catalyst for change, especially through disruption, the effect of Uranus can bring forward the depths of personal emotions that have been suppressed. When nothing makes sense anymore, and there’s no seeming purpose to anything, we can say that we are experiencing a dark night of the soul.

This is a type of peak experience that many of us are experiencing as we move through these times of chaos and uncertainty.  This is especially true as circumstances play out, both personally and collectively across the globe.

Even in what may appear to be a dark hour, our Full Moon holds a hidden hope that Uranus is activating in a very positive way. This is the activation of inner hope and faith in the ongoing renewal of the processes and cycles of life.

The key spiritual teaching of the dark night of the soul is that this is a healthy and necessary experience. It is a passageway, a door, and an initiation to something better. Patience, faith, and hope in your own process is the key to success right now.

On the collective level, we can expect to see new potentials emerging from the depths of what’s been hidden, with new revelations, including new whistleblowers, scandals uncovered, and perhaps even more, the lid blown completely off to expose deep levels of corruption that have been creating false perceptions of reality.

Astrology Pattern

Astrology ChartThe most significant astrology pattern in the chart is our Uranus/Full Moon exact conjunction. This aspect dominates the entire chart.

This Uranus factor is not only related to the Full Moon, it’s part of the entire lunar month. For more context see my previous New Moon article titled, Revitalizing Your Life-force for Greatness. This will add even a greater understanding of what we are currently experiencing with this high-impact Full Moon.

As you can see from the astrology chart, we are still experiencing the historic Capricorn conjunctions that are collectively playing a major and significant role in our daily lives. In the current chart, the Capricorn conjunctions are squared Mercury and Mars. If we’re able to connect with the Uranian potentials for new awakening, the squares of Mercury and Mars with the historic conjunction will initiate the opportunity for a new direction (Mars) and new ways of thinking (Mercury).

What I’m personally watching and paying close attention to is what our Uranus/Full Moon conjunction will expose and bring to light. During this Full Moon, expect the unexpected. Chaos and disruption are classic shadow elements of this powerful Uranus Full Moon pattern.

It is quite possible that more of the hidden attempts to control and subjugate people through corruption, censorship, and fear will be exposed. It is also quite possible that each of us can experience new insights of brilliance and optimism for the future. In this way, Uranus will have a major impact toward greater freedoms and independence for all of us.


We are currently experiencing a turbulent period. Our Full Moon and its conjunction with Uranus is amplifying the turbulence, as well as the opportunity for personal awakening. The dark night of the soul that many are experiencing is only a temporary phase and will pass, resulting in greater insight and clarity. The more consciously you can work with this Uranian energy the more freedom, hope, and creative change you will experience in your life.

Our world is in the process of changing, hopefully for the better. This Full Moon is one of many peak experiences we will collectively experience throughout our lifetime. The more we can all tap into the energies of Uranian awakening the more we can contribute to positive change and the more ease we can experience in this process.

Happy Full Moon

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