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Seattle Astrology embodies the spirit astrological innovation in the Seattle Area since 1979. This modern era of astrology took root in the University district 42 years ago. The new age movement was the catalyst for great advances in astrological thinking in the Seattle area. Today, Seattle Astrology continues to carry the torch of innovation with the launch of the Seattle Astrology Education System.


Seattle Astrology has emerged as the leader in astrological thinking after celebrating their 10 year anniversary of publishing The Lunar Journal. The Lunar Journal has followed the lunar cycle for a decade, chronicling each wave of potential that was released at the New Moon.

Seattle Astrology operates as a nonprofit organization. They work with a group of nonprofit organizations who are dedicated in bring forward the Aquarian Age.

In the tradition of Seattle Astrology, Steven Shroyer developed a break-through approach for the teaching and the understanding of astrology. After years of dedication, Pure Principle Astrology became a cornerstone of proven success. The Seattle Astrology Education System utilizes this pure principle approach with numerology, archetypilization and geometry. 


Seattle Astrology offers The Lunar Journal as a lunar cycle guide. The Lunar Journal documents the Moon’s interaction with nature, society, and the evolution of consciousness as we continue to move into the Aquarian Age. Our online astrology courses at the Seattle Astrology University also offer many types of astrology guides.

Seattle Astrology Education System

Visit the Seattle Astrology University and see the “Seattle Astrology Educational System” in action. This cutting-edge approach to learning astrology is revolutionizing how we understand astrology. The system teaches the astrologer how to think, not what to think. This approach is a sharp contrast to how traditional astrology has been taught.


Astrology is a cosmic language that can be read and understood. A trained astrologer can easily read an astrology chart. The depth of knowledge read within an chart is dependent on both technical skills and the dimension of consciousness in which the astrologer can access.


We have a No Refund policy. If you miss your appointment we will simply reschedule your appointment.

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