Giving Your Most Authentic Response to Life — Aquarius Full Moon Report Aug 22, 2021

Full Moon Astrology Report

Aug 22 to Sept 6

• Aquarius Full Moon is Sunday, Aug 22, 5:02 AM PST
• Current Full Moon Theme (Aug 22 to Sept 6):  Authentic Response
• The Full Moon illuminates and activates new awareness, especially corresponding to whatever was released with the manifesting wave of New Moon energy two weeks ago.

Astrology Article — Giving Your Most Authentic Response to Life

Our Full Moon in Aquarius is the second of two back-to-back Aquarius Full Moons. Our first Aquarius Full Moon was on July 23rd and indicated a major shift in how we perceive reality. (See “The Shifting Balance of Reality.”) Now the second Aquarius Full Moon is emphasizing these shifts by bringing awareness to what it means to express life authentically.

Within the depths of humanity’s psyche is growing a new quality of authenticity. This new quality is deeply rooted within those who have an open mind and can hear the reverberations of the new Aquarian Age ring out across the globe, demanding a new level of freedom and liberty for all.

This current Full Moon is about the sharing of ideas and communicating with others in the hope that one day soon humanity will unite together under a banner of free thought and liberty. Together, we are on the verge of transforming our planet though a deeper understanding of how precious and cherished our foundations of freedom and liberty really are. 

Our double Aquarian Moons are amplifying a major shift in how we perceive reality and now this shift is being disseminated through the world, stirring humanity to respond in new and authentic ways.

Personal Authenticity

The theme of authenticity runs deep in our current Full Moon Chart. By authenticity we mean the degree to which a person’s actions are congruent with their beliefs and desires, despite external pressures to conform. This pressure extends beyond the status quo to include family of origin, as well as the subconscious and past-life patterns that are not in sync with one’s personal belief system. 
Authenticity is one of the major themes of Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus, through the Aquarian ideal that we can stay true to ourselves despite the pressures of our culture or environment.

Over the coming two weeks, as we look forward to our next New Moon on Sept 6th, you can cultivate your most authentic response to life in order to take full advantage of some very exciting energies coming to our planet and to our consciousness.

An Individualized Approach to the Aquarian Age

Our Lunar cycles over the past several months have been emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility, especially the ability to move forward in life from one’s own unique nature. The increasing Aquarian energy of creative change now requires a personal response to the planetary shifts happening all around us.
With two Aquarian Full Moons in a row, each of us must now confront the deeper implications of what this personal response might mean as an individuated being. An individuated being is one who is able to think and act for oneself, in alignment with personal will and independent of societal pressures.  
You can think of this second Aquarian Full Moon as a catalyst to enable you to experience an individualized shift, or metamorphosis, into more a holistic relationship with the evolutionary changes in our world. This new quality of planetary consciousness is sweeping across the world at an increased pace. It is also being met with sharp resistance.
Many of us are feeling the intensity of these evolutionary changes as they happen within our daily circumstances. Our response must be an individualized approach that directly challenges our personal resistance, as well as the resistance that this evolutionary change is activating within the collective.
All these qualities of resistance and revolution represent the vast spectrum of the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age. Tied this this Full Moon is the realization that these experiences of resistance and revolution will also include the disclosure of what’s been hidden from us in the past.

Evidence of the Coming New Age

All around us is the evidence of the crumbling Capricornian shadow structures that are beginning to dismantle by the constant flow of new information and disclosure. By disclosure we mean bringing to light important information that has been purposely suppressed and hidden from the public.
As individuals, we must take exception to those who falsely claim authority over us. As we continue to move into the Aquarian Age, our current level of government censorship and big tech censorship will become a failing proposition.
In the Aquarian Age the true power is always within the awakened people. If the astrology we have been following continues to be accurate, the current control mechanisms that are exerting their control over the mainstream will not be able to withstand the coming influence of Uranus and the Aquarian Age.  
As we contemplate the massive amount of knowledge and secrets that have been kept from the public over millennia, regarding history, medicine, technology, politics and other hidden information, it’s only natural for our curiosity and excitement to continue to build.
Humanity has been waiting for disclosure ever since the time period when powerful religious and political factions, including the Vatican, became a world dominating force, taking control of information and hiding important spiritual and scientific knowledge from the world.

This is an exciting time. I believe the days of hidden information and technology are almost over. The Sun’s archetype at this powerful Aquarius Full Moon indicates the new momentum. The Sabian for 30° Leo reads:

ARCHETYPE: The individual realization that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably a shared experience within the whole of humanity.
COMMENTARY: In its truest sense, the sharing of ideas and communication belong to the realm of universal Mind that is operating within all of humanity. Once consciousness is able to function beyond the 3D plane and a higher level of development is reached, one becomes a participant in the ONE-mind of humanity that some are calling the 5D realm. When the universe speaks to a person it becomes ‘unsealed’ or universal knowledge, and available to all of humanity. Sole possession of ideas and information must fade into the realization that no information can truly be sealed or hidden forever.

This archetype, in combination with the other energies of the Full Moon chart, clearly indicates that as we evolve into the Aquarian age, disclosure is inevitable. In practical terms, this archetype may also be a clear indicator that true disclosure is on the near horizon.

Astrology Pattern

The themes of authenticity and disclosure are represented in our Full Moon chart in multiple ways.

We have a see-saw pattern in our chart. The see-saw is created by crossing oppositions, including the Full Moon. This pattern shows a contrast of competing energies that must be personally experienced and integrated in order for growth to occur.

We also have a grand earth trine that is working to harmonize and integrate our see-saw pattern. The trine involves Mars and the transcendent planets Pluto and Uranus. This earth trine is interesting in that the harmonizing factor of the trine depends on the practical (earth) elements of your activities and actions (Mars).

Because Mars is the only personal planet in our earth trine, success with the harmonizing qualities of the trine requires us to take personal action. These actions will be in response to our circumstances, and in alignment with the highest expression of authenticity.

With both Uranus and Pluto in the trine, the harmonizing factor of the trine has an unconscious (transcendent) element that must be recognized in order for you to experience personal success. The ability to understand transcendent energies requires you to be sensitive in the moment to choose your response as an individual, rather than responding unconsciously or from fear.

Jupiter Conjunct Full Moon

Jupiter’s conjunction with the Full Moon is expanding the theme of authenticity. We can see this theme emphasized within the Sabian for Jupiter.

ARCHETYPE: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in one’s instinctive feeling as a new frame of reference for expressing humanity’s most authentic emotions.
COMMENTARY: The embodiment of the divine feminine and authentic emotions are supremely valued as ancient skills which hold the beauty and fragrance of life itself.

One of the major themes of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus is the idea that we can stay true to ourselves despite the pressures of the status quo. As we look forward to our next New Moon on Sept 6th you can use your most authentic response to life in order to take full advantage of some very exciting energies coming to our planet for the purpose of expanding consciousness.

The Sabian for the Moon sheds some more light on the transformation that is occurring within the psyche of our world.

ARCHETYPE: The ability for the person with an open mind, and a deep feeling for self-transcendence, to come in contact with higher forms of consciousness.
COMMENTARY: Just as light in the form of the photon can be seen as both a wave or particle, the final metamorphosis of humanity into 5D consciousness can be seen as a multiplicity of individuals working together, like a continuous wave of spiritual light. This type of consciousness constitutes a unity, a harmony, and a spiritual community of souls that are individuated, yet organized for the purpose of wholeness.

This archetype not only speaks of a new Aquarian type of consciousness in which individuals are working within a higher dimension. It also implies that our ideas of disclosure can be expanded (Moon conjunct Jupiter) to include personal revelations.
We must continually remind our progressive selves that one of the qualities of the Aquarian Age is the disclosure of what’s been hidden in the past, regardless of where it may occur. Disclosure must include not only global information but any and all types of personal realizations and insights that have been hidden.
All of these elements and aspects of disclosure are an essential quality of the dawning of 5D consciousness and the new Aquarian Age.


The archetype of Aquarian consciousness has been doubly emphasized with two Aquarius Full Moons in a row, emphasizing a major shift in reality and the cultivation of personal authenticity in order to respond to the shifts of Aquarian transformation in our world.

During the remainder of this Lunar cycle, as we approach the New Moon on Sept 6th, you are encouraged to work with the practical concepts of authenticity and disclosure. This will increase your own ability to connect with the awakening of higher frequencies. It will also help you prepare for the unconscious push-back of those who are still struggling with the importance of Aquarian freedom and liberty.

This extra infusion of Aquarian energy is perfect for setting the stage for what’s to come, as humanity wrestles with true authenticity. When the world is going through a major transformation, as we are now, crisis and awakening seem to work hand-in-hand.

Change is inevitable. Entrance into the Aquarian Age requires a type of metamorphosis, so that the higher frequencies of consciousness are able to take root in humanity as a whole, and we each have an important role to play.

Happy Full Moon,

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