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Grand Sextile July29 Lunar Astrology Guide

Weekly Astrology Guide – “Your Spectacular Role in the World”

There is a spectacular astrological formation in the sky this coming week, and it supports the possibility for you to expand your own spectacular role in the world. The upcoming Grand Sextile truly is spectacular – just look at the chart to see for yourself!

Whatever your current role in the world, Monday’s formation of the Grand Sextile in the sky is providing extra fuel and energy to “expand” your influence of leadership, in your circle of friends, work, and community.

The Grand Sextile

The Grand Sextile: Last Quarter Moon July 2013When the Moon moves into position at 7° Taurus on Monday, precisely at the time of the Last Quarter Moon, it completes the extremely rare “Grand Sextile.” For those of you unfamiliar with the form, it’s created when there are six planets each located 60° apart. The six planets form a perfect hexagon or a star-tetrahedron.

The energy associated with a Grand Sextile is stable and balanced, allowing for the free flow of life’s vital forces. The result is the opportunity to feel an almost perfect flow of harmonizing energy. This week’s Grand Sextile has two special qualities which create the specific opportunity (through the Jupiter and the Sun) for expansion and leadership this coming week.

The Purpose of Expansion – Jupiter’s Role in Energizing the Grand Sextile

First, there is an special quality of “expansion” which comes from Jupiter’s position within the pattern. Combined with a cluster of other planets at one of the sextile points, Jupiter becomes the “driver” of the Grand Sextile, focusing the special energy as fuel for expansion and growth. Jupiter drives the energy because Jupiter always uses the principles of organization, harmonization, and assimilation for its purpose of providing expansion in your life.

At the most basic soul level, the idea of expansion feels good to us, but why? It’s because “Spirit” by nature is expansive. Spirit, or Source, is constantly expands by creating harmony, unity, cooperation, and new connections. This quality of expansive harmony is the very nature of Spirit working in the physical realm.

The Sun’s Role – Your New Vision of Inspired Leadership in the World

The second quality is a gift of inspiration and leadership, and it comes from the Sun, which is the only planetary body outside of the formation. As such, it’s creating the doorway or opening that allows the expansive energy to be expressed in your life, through the solar principle of leadership and illumination.

The most important thing to focus on during the week following this magnificent astrological formation is the creative tension the Sun is providing. The opportunity with the Sun (7° Leo) comes from the fact that it squares both the Moon and Saturn. This provides a creative outlet and container for the energy of the Grand Sextile.

With the Sun’s energy combining with the Grand Sextile, you’ll have the opportunity to feel yourself wanting to take on more of a leadership position within your sphere of influence. With this feeling you can expand throughout your existing social circle and business relationships. With this incredible flow of energy you can easily begin to feel yourself in a new and more spectacular role in the world.

Experiencing the Grand Sextile Flow of Energy

Seattle Astrology Grand SextileThe perfect flow of energy from the hexagonal Grand Sextile results in a high frequency of internal harmony. The feeling this creates can result in a level of internal balance and flow that is rarely experienced. Cherish it. Revel in its harmony and feel the stability it provides.

The effects of the Grand Sextile will be especially strong during the 5 hour golden period which begins at 8 am and ends at 1 pm PDT, Monday, July 29th.

After the golden period ends, and for the rest of the week, you’ll be able to feel the lingering imprint it made. By keying into this imprint of harmony and internal balance, you can access your own expansion and the insight of a more spectacular or expanded role for yourself in whatever you do. Accessing the feelings you experienced during this golden period will increase your awareness of how you might expand your leadership role in your own situation.

This week, as you feel these beautifully balanced and stable energies flowing, give yourself the opportunity to experience and envision a larger role of influence and visible leadership in your world. With the inspiration of the vision, then feel yourself expanding into it. Have a wonderful week.

For those interested in some of the technical astrology associated with the grand sextile, I have provided an additional article called, “The Grand Sextile: Is this the Holy Grail of Astrology?

Last Quarter Moon Tarot Spread

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In Closing

It is our deepest privilege to share these thoughts with you. Thank you again for your participation in The Lunar Matrix community.

Have a wonderful week,
Steven and Elizabeth,
The Matrix Team

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